What are your Top 5 foods or items that make your life easier?



  • Cbean08
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    1. gym membership and personal trainer
    2. good running shoes - thanks Nike FlyKnit!
    3. wireless headphones
    4. protein bars, frozen precooked chicken strips
    5. sugar free energy drinks
  • doittoitgirl
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    Instant pot! I live at a high elevation and it's impossible to cook dried beans without it taking several hours. Now i have beans and rice done in an hour and it cuts back prep time so much.
  • chris_in_cal
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  • koalathebear
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    My Garmin
    My three Kelpies who love going for walks.
    Carbonated flavoured mineral water
    youfoodz. I pretty much love all the foods I've eaten and the portion control has been so great for my fitness journey.

    Bonus: My PT, my gym and the people there who are all mega supportive.
  • MaryContrary1972
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    1) My bikes
    2) My Garmin Viviactive HR
    3) A lifetime goal in 3 years time
    4) My cycling buddies
    5) Flapjacks/ cereal bars
  • carakirkey
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    1. Walking shoes
    2. Yoga mat
    3. Eggs. Daily breakfast
    4. My Garden- for at least half a year I get a good supply of fresh veggies. And gets me outside everyday.
    5. Salads. Daily lunch
  • carakirkey
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    Danp wrote: »
    1. Buying a bicycle – This is the greatest thing I’ve done. I’ve always struggled to “exercise”. I hate the gym and have joined and quit more times that I can count. I loved boxing but boxing gyms are quite expensive and it’s not something you can just do effectively alone. Cycling on the other hand has been AMAZING! Between the road, the local cycling track or even on an indoor trainer with Zwift in a pinch, I can ride whenever I want.

    2. MFP – Can’t understate how important MFP has been. Information, as they say, is power and MFP has given me the information I need to take control of my eating. Just the fact that I now consciously think about what I’m putting in my body is enough to have an effect.

    3. Pivoting – This, or more precisely the LACK of this, was something that used to trip me up in the past. I’d find menu of foods or a way of eating that I enjoyed and that were effective in helping me lose weight. Then for one reason or another I would get sick of that particular food set or method and would go back to my old ways. Now I’ve learned value of pivoting. There are a host of foods and methods that will get me to my goal so now if the one I’m using is no longer enjoyable then *PIVOT* find one that is.

    4. My New Boss – Soon after I decided to do something about my weight I started a new job at the same time. This could have been a nightmare. I was concerned that with the added pressures of my new job that my focus would be taken away from my efforts to get healthier. Luckily my new boss was a champion. He threw his support behind me 100% and became one of my biggest advocates in getting healthier even goings as far as to ensure that whenever possible our meetings took place outside, walking instead of stuck in a meeting room. Top Bloke!

    5. Swapping Lunch for Walking – It was a few months ago now that I had a bit of an epiphany while heading out to lunch. I realised that I really wasn’t hungry and I was only eating because it was “Lunch Time” so I decided to just keep walking for the hour instead of eating. I was pleasantly surprised when that afternoon I hadn’t turned into a ravenous beast and a small mid-afternoon snack (protein snack, fruit, etc) saw me well and truly through until dinner. The bonus was that when dinner time rolled round I had plenty of calories left over to eat a big dinner. This worked out great because night time seemed to be when I naturally felt most hungry so having loads of calories left over meant I didn’t have to ‘restrict’ my dinner.

    So great to have a supportive workplace! I'm very fortunate to work at a university and health and wellness being encouraged and supported. So usually I eat my lunch at my desk during normal working time and reserve my formal lunch break for a walk on one of our fabulous trails, or a yoga class.
  • sammidelvecchio
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    1. Walking - as a former serious athlete, I always associated "working out" with very high intensity activities. When I finally just decided to go outside and walk more, my life changed for the better.
    2. The Fitness Marshall - you tube channel for dance fitness videos
    3. Tuna - makes all my work lunches really easy and protein-packed
    4. Switching jobs - lowering my everyday stress level has been so important for me. My old office also was centered around food, and at my new office there is never free food or treats except for maybe once a month.
    5. My therapist
  • neugebauer52
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    That's easy - a huge mixed salad, cottage cheese, smoked salmon, a tasty home made salad dressing, baked chicken breast with grilled vegetables.
  • ogtmama
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    -San Pelegrino
    -cool way chocolate chocolate chip ice cream at 360 calories for the whole tub
    -seaweed "chips"
    - the hiking trail that runs through my city and my dog
  • caleb_93
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    1. Breakfast shake (oatmeal, frozen berries, whey protein, peanut butter, Greek yogurt and whole milk 1000+ calories)
    2. Home gym
    3. Meal preps
    4. Lemon water
    5. Mountain bike
  • biggiwig4483
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    Fitbit, Aria Scale, Food scale, Wegmans Store, green tea.
  • gemstoned
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    1. MFP
    2. Smartwatch
    3. Spinning
    4. Food scale
    5. Halo Top
  • Katmary71
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    1. Scales, both body and food. Food scale was very eye-opening to how much I was really eating.

    3. MFP- Logging, forums, and friends help for accountability and encouragement.

    3. Home recumbent bike and gym membership. Focusing on health and strength versus just how I look helps a lot.

    4. Fresh fruits and veggies. I'm able to eat more at fewer calories than what I was eating before by adding lots of produce.

    5. Coffee. Up until a week ago I was buying cold brews at a coffee shop. Just tried making it at home and it tastes way better for less calories!