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    Lanette I might have had other Monarchs because of all the milkweed in our yard. The one pictured was the only one where I found the chrysalis before it hatched. It is rainy and starting to get cold so I haven't seen them for a few days. They might have gone south now.
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    We made it half way and are in hotel. BIL is holding his own.
    Heather- the situation with your move would upset me as well. Stay strong girl, you’ve got this.
    Suebdew in TX
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    Heather (((HUGS)))

    - safe travels! Glad BIL is hanging in there <3

    Katla - sorry to hear about that RE transaction and your DH being on the hook for taxes? Wasn't this all taken care of at closing? Maybe they are trying to hit him with personal income? I once had another state try to claim I had taxable income earned in another state, all I had to do was call them, but that was different - it would be like Oregon wanting to tax on the CO proceeds. Hard to keep up with all this and each state has their own rules. Hope it works out quickly and simply! Maybe Rori would have input.

    Okie - great job on your checkup! Is it starting to cool off down your way?

    - have a safe flight!

    - did you run away with Wendy? Hope everyone is OK!!

    Time to get a quick walk in before Mountain Men B)

    SW WA State

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    Lanette It has cooled off a little. We are only supposed to get up to high 80’s the next couple of days.

    Anyone heard from Terry in VT?

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  • pipcd34
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    stats for the day:

    total cal 744, too lazy to list, I must b getting old
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    Did Gilad’s Quick Fit Body Sculpt DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do Kelly Coffee Meyer’s Shape Up DVD.

    Volunteered at the Green Room then came home and cut the lawn, weedwacked, the put down some weed killer

    M – “how would people “break” the website? Remember, a lot of the members didn’t grow up with computers, didn’t work with them. These members are very intimidated by a website. I’m definitely not wanted and it is abundantly clear that I’m not needed, so come April I’m out of there. There are problems with this new directory, but I’m sure not going to worry about it. It just hurts that not one person had the decency to tell me that I was no longer needed. Vince wrote a series of QUESTIONS about this new directory, and you should have seen the email he got telling him how terrible it was of him to make such complaints, that the guy doing this is a volunteer. Well, I’m a volunteer too. But I won’t be in a few months. Do you see the new directory and the old directory? Probably not since I think that’s only open to members. Well, the old directory had all the members listed in a long list, you could sort and get just that person’s name, and some other info. Well, in the new directory, about 10 names are on a page and you have to click thru 14 pages to find a member. Vince ASKED if it could be changed. He has no idea. Who is going to want to do that, I certainly don’t. Can’t sort this new directory. We ask for info on the application, that’s not on the website. My personal recommendation would be that we hire a professional to get the website back to where it was (decent) and this guy be the administrator. And god forbid anyone ask a question. I asked one question having to do with my job and I was told “maybe someone with php experience should be web administrator”. It sure isn’t going to be me….I don’t ever know what php is. You have no idea how many times I asked what a WPM was (did it affect my job, I have no idea), finally someone else told me. I entered a new member on the old website thinking that when our server updated, the member would go onto the new directory. NOT!!! Evidently, new members have to be approved. I would think that I should be the one to approve them since I’m entering them. No…I’m supposed to send the names of the new members to him so they know to activate the member. To me, it would be more efficient if I did it right when I entered the person. It’s going to look really cool if I send something to a new member for them to be registered, and they aren’t approved for quite a time. But not my problem. Well, I’m just hurt that I’m pushed out and no one told me that I was no longer needed.

    Allie – so happy you got that offer!

    KJ – in our second house we need to replace the drainage field. Were the kids ever fascinated!

    Bizygal – welcome

    Marcelyn – welcome back! I remember you in detail.

    Wizzywig – welcome back to you too. I remember you

    Jazzypdx – oh those veggies!

    Have my boob squeeze and bone density test tomorrow. Then we go to the Green Room to see “Grease”

    Michele in NC
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    Evening ladies
    Well I'm up late for me.lol especially because I have to work tomorrow , Claudia away on another vacation....
    So had a nice lunch out with my dear friends George and MaryLou,they asked if there house hasn't sold if I could keep an eye on it while they are in Florida..I do this anyway because I love them.... just in case they have showings when there is rain or snow..they will show me where stuff is to keep the floors clean,but they want to pay me monthly while.they are gone..I protested ,but they insisted...so there is that..
    Then there is a young guy who wants to put a cash offer on the house so he brought his sister and a contractor with him,I went up to the house had every light on and answered any questions they had,went around with them...after they went outside I went around and turned most of the lights off and came home..hope he comes in with a good offer...well off to bed...
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    1948Peachy wrote: »
    M ~ I think a lot of us are always waiting for the other boot to drop.

    Living outside my comfort zone isn't so much waiting for the other boot to drop ... although it's raining boots right now.

    It's more about doing things I'm not comfortable with.

    Like for example, since my husband had the accident, I have spent more time making phone calls and talking on the phone than I had in years. If you added up the number of phone calls I have made in the last 10 years, it probably wouldn't add up to the number of phone calls I've been on in the last 6 months. I don't like talking on the phone, phones intimidate me, and I don't think I come across very well on a phone because all I want to do is to get off the phone. I'm still not at all comfortable with phone calls, but I think my phone skills might be improving because of the quantity of phone calls I've had to do.

    And moving. I've moved a lot throughout my life, and while I am OK with that, it still throws me out of my comfort zone because I've got to sort through all my stuff, pack, put everything into storage for a while and live with next to nothing, unpack, and also get to know new bus routes, often new jobs, and so on.

    And education. I enjoy going to school, and have taken up in the neighbourhood of 200-ish post-secondary courses, but at the same each one challenges me and takes me out of my comfort zone.

    Even the type of cycling I've done has been a deliberate attempt to see where my comfort zone ends in that regard. :)

    But then this whole business with my husband's accident. That has thrown me so far out of my comfort zone! I'm not a carer-type person. I specifically avoided taking anything remotely like nursing courses etc. because that would involve caring for people. I'm the type of person who likes being at a desk in front of a computer, quietly working with databases, code, website development, etc. etc. I'd be perfectly happy not to speak to anyone for a solid 8 hours a day while I worked away on what I like doing. But here I am now ... caring. And most of the time I'm thinking ... "I don't have the foggiest clue what I'm doing!!!"

    Machka in Oz
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    Naah, I'm still here.💗 Just in the background, cleaning the sideboard of this thread of goodness! Sweeping and such😬😀👍.
    Whidbey island
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    Marcelynh wrote: »
    Well knock me over with a feather. I'm surprised anyone even remembers me. :)

    If I recall correctly, I remember you as being a runner who has participated in a marathon and who has a son who has done some ultradistance running.

    If I'm right, I was thinking about you the other day while doing my little 5K run. :)

    M in Oz
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    My Charlotte is getting big!
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  • Rebecca - If Charlotte shows up here and grows any more than she has at your house; I'm afraid I would be asking PIP to bring her 'big boot' to squish her. I have a 'terminal case of arachnophobia'.

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    Rebecca - If Charlotte shows up here and grows any more than she has at your house; I'm afraid I would be asking PIP to bring her 'big boot' to squish her. I have a 'terminal case of arachnophobia'.


    No worries my Lenora, Jasmine my handy dandy pest control lady should be visiting next month! I will tell her to move it into the woods! I always think spiders communicate with each other, so if I kill too many I will be in their *kitten* list! I want to be on their good graces!
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    (((Heather))) Your real estate deal has been such a difficult process. I’m not surprised that it makes you anxious. I hope things are resolved in your favor before the grandchildren get married and move away. :grumble: :wink: :heart:

    Lanette: I am quite upset with this but DH is moving more slowly than I like. He has plans to get advice from our accountant, and possible directions including getting an attorney in CO. Our attorney here says he has no advice and that we may need an attorney in CO. If we have to hire a lawyer in CO, that will be costly. :sad: Things should have been taken care of in closing and we have received no money from the sale. We will never receive money from the sale and CO wants us to pay hefty sales taxes. :grumble:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Katla - So sorry about the financial #×+÷ up. That is very anxious making and extremely annoying. Would it be your daughter's lawyer who should have dealt with that? Could he ring them? It must be frustrating when you want to do something and he is being slow. I hate that kind of situation. :grumble:

    Didn't get to sleep until 2 am. I did something I rarely do these days, which is have a slice of bread and butter at 1.45 am. Hunger and anxiety are not good bedfellows. It definitely helped. :D Just got to take 200 off my daily allowance. :s
    I still woke up at 6.30. :o

    Will make DH a cup of tea in a minute.

    Thank you all for your sympathy. It helps a lot. <3<3<3<3<3<3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Hi all
    Well now I know where I get my "hoarding" from, my mum asked me to help her clear out the garden shed so that she can use the shed to store her mobility scooter. As she can't stand for long I sat her down on a chair and asked her to supervise what could be thrown away and what she wanted to keep. Lots of odds and ends (rubbish!) in plastic bags, plugs and chargers from machines/phones long gone. Then dad came to investigate what we were doing, and as fast as I am putting things in the "throw away" pile he was taking things out saying "don't throw this away or I want to keep that" really dad you want to keep a rusty old tin? Thank goodness I had already put one bag of rubbish in the bin. :)

    Long story short, we managed to fit in her mobility scooter (and kept lots of rusty tools that my dad will never use ;) ) but they are both happy. Luckily we finished just before it started to rain, and boy did it rain!

    Heather sounds as if you are in the process of selling your house? Sorry you are having a stressful time with whatever is going on with you. <3

    Michele you always seem so busy - enjoy Grease

    Ryenday love the kitties we have two cats Maggie and Logan but they would rather fight each other - never known two cats like them, our other cats have been like your two all snuggly with each other, but not these two - very strange.

    Better get my breakfast and then on to Day 2 of exercising.

    Love to all
    Viv (York UK)

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    Early morning ladies! work concerns woke me up earlier than usual, so I'm just drinking coffee at 4 a.m. and thinking about all of you. arggg :s

    Machka appreciate your reflections on stepping out of your comfort zone. I often wonder how much strength and courage I would have available to handle extreme and unexpected challenges.

    Heather you are dealing and getting on with your life, whether the move works out or not, you're keeping everything that is important to you close to you. <3

    DH has cut out soda and fast food from his daily life, (can't believe it :o ) Ever since we got back from So. Africa he has cut out the junk food and has been dropping weight quite easily. We are going to the gym together about 2x per week and I have to say, I like the company! I don't know what motivated him, but I sure am happy to have a partner in this.

    Glad that it's Friday, gonna take work stress one step at a time and remember: "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good"