JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS - Round 43



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    6/10 = 190.8 (+0.6), BF% = 15.3. Yesterday was a mixed bag. Basketball was great, eating, not so much. My wife was a horrible, insidious influence. I know my eating is my responsibility, but she was in rare form. I need to find a kind way to talk with her about this, because I can deal with temptation, but not sabotage from my wife.

    I feel your pain! I've gained a lot of weight the past 5 years as a result of a new marriage and my husband's indulgent tendencies. Every meal is his "last supper"! He's also gained weight. I've tried to talk with him to no avail. And you are right, I just have to take responsibility and I guess from now on he can either eat what I serve or make his own dinner.... I hope your wife is more responsive!

    Thank you for the validation @sunshinegirlnm !! I wish you luck with your husband, too!
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    I've been up down up down for the past 3 years. Not huge amounts - it's the same 5 - 10 lbs.
    June 2015 - 134
    June 2016 - 138
    June 2017 - 144

    Heaviest = Aug 2017 - 146.6
    Lightest = Nov 2015- 132.2

    UG = 130

    6/07 - 139.8 - I did a yoga class yesterday for the first time in 2 years. Every muscle in my body is screaming at me!!!! :D
    6/08 - 141.9. eeek!!
    6/09 - 141.0 - muscles are nearly back to normal so went to the gym!
    6/10 - 141.0 - need to cut back on the snacking so I'm trying something new.....only 3 snacks a day (doesn't matter what it is). At the moment its probably way over 10 a day. Anything and everything that's got sugar in it.
    It's 11:20am and I've already had 2! It's probably going to be a tough day!
    6/11 - 140.6 - Thanks for the tips @jerier
    I had 5 snacks yesterday. Big improvement on last week! The 'table of fair game' at work is the worse for me. There is always cake, biscuits etc and (at the moment) I can't resist!
    Off to the gym to try to burn off some of those chocolate calories.