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    Oops! Sorry for the double post.
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    hippiesaur wrote: »
    I've already posted this in another thread, but I share it here as well... :) From 168 to 130 lbs :)

    Just had to chime in--this is (almost exactly) the weight I'm at right now and seeing this gives me so much hope. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your weight loss!

    Awww, thank you so much! Good luck on your journey! :)
  • katevnakatevna Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    @dsboohead aah yeah I was surprised at how small my frame actually is!! Height certaintly helps with the distribution of weight too :)

  • sugarlemonpiesugarlemonpie Member Posts: 311 Member Member Posts: 311 Member
    AJB1014 wrote: »
    Down 65lbs since HW, but these photos are about 50lbs difference. Same shirt. 🙈


    Obsessed with your white(wedding?) dress in your profile picture! Where did you get it? Also, great job!!!!

    Aw thank you!! I actually got it from Francesca's! We eloped and I wanted to keep it affordable. 😄 I don't see it on the site anymore, unfortunately...
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