What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • DeeDeeMee
    DeeDeeMee Posts: 133 Member

    Nobody told me that fitness would come with so many bruises!

    ...the last session of my dance fit class had a fast floor section. After dropping to one knee multiple times in practice, people at work started asking what I'd done. Then I screwed up a cuple of lunges on that side in Bodypump...

    ...how I bruised the inner ankle knob and half my calf, though, I still have no idea![/quote]

    The most painful thing is kicking yourself in the ankle knob with a tap shoe! Tell you what though, if you want an incredible cardio workout that is also super fun, try tap dancing. Ballet works too, but if you've never done it before expect to not be able to walk for a week afterwards. It's safer for the ankle knobs.
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