What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    The upside? How happier I am in the day-to-day. I feel lighter mentally and physically.

    The downside? My face feels wrinklier without the extra padding to push it out!

    I've noticed that now that my face is slimmer, more features tend to stick out. My nose looks GIANT to me now because it doesn't have fat cheeks to fill in the extra room.

    I was the recipient of some nasty neck wrinkles. You know like The Simpsons characters in the seniors home? I have that now. I have no wrinkles anywhere else. Just right in the middle of my neck. Ewww!

    Those will go away over time, I think... my neck wattle did - thank heaven.

    Oh that is good news! Thanks.
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    Having to re-tie the gym shorts a bit tighter or they fall down. Embarrassing but it's a feel-good moment too.

    Then there's the search for the leather punch when the belt runs out of holes... or having to buy a new one. Definitely feel-good!

    And shirts, Hawaiian & Guayaberas, cover a lot of past sins but it's nice to fit the next smaller size.

    Wasn't ready for my base calorie rate to creep down with the pounds. That was frustrating more than the implied compliment but I expect it will help keep me losing those pounds. :Arrrrgh!:

    Treating the whole process like recovery helps too - from all the things that drive me to eat in the first place.

    This is me all day! Treating it like recovery is super important for me