What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    maisiba wrote: »
    That you can kneel down on the floor without it being extremely painful.

    Those extra pounds not pressing down on your knees make a big difference. Getting up from the floor is way easier too now but that's something I expected.

    I have not gotten to the point yet. I am afraid that I will not be able to get back up
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    VUA21 wrote: »
    ceiswyn wrote: »
    How much blimmin’ laundry I have to do now. Gym gear, gym towels, extra underwear washes because of changing after gym, aaargh, the washing machine never stops!

    How can my gym clothes be half the size of my regular clothes (tanks & soccer/futbol shorts), yet take up 90% of the laundry!!!! I also have permanent hangers in my shower as I now wash twice as many bras as before. I swear it looks like a lingerie store on my shower rod.

    Myself and the GF live by ourselves in an apartment which has a main bathroom and an en-suite one. The main bathroom has 2 extra hanging rails and large clothes airer and all spare coat hangers. Literally gets used for nothing more than drying clothes! And it's always always full!