Unexpected results of weight loss



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    I love this!!
    The knees, my god.
    Going to a restaurant and not worrying about being humiliated if I didn't fit in the booth, being freezing all the time (wearing hoodies because I'm legitimately freezing instead of the middle of summer because I'm self conscious about my body), collar bones.

    Really the main one is the brain! I still have no idea how much space I take up and I always bring the wrong clothes into the dressing room. I still look at myself in the mirror knowing I've lost 115 pounds but I still see a 320 pound girl. Come on brain, you're killin me!

    @corbinskiii YES!!!! Best advice I got was to ask an associate for help in finding something. They'll be able to pick your size out better as they have no idea you lost so much. Of course I still hold up the pants starting at them like they are an alien species as my brain says that there's no way I can fit into them.
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    Sitting on a hard chair and feeling my pelvis bones on the seat! Crazy!
  • NanP135
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    dsboohead wrote: »
    NanP135 wrote: »
    Finding out that some friends really cant handle your weight loss and how bitchy women can be. Just saw someone who I haven't seen since last October and after saying hello she commented " I see you kept your weight off this winter" I wanted to say actually I have lost 14 pound since then .Cant wait until my weight loss is my new normal weight so everyone does not need to comment on it.

    Well that was an ugly statement that woman made to you! If anything would feul my fire that would....some people....sheesh!

    It has although I am still very motivated and just enjoying being healthy
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