JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS ~ Round 47



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    @denicaswrex I love your mini goals! And a Korea scrub sounds amazing 😊
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    Round 2
    OW 230
    Round 46 SW 178 EW 172.6 (-5.4)

    Round 47
    SW 172.6
    GW 166
    UGW 125

    7/17 --172.4 slightly disappointed, exercised my *kitten* off yesterday. I do, do a lot if weight work so I'm thinking taking my measurements might be a good idea, in case my muscle building effects the scale...don't need the scale to mess with my head. Drank 1.5 liters of water...Still working on it. I think I need to start eating breakfast though, I tend to skip till lunch.

    7/18--172.8 super dissapointed. I work out for 2 hours a day, trying to go for three. Like I said yesterday I do a lot with weights so planning to keep it all cardio today...Hopefully I will see a change on the scale. On the bright side I have noticed my clothes aren't as tight, so just trying to keep that in mind. I hate how easy it is to gain but so hard to loose. So frustrating...argggg. 1.25 liters of water yesterday. Also working on eating better...lately I haven't been hungry because of the working out so tend not too eat until late lunch or only at dinner, having about one meal a day. Probably should change this.

    7/19--172.2 alright a slight loss, I will take it. Ate good yesterday, had 1.5 liters of water..working on it, exercised all cardio and one weight train so that helped lol. Thinking of trying the clean eating, seems to work well with some people on here.

    7/20--173.8 not surprised, I not only had a rest day when it came to exercising, my muscles were so sore from the day before, but I also made home made pizza for the hubby and my younger brothers and although at first I stayed away, I eventually wanted to try a little, which turned into a slice, which turned into desert...brownies. 1 liter of water. Back on track today though and I learnt my lesson. Rest days aren't the right days to side track my diet as well, choose one. I will put in the work today and hopefully this will be gone tomorrow.

    7/21--172.4 could have done better last night with my eating, had two biscuits, looking for more nutritional food to eat but otherwise I am happy with my loss. Did less exercising then usual but I at least I got it done so I am satisfied. 1 liter of water. Hoping for more of a loss the next five days *fingers crossed*

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    Female, 54, 5 ft. 6in.

    OSW: 186 (March 2018)

    End R40: 171 (-3)
    End R41: 170.5 (-.5)
    End R42: 168 (-2.5)
    End R43: 165 (-3)
    End R44: 163.5 (-1.5)
    End R45: 163 (-.5)
    End R46: 160 (-3)

    7/17 - 159.5 - Nice start to the round. We've got out of town family coming in to stay with us tomorrow for 10 days. I hope I'm able to at least maintain this weight.
    7/18 - 160 - I guess I'm going to hang around here for a while.
    7/19 - 159.5 - Family came in, we had pizza and drinks, and I went a little over on my weight loss calories. I'm actually surprised this number is not higher. I'll take it.
    7/20 - 160 - Here's the number I was expecting yesterday.
    7/21 - 158.5 - I was not expecting this after last night! We had Chinese take out and drinks. I stayed pretty close to weight loss calories, but I thought the sodium would send my weight up. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
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    Jan 3, 2016 SW: 228.3 BMI: 34.2
    July 3,2018 GW: 166.4 BMI: 24.9* Normal 5’8.5” Goal achieved 2-1/2 years later.
    Now, slowly losing to 163.
    Round 34 to Round 46: from 179 to 166 lbs
    -13 lbs in 13 Rounds!

    Round 47 SW 166 Trend wt: 165.8 Loss/wk: 0.6*
    7/17 165.4* Trend wt: 165.6* Loss/wk: 0.6*
    7/18 165.6 Trend wt: 165.5* Loss/wk: 0.6*
    Ate over maintenance by 150 calories (special event), but tracked all, and exercised an extra 200, to reduce surplus from 350 to 150!

    7/19 165.4* Trend wt: 165.4* Loss/wk: 0.7**
    BMI=24.8 Normal!
    Blood pressure 107/69, pulse 58
    Ate on point. Delighted that the cravings that led to failure every other time are absent. Still a miracle to me.
    7/20 164.6* Trend wt: 165.2* Loss/wk: 0.7**
    BMI=24.7 Normal!!
    Lowest weight & BMI so far!!
    - 63.7 pounds (I had no idea I had this much to lose.) I will reassess when I get to 163 lbs. My doctor says my frame is medium-large. I’m guessing I have ~10 pounds more to lose, but who knows? I’m just taking it slowly. Quite the adventure.

    7/21 165.4* Trend wt: 165.0**!! Loss/wk: 0.7**
    I was bummed, but expected, that there would be a bounce up, but this is why I LOVE weight Trend apps (Happy Scale-iPhone, Libra-Android). Even at this wt, I have lost 30 Pounds in 30 days AND my Trend wt is lower than actual weight. I felt instantly better. Lowest tend weight yet! #There’sAlwaysSomethingToCelebrate

    RGW: 165.5

    1. Average weight for July 166.4 (-2lbs) or lower
    Status: Avg wt 166.3 down 2.1 lbs from June’s!! Achieved July 20!

    2. Average step goal for July > 8K
    Status: current step average for July is now 8,372!!!

    3. 10-day trend moving avg decreasing or maintaining for July!
    Status: 21/21 days ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |

    4. Lengthen BMI Streak < 24.9 (Normal)
    Status: 11 days ||||| ||||| |

    Longterm Goal: Get BMI to 24.4; weigh163 by my 1,000th day (Sept 27) 2.4 lbs to go!
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    R1: Lost 1.7 (SW 196.8)
    R2: Lost 0.7 (SW 195.1)

    SW: 198.1
    GW: 192.0 (Steep but I'm going to be losing water weight since I hadn't been watching my diet the past week or so.)

    7/17 198.1 I didn't finish the last round. I was upset because I had gained weight and when I do gain weight I just go through a time where I just don't care about what I'm eating. I REALLY want to fix this and be more flexible and just because I have one bad day doesn't mean I should sabotage the rest of my days. On top of that my relatives had come over making it even harder to watch what I ate. So here's to getting back at it.
    7/19- 196.6 thank god the 198 was just a fluctuation. I'm going to try to make sure I don't fluctuate anymore. I did an 18 hour fast today which I broke a little bit ago. I feel pretty full right now so I'm planning on this one big meal to be it for the rest of the day which I think is doable. I'm going to be really consistent the next few days and make sure to stay motivated. I'm going to meal prep and everything.
    7/20- 196.7 I accidentally weighed myself AFTER I ate lol so I'd like to think that this number would be lower otherwise. But we'll see tomorrow. I worked out yesterday and again today so I'm happy about that. I've been increasing the amount of running I do (at 6.5 mph) by 10 second increments every time I go for a run. I'm at 3 minutes and 30 seconds of running currently and started at 3 minutes. I know it's not much but baby steps. I believe this is the right way to go about it. Maybe by the end of the challenge I can get to 4 minutes straight of running?
    7/21- 194.7 (told you so about the water weight lol) So I worked out yesterday. I can't go to the gym today so no running until Monday :( but I'm going to try to do my mat exercises at night. I'll let you know how that goes. Already drank a half liter of water. Haven't had a proper breakfast. Going to go ahead and do that right now. I'm going to be under my calorie deficit today hopefully as well so that I can continue the downward trend. Really happy about this number. It motivates me to continue.