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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • Heidijens123Heidijens123 Member Posts: 287 Member Member Posts: 287 Member
    I will be flying in October, the last time I flew was 2 years ago. Looking back at my weight logs, I weigh the same now (after losing 23 pounds) as I did that flight. I had to use a seat belt extender. That flight was American, the year prior we flew Southwest, and I needed an extender then as well, but was too embarrassed to ask. I could get it clipped together, but if I breathed too hard, it popped, so I took small breaths when it needed to be on.

    I don't know what airline we'll be flying, but my goal is to keep on my 1 pound a week loss, be down 8 pounds from that weight that needed an extender. I don't know if I'll still need one, but at least I'll know I wasn't as heavy as the last time I flew.

    An Update: I have lost 32 pounds now, I'm below that weight I last flew at, and a little more. I'm below the weight I lied about on my driver's license. I have a dress to conquer for this vacation trip, I may have hit that goal already, I haven't tried it on yet to tell. I am officially in the next size down in pants. I know we'll be flying Southwest, so we'll see about the seat belts. I don't know what weight I was when we flew them last. 2 more weeks til vacation!

    Great update! I hope your vacation is awesome!
  • MsBaz2018MsBaz2018 Member Posts: 361 Member Member Posts: 361 Member
    My first mini-goal is actually to lose 25 lbs and get back into the lbs 100's where I was a couple of years ago.

    mini-mini-goal on the way down is to lose 5 lbs (enough to get below 100 kgs).

    So, - 5 lbs next two weeks
    - 25 lbs next three months

    edited October 2018
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