What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



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    scale died and new one is ordered and will be delivered on Monday, so Tuesday a.m. reading. especially since i'm unsure of the accuracy of the scale before I died, I would like to be over a pound lighter than the "last reading". That would also push me under the 190 goal, likely before hubby gets to 200 (another mini goal). If I'm successful over the next few days, I could knock out like 3 mini goals and will have to set several more.

    Well none of those happened. Not sure if it's a calibration thing or my weight is up some. Still the same goals sub 190 before husband. and going to add in one more for the next week. With the holiday and four days off (weekends are waaaay harder for me to do good calorically), I want to maintain for the next week. This morning the scale said 195.6, so next Tuesday I want to see that number or a smaller one.
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    Fitting into some cute new clothes. <3
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    I would like to break a long plateau caused by overeating every single weekend, and get under 13 st 7 pounds. Maybe I can do this by doing more walking and bike rides - I don't seem to be able to stick to a deficit at the weekends, in practice, whatever my good intentions.
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    Losing 10 lbs from now to NYE.