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    Thanks for answering my question @usmcmp I really appreciate it. I will continue to count my calories and exercise within my limits.
    I know its life, you begin something and then you get knocked down just a little. The best thing is to get back up again and never give up.
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    When you have injured yourself how do you keep yourself from falling off the wagon? do I adjust my calories? how do you stay motivated?

    Thank you.
    For me, injuries are a time to focus on healing without too much back-slide. Depending on the work that needs to be done (on your shoulder) and how that will limit your mobility and weight bearing, you'll have to focus on what works best for you and your physician.

    I was focused on protein-sparing weight loss, but healing and recovery were a priority over any weight loss goal.
    My approach was to perfect my eating and logging on a reduced calorie feeding plan. I set my calories to TDEE for the period of my initial recovery, expecting to neither gain nor lose weight. This had the effect of feeding my body well enough to recover. As soon as I was able to work the physical therapy for my injuries, my TDEE increased by the level of my activity, and I chose to feed on a negative taper -- first week was 100% of the new TDEE, and each successive week was a drop of a few hundred calories for the week titrated by weight loss and any decreased slope on recovery.

    Basically, I focused on fully recovering, and worked what I was allowed to when I was allowed to... ALL of my pre-therapy eating was at 100% TDEE to properly fuel my healing, and I slowly returned to deficit as my physical activity increased.

    Thanks for the feedback.
    reading your response and usmscmp helped me not get too down on myself. Like I have done in the past, but I know that kind of thinking is not good. So I came here and I got some good answers.
    Sometimes we need an outside perspective ,at least I do, to stop overanalyzing and putting myself down.
    I have made great progress and I will continue to work towards my goals though how I get there may be a little different due to this set back.
    Thanks again
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    Bumping...cos awesome!


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    Okay... so I’ve been doing all this. And still no flat stomach... what the heck is wrong with me?
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    Hi, is it possible to get lean with resistance bands as a temporary workout until i get a gym membership?
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    Hi, is it possible to get lean with resistance bands as a temporary workout until i get a gym membership?

    It's possible to get lean with body weight as long as you find ways to make it progressively more difficult, so you shouldn't have a problem with using bands for workouts until you get a gym membership. You might have to do some looking to find a full body program that incorporates bands.
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    Ok, thank you for the reply.
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    Okay... so I’ve been doing all this. And still no flat stomach... what the heck is wrong with me?
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    5. Patience! It is not going to happen overnight.

    You didn't give any specifics in your post, so I don't know what else you could be doing beyond just continuing to work at it.

    You likely need to lose more fat.
    You might need a better lifting program.
    You might be doing it all right and just need more time to get there.

    Also worth mentioning is looking out for anterior pelvic tilt. There seems to be an epidemic of people unconsciously conditioning themselves to stand all goofy so that they have a larger booty, with the unfortunate side effect of forcing their lower abdomen forward like a little pooch. Posture is a thing, and it may be possible that your hard work is concealed by compromised posture.

    remember Occam's razor !

    I'm not disagreeing with your advice, but I suspect Occam's razor would more likely suggest that it's a matter of losing more overall body fat. Anyone who has achieved a truly low body fat can attest that the difference is substantial between just being leaner and actually being lean...and even more so for those who are genetically predisposed for abdominal fat to be the last to lose :'(

    Yup -- the least complicated for certain.
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    Hi, is it possible to get lean with resistance bands as a temporary workout until i get a gym membership?

    You can go far with calisthenics, just find something challenging. Weights is my favourite though
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    OMG! There was a young woman at my gym wearing a cropped hoodie exposing the Saran Wrap she had wrapped around her midsection. Lordy, I wanted to tell her that wasn't going to take her midsection away. It just wasn't my place, I didn't feel. I wanted to give the Op's advice but held my tongue. Thanks for your post Op.

    But..... It Works!! Lol
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    I think planks work wonders on your belly , as long as you do themEVERY day. ... Patti
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    I really really want to give you a thumbs up but your number 4 is making me cringe.

    I disagree with number 4. I lost a lot of weight doing cardio machines and WW once.

    Losing a lot of weight doesn't necessarily get someone a lean core. I didn't say people can't do cardio, but cardio didn't do anything for the fat loss without the dieting part. I explained multiple times throughout this thread that the point of telling people they don't have to do cardio is because of the misconception that cardio is responsible for fat loss and it is vital to having a nice stomach. Someone can get visible abs with zero cardio.

    Sure, if they lose fat. How do *I* lose fat? Calorie deficit, lifting and an hour a day of cardio (for additional calorie deficit). (Btw, at my most fit and with a strong core and low body fat, my stomach wasn't very flat because of the damage done by three pregnancies. I had my abs surgically repaired. NOW my stomach is flat.)