How did you meet your SO?



  • peaceout_aly
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    His best friend and my best friend have been married for 6 years. We're god parents to their son. The rest is history!
  • Motorsheen
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    kam26001 wrote: »
    Mall food court.

    I was standing in line at Sbarro checking my pager when I heard her order the "Sausage"

    I looked up and said, "Who, me?"

    We both erupted in laughter. The rest is history.

    Don't joke about Sbarro.

    They own the food court; they damn sure do.
  • Courtscan2
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    I had been living in rural Japan for two years, and about a week after I moved back home to Canada, I went out to a pub with a friend. He was literally the first guy to approach me. He spoke English. (Sort of - he's Aussie). After two long years, that was good enough for me, and 14 years later we are married with 2 beautiful little girls.
  • wcaldwelld
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    i had known my wife since she was little her older sister and my sister were friends through school.. after high school a group of us went to a alabama concert her sister was dating a friend of mine and she went with another friend of mine while i took a gal i saw on occasion when i was going to college...

    after the concert i found out she said she that i was nice and woudl like to go out with me and the next thing you know we are dating and married now 32 years 5 children 1 grandchild..... I like to say she got the better end of the deal but in reality i married the best person i know!!!!
  • karsei01
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    We actually met delivering children in kindergarden. I was just ending a long marriage, and feeling pretty low. Then just suddenly I saw this girl, just a blink, and knew I had to see her, so the next couple of days I searched the kindergarden when I delivered or picked up, before I saw her again. We just (I thought I was descrete as hell, and not used to getting attention, so didn't suspected response) looked at each other for a long time. I am way to shy to tolk to a stranger...but apparently she had noticed (and so had half the staff there...) so we started talking...and never stopped. We're celebrating our first aniversary next weekend. AND our daughter ( I have two kids and she has one from previous relationship) is off course attending the same kindergarden, so they have followed us from first time we saw each other.
  • PrincessVamp666
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    The internet - we met on a Dating Site in 2008 and have a baby... its our 10 year anniversary this year :)
  • karsei01
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    The internet - we met on a Dating Site in 2008 and have a baby... its our 10 year anniversary this year :)

    Lucky dude! Could have done much worse than meeting you!
  • xmarye
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    He used to race sprint cars. In the winter time, he would keep his racing going by going indoor karting. I worked at that karting place behind the bar. We knew each other for a couple years until we both became single, then all of sudden we looked at each other in a way we never did before. He took me out on a date and we fell crazy in love! A year later he proposed. 6 years later we're still together and we have 3 kids :smile:
  • Karen_can_do_this
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    His mum moved in next door to my mum.
    Turns out I went to school with his younger sister but never knew he existed until I saw him at his mums house one day and omfg I nearly slipped over in my droop puddle.
  • nelja
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    School,grade 10. We were in the same class. 32 year later,married 26 of them. My best friend and mentor. Have done a lot of crazy and fun things together :D
  • Pipsqueak1965
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    I was dating one of his friends. He was divorcing, I stopped seeing his friend (who was an *rseh*le), and then we didn't see each other for ages, until the evening when I fell out of a train (drunk) and landed almost on top of him waiting on the platform. We swapped numbers, and after becoming friends, started dating, married in Vegas, now have a 17 year old son.
  • PrincessVamp666
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    karsei01 wrote: »
    The internet - we met on a Dating Site in 2008 and have a baby... its our 10 year anniversary this year :)

    Lucky dude! Could have done much worse than meeting you!

    Aww bless you - always first in line with the compliments :)
  • Fitwithsci
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    We met over the summer in my college's weight room (she went to the rival school, but lived in the town where I went to school). She was getting ready for volleyball season while I was getting ready for football. We were the only two people working out at that time of day for several days in a row. I'm not one to disrupt a workout but I figured I would talk to her since we were the only ones there (I certainly didn't want to be rude). I wasn't really interested in pursuing a relationship at the time, I was just trying to be friendly. I approached her and told her I thought she was doing an exercise incorrectly (She told me months later that she was not impressed by this), but agreed that the guy who created her workout probably did not know what he was doing. Our paths continued to cross and we continued to get to know each other and eventually started hanging out in the evenings, outside of the weight room. About 2 years later we were married, and will celebrate our 7 year anniversary in a couple of days. We have a 2.5 year old, one on the way, and could not be happier.
  • TheRoadDog
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    Massage Therapy. I was an LMT working out of a Chiropractic Clinic. Jan was referred to me for therapy after an Auto Accident.
  • Zeddicuz
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    I met mine on... Tinder! We both were using it strictly as a dating app so it worked out :)
  • Motorsheen
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    Zeddicuz wrote: »
    I met mine on... Tinder! We both were using it strictly as a dating app ]

    of course you were.
  • khaleesikhaleesi
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    I dated a friend of his back in the day. I randomly met him the night his son was born, but he was engaged (or maybe even married at that point) so nothing happened. We stayed Myspace/Facebook friends for years. One day he randomly sent me a Facebook message and we started talking, and the rest was history!
  • Wachkel
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    On the job -- he worked for a client of the law firm where I worked at the time. He was a voice on the phone until we met in person (a group lunch between both offices -- non-work related, social only). He was very shy, and I got the nerve to ask him to go with me to a house party that one of the gals I worked with at the law firm was throwing. Dated 1.5 years, engaged 1.5 years, married nearly 28 years.
  • blnetsova
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    We met on eHarmony. He was the first guy I was matched to, started talking on there, moved to texting, went out on our first date a week later, and been together ever since. Together 2 1/2 years, married 10 months. :)<3