July 2018 Running Challenge



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    @ariceroni I have a similar foot niggle. I only notice it in the AM or if dh squeezes my foot. My doc thought it was a Morton's neuroma. MRI and no neuroma. I think i have a bit of chronic tendonitis there. It hurts/feels good to rub.

    Good luck with it, i second @garygse 's advice.
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    @rheddmobile super PR
    Ha ha @PastorVincent that signup button calls all our names. I signed up the final race in our trail series. Honestly he’s trying to kill me this race director
    @juliet3455 sorry your run was non run, I have to admit the thought of you sliding in the mud did give me a chuckle
    @AprilRN10 sorry for the clinical mess, hope it all works out for you. Great month of running!
    @shanaber I can’t believe there were NO porta potty earlier in the race. So proud your girl’s PR, that is just simply amazing!!! Love the pictures of the two of you. Thanks for setting up August
    @girlinahat some time off never hurts when you are losing motivation. Come back if you change your mind. You’ll be missed
    Oh @mbaker566 I can feel your pain, I’m so sorry about the ants, it is HORRIBLE. Hope they didn’t get you too bad.
    @ariceroni I agree with @garygse

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    garygse wrote: »

    @ariceroni While your foot may not be getting any worse, taking pain killers may be masking things, and is a good way to make any injury worse. Get it seen to and let an expert tell you what your best course of action should be. I talk from experience - I did the same thing and wound up with a stress fracture that put me out of action for a couple of months.

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    July goal: 80 miles

    7/1: 7.6 miles
    7/3: 4.2 miles
    7/5: 4.6 miles
    7/6: 4.3 miles
    7/8: 7.1 miles
    7/10: 4.5 miles
    7/11: 4.5 miles
    7/12: 4.5 miles
    7/15: 8.3 miles
    7/17: 4.5 miles
    7/18: 4 miles
    7/19: 4 miles
    7/22: 7.5 miles
    7/24: 4.8 miles
    7/25: 4.2 miles
    7/26: 4.5 miles
    7/29: 3.3 miles
    7/31: 4.3 miles

    90.7/80 miles

    I had a pretty good run this morning. It was a lot cooler at 73F, but it was 95% humidity and the dew point was around 70 so as the run went on it started feeling more difficult. It was nice to be in the low 70s though and tomorrow should be nice too. It's only 89F right now which is really nice for August in Texas. Today has been my busy day at work, so I haven't had a chance to catch up on the thread but I wanted to go ahead and post my last run for July. I'm surprised that I was 10 miles over my goal. I'll really have to think about my goal for August. See you all in the August thread!


    2018 races:
    5/19/18: Run for 57th AHC Half Marathon - 2:43:59.7. - 2nd place AG
    11/10/18: Wags & Whiskers 5K
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    7/1 rest

    7/2 4miles
    7/3 7miles
    7/4 rest
    7/5 4miles
    7/6 5miles
    7/7 11miles
    7/8 rest

    7/9 6miles
    7/10 7miles
    7/11 5miles
    7/12 4miles
    7/13 12miles
    7/14 rest
    7/15 rest

    7/16 7.05miles
    7/17 4miles
    7/18 rest
    7/19 8.61miles
    7/20 4.25miles
    7/21 9.42miles (treadmill)
    7/22 rest

    7/23 4miles (treadmill)
    7/24 8.55miles (treadmill)
    7/25 7miles (treadmill)
    7/26 15miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7/27 6miles
    7/28 rest
    7/29 rest

    7/30 4miles
    7/31 8.05miles

    Intervals today. 2mi warm up, then 16x 300m with alternating recovery times of 30sec and 90sec. 2mi cool down.

    I found out today it’s almost exactly 2 miles to the high school track. The school was built about 4 years ago and it’s beautiful. The track is amazing, so bouncy! I enjoyed myself even though I was soaking wet from sweating so much. 80 degrees and very humid, but thankfully overcast. I walked the last mile home because I was beat!

    Finished July at 150.93 miles. My goal was 147 so I just made it 🙂

    See you in the August thread!

    3/18/2018 Shamrock half marathon
    3/24/2018 Don't Sit on Colon Cancer 5K
    5/28/2018 Run to Remember 5K
    10/7/2018 Crawlin Crab half marathon
    10/13/2018 Joggin for Frogmen 5K
    11/18/2018 Norfolk Harbor half marathon
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    zdyb23456 wrote: »

    Also, this was my first run in my new Old Navy shorts! Generally speaking they worked out great: love the length, love the feel, and the pockets (two!) were actually big enough to hold a house key, spare buff, and plastic card-holder with my ID and $20, and I completely forgot they were there. One big downside: the plum color I got does NOT hide sweat at all. I noticed this about halfway through my run and shrugged it off, figuring we’re all girls here out on the trail (figuratively), but I was pretty self-conscious walking home through the fully-dressed, not-drenched-in-sweat Muggles on their way to work. I don’t think it’s enough of a downside to negate the upsides, but it’s a bit of a bummer.

    The last race I ran gave out blue cotton tanks - I have no shame in wearing the race shirt for the actual race so I wore it. It was hot that day and by the end, the tank was showing 2 dark boob sweat marks. I was mortified! I rubbed the shirt around to soak the rest of the tank in sweat, but it’s forever captured on camera 😬😳

    Oh no! That's pretty unfortunate, for sure, although at least you didn't look like you'd wet your pants. On the other hand, pictures. >.< My last long run I ended up with a really weird sweat pattern where a circle around my left boob was the only part of my front that wasn't drenched. I have no idea what that was about, but thankfully it wasn't all that visible!