JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS - Round 46



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    Thank you, @quiltingjaine!
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    I see some of you have this "Spoiler" "show" on you message. How do you do that?
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    When F & H + L + C is greater than the taste/enjoyment of S + RC + EO, you will “by CHOICE rather than HAVE to,” stop the S & RC & reduce EO!!

    Where F = fear of regaining
    H = improved healthy feelings/increased fitness
    L = improved lab values from blood work
    rC = reduction in Cravings

    S= sweets
    RC= refined carbs
    EO = eating out

    I am aware that all of my food choice & exercise changes & behavioral changes have been made to reduce cravings. I know if I don’t have cravings, I am enhancing my chances of success greatly.

    I had to test & re-test many of my changes several times before I accepted that they weren’t in my best interests.

    One thing I’ve done all along is set really easy goals. Then I always feel successful (and it helps with developing our maintenance mindset when the scale is no longer a great reward.) what might be a really easy goal for you to hit by the end of this Round? 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, etc.

    My Best. You’ve got this.
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    Hi, I fell off during Round 45 when we went out of town for the last few days and now I'm starting this one late.

    7/07 - No Scale
    7/08 - No Scale
    7/09 - 191.9
    7/10 - 189.9 - first day on LCHF and that water weight dropped right off. It’s a hard transition thou. I’m feeling drained already from the carb withdrawals.

    What is LCHF?

    Low Carbohydrate High Fat.