August 2018 Running Challenge



  • workaholic_nurse
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    @skippygirlsmom Too cute! Haven't run on that side of GA, I ut seems kinda hilly al all over. Happy belated birthday!

    @RunsOnEspresso Sorry for your loss.

    @MegaMooseEsq Lake runs are the best! 😃 My 2 favorites were the trails along Lake Minnetonka and Lake of the Isles.

    @marisap2010 You can do this!

    Supposed to be a recovery run today but legs so sunburnt can barely walk. Oh well yesterday was fun.😀 Congrats to all who made it out there today.
  • quilteryoyo
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    @RunsOnEspresso Sorry for the loss of your furbaby. I know that is so hard. Hugs to you and your other dog.
  • aab1
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    August goal: 25 miles
    8/1 3
    8/2 2.6
    8/3 0
    8/4 3.5
    8/5 0
    8/6 0
    8/7 2.5
    8/8 0
    8/9 0
    8/10 0
    8/11 0
    8/12 2.5

    Month to date: 14.1 / 25

    Developed bad blisters. Bought new running shoes and took few days off. Hopefully both will help
  • ContraryMaryMary
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    @avidkeo, you're right, your knees shouldn't be hitting. New shoes should help hugely. Also consider investing in a foam roller if you don't have one already. They make the whole self massage thing easier (I use mine most evenings while watching TV).
  • Scott6255
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    @Avidkeo good that you have a proper diagnosis. That makes a huge difference in treating injuries. Rest is good, but I've found (this is just what helps me) is light running or walking seems to speed the healing for some reason. Also foam rolling every day (morning and evening) relives a lot of my lower leg pain. Good luck!

    @RespectTheKitty I like thr look of thr new shoes. Can't say I've ever heard of that brand, but I hope they are magic shoes for you!

    @ContraryMaryMary Figi sounds like it would be a wonderful place to run.
  • PastorVincent
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    @eponine1984 it happens. I wish I could say it never does, or it will get less and less, but anyone that has been at this any length of time will tell you sometimes running just sucks. It is the mental toughness that this sport builds that carries you through it - and makes you a stronger person in all areas of life. :)
  • Avidkeo
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    thanks @contrarymary and @Scott6255 My biggest struggle will be to keep it gentle this week. It sux that all the advice conflicts. I'm pretty sure mine is just a mild case - I can lift onto my tiptoes on that foot with just mild pain, which apparently gets harder to do as it gets worse. I really find the massage helps. So will see how it goes. moan moan, cant run, moan.

    Goal this week - no running. that's an odd goal.
  • shanaber
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    It has been a while since I updated my mileage so thought I would post that and respond to a few posts... I ran on Friday leaving the pup at home. It was just too hot for him and by then end of the run when the wind actually kicked up a bit it was a smoky ashy mess. We had a late night Friday night (Star Wars A New Hope at the Hollywood Bowl!) and while I meant to get a run in at some point on Saturday it just didn't happen. We were under a air quality warning to stay indoors and I just couldn't face running at the gym again. Today we were at an agility trial most of the day - running but not the kind that is relaxing. We had some good runs, Hobbes the Vizsla too a 1st in one of his events (he was the only qualifying dog at that jump height) did well in his others but it just got too hot. Realized after we got home that I really didn't do a great job with the sunscreen and my chest and lower neck are very sunburned but not my face or arms. I thought I was in the shade most of the day except during our events and they aren't all that long.

    08/02......3.85.......3.85 - +Strength Training
    08/06......5.15.....22.53 - + Agility
    08/07......4.52.....27.05 - +Strength Training


    My completed and upcoming races. Let me know if you will be running them too.
    02/04/18 - Surf City Half Marathon
    05/05/18 - Cinco de Miles 5k
    07/22/18 - San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon

    12/15/18 - San Diego Holiday Half Marathon
    02/03/19 - Surf City Half Marathon
    05/11/19 - Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon