Lost 135lbs with diet and exercise! PICS! If I can do this, YOU CAN do this!!! Thanks myfitnesspal!



  • ronjsteele1
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    Oh my goodness! I just realized we go to the same gym in the same town! Your pictures hang in the gym. I have looked at them and read your story a number of times there. Well done and perhaps I'll actually get to meet you.
  • sughram906
    sughram906 Posts: 10 Member
    Well done for your great achievement. Well I have just said to my self if she could do it I can all i need to lose is 42lbs. You gave me the motivation and will that i can do it. Thanks for sharing your story x
  • Mommamaddy
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    You are a true role model!!!
  • kelmomto3
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    This is an inspiring success story! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Congratulations on the weight loss!!
  • rdg013070
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    Awesome job!
  • jayne6485
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    Congratulations! You look amazing! I'm just starting my journey and have a long road ahead so I'm reading the success stories for inspiration and motivation. Thank you!
  • Styggian
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    Awesome story with awesome results BIG congratulations :)
  • Loser_53
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    You are a true inspiration. You look fantastic. I hope someday I will be where you are and be able to tell my success story.
  • EasyGoing59
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    Amazing story, thank you for sharing!
  • caiteh86
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    You are amazing ...a true inspiration! <3
  • kathydavis6
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    well done you look healthy
  • ReginaM49
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    Wow! Amazing! Thank you for sharing. I've always wanted a quick fix. I now know this could take a few years. I have about 90 to lose. Your story has inspired me. Awesome transformation!
  • Happysoul0317
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    You are a very strong person. The mental challenge of all of the changes you had to make were incredibly tough to get through. You should feel very proud of yourself. You are a shining inspiration to many and I wish you the best of luck, health, and success in your continued journey.
  • JLHuntah
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    You are amazing. Absolutely amazing.
  • 1hotmommamfp
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    WOW, thanks for sharing!!
  • Wow you look great! That’s awesome!
  • alryan218
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    Great job!
  • Gaets
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    Awesome, you must be so proud of yourself...good job..
  • FitMom662
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    wow..so motivating. thank you for sharing!
  • ElGoli
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    Thank you for inspiring us, this is amazing!