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    Thanks for the new thread Barbie.

    My September goals were to get back to regular walking and to get back to the pool a couple times a week.
    I was also hoping to be to the mid 170's by the end of September.

    I did get more walking in in September than I did August. August I walked 20.75 Miles and September I walked 30.66. My weight was exactly the same on September 1st as it is today. 180.6, however, if I go by my averages for the month I am down 1.2 pounds...

    My October Goals are:
    Be more consistent with exercise
    Pay more attention to food consumption
    Stay positive and focused even when crafting season starts in full

    Tracey in a light snowy Edmonton again today
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    Mary Yay! for getting back together with Shep.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Barbie: Thank you for creating our October thread. A new thread is always a gift. :heart:

    Rebecca: I love the Pumpkin Spice gas choice, but I don’t think the cars would be appreciative. :wink: Wouldn’t it be nice to get coffee service at the station when we’re filling our tanks! :bigsmile:

    Heather: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We’re the same age again. :wink:

    Mary: I’m glad that you’ve decided to take Shep along with you. The two of you are bonded and need one another. (((HUGS)))

    M in OZ: I hope that your dry spring doesn’t lead to a drought. Enjoy the longer days. I miss them already. :star:

    Barbara: I did what you suggested and did give them a password. I hope they never ask for a change. :grumble:

    Pip: I love the pooch nose in fall leaves, too. :star:

    Here are my September goals and comments. They always look familiar because they work so well for me.

    September 2018 Resolutions:

    1. Log every bite and swallow. Done!

    2. Cardio exercise at least 3 days a week. Work on strength and stamina. Done. This has been a combination of yoga, walking & working on physically active projects.

    3. Have fun every day. Done!

    4. Drink at least 3 glasses of water a day. Done!

    5. Monitor sleep. Average 7 or more hours of sleep nightly. Done. This goal has been so good for my health and well-being!

    6. Avoid alcohol. I’ve done a little sipping. :embarrassed:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    October 2018 Resolutions:

    1. Log every bite and swallow.
    2. Cardio exercise at least 3 days a week. Work on strength and stamina.
    3. Have fun every day.
    4. Drink at least 3 glasses of water a day.
    5. Monitor sleep. Average 7 or more hours of sleep nightly.
    6. Avoid alcohol.

    "It is not selfish to be happy. It is your highest purpose. Your joy is the greatest contribution you can make to life on the planet. A heart at peace with its owner blesses everyone it touches." ~ Alan Cohen

    Oooh a barista right at the pump! Why haven't they done that??? I would so put my order in as the gas was pumping!!!💗
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    lhscapil wrote: »
    Dee- sorry to hear about your rib! Barbie has great advice and yes, life does deal strange challenges!

    Mary - sorry I'm late but great letter! Will be interesting to see their response. Good proofreaders in this group. B) Don't blame you for wanting to take Shep along! A girl and her dog... <3

    Viv - Leah is a cutie! Hoping for the best with your Dad's doc visit.

    Barbara AHMOD
    - hope you are continuing to feel good and your floor exercises go well. By the way, the international broadcast we get with the "leaf" antenna isn't from Canada, it's called "NHK World-Japan". The newscasters speak great English, and there are some interesting gardening and food broadcasts also in English or subtitled. How this station gets transmitted to a repeater in our little county, I'll never know. We sometimes watch the SUMO matches! Rebecca - can you access this? There might be an app for it to view on your tablet.

    Margaret - loved that home tour description. Closest thing I've come to that was touring one of the "Ball" mansions when I attended Ball State U in Muncie IN. So neat to see how the houses were designed back then, and the quality was outstanding. Loved hearing that F Scott Fitzgerald story. WOW!

    - how thrilling to see your DH's apple tree budding. Now, I'm curious. If someone were to get a dormant tree from the US, would it get mixed up season-wise if planted in your area? Maybe if it's truly dormant it won't care. My gravenstein has a branch that blossoms every fall so there's a mixed up one, lol.

    October goals... keep on with what I'm doing. Lower carbs, a day or two of intermittent fasting per week. Keep on with the 3x per week strength training.

    September was a review of the benefits of lower carb eating and intermittent fasting. So this month, I want to investigate cardio equipment and/or exercises I can do at home when the rainy season hits. Also will be on the lookout for possible new activities/organization I can join and just do my introverted minimal, lol, in case the two I belong to right now aren't for me anymore.

    Before we moved to this neighborhood, I attended a very small Methodist church (attendance around 25 each week, most of them seniors) in a tiny town. Between that and volunteering at the food bank, I had a few treasured friends and acquaintances. I really, really miss that and haven't been able to find a new church home. It might be time to start looking again.

    Happy October ladies!

    Damp and once again green SW WA State

    I watch NHK all the time on TV. There is a show Journeys In Japan, a travel show that's really interesting! I watch their general news all the time. Their weather portion covers the whole world in 5 minutes! Its interesting! Their cooking shows are nice, but I usually have the sound down, because the hosts talk in English so slow its kinda annoying. So I'm thinking its for the Japanese housewife, learning English👍.
    Rebecca 💗
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    Barbie: Thanks for getting us started for October. I just can't imagine my life without all you ladies providing stories, pictures, wisdom and support. I treasure and love you all.

    Mary: Cheering your decision to keep Shep, and sending you every good wish that the assessment discussion yields a favorable resolution for everyone involved.

    : That tour of mansions sounds ahh-mazing. I also love seeing people used reclaimed wood. What are you putting in your she-cave?

    Heather: Happy, happy birthday tomorrow <3<3<3 Keep on dreaming about possible renovations to your current home. It's a great way to practice creativity, even the ideas never come to pass.

    Intentions for September and report card:
    > Meditate and practice Reiki daily = A
    > Yoga once a week in addition to regular cardio = A
    > Do something fun with DH outside of the house 1x per week = B (missed last week)
    > Start on scanning family album #2 = F (why am I finding this so tough?)
    > Be lighter = C Finished up basically stayed the same.
    Word for 2018 = Release

    Since there is definitely room for improvement, I am going to carry over these intentions to October. Stay well friends. We can do this!

    Colorado Foothills
    cheering on our Colorado Rockies baseball team today!!!!
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    I watch NHK all the time on TV. There is a show Journeys In Japan, a travel show that's really interesting! I watch their general news all the time. Their weather portion covers the whole world in 5 minutes! Its interesting! Their cooking shows are nice, but I usually have the sound down, because the hosts talk in English so slow its kinda annoying. So I'm thinking its for the Japanese housewife, learning English👍.
    Rebecca 💗

    Rebecca - that is SO cool you watch NHK! Does it come in on your Satellite/cable then? Maybe it does down here but we get neither of them. I think it's funny that my DH tunes in a lot even when the internet is still up, guess he's getting tired of what Sling has to offer. Every time it's on I think of you!

    Don't feel bad, I can see myself doing just what you did with the big trip. Several years ago one of my good friends from Seattle arranged a girl's weekend on Lummi Island for her 65th birthday. I knew many of the gals who responded they'd attend. I agreed to go... then realized I'd be driving up to Bellingham, my car was way past the 60,000 mile checkup, I'd be dealing with the ferry, my own DH was having some health issues. And frankly the last time I was with these gals (her 50th Bday in Seattle) it was drinking, drinking, drinking, noise, rude jokes..... this time there would be MJ involved....NOT my idea of fun. I was sorry to miss seeing her but I came to my senses and realized the "group" wasn't going to be enjoyable for even if we sat around the campfire toasting hot dogs and making smores, lol.

    By the way, I just finished watching a good series on Netflix - "Marcella" - not bad for a detective series set in the UK and produced by Netflix. 2 seasons and worth the time to watch, reminded me a little of "Broadchurch". I don't know how the writers kept the characters straight!

    SW WA State

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    Machka in Oz - where are you getting that nice tidy tracker for your stats? I wish there were a way to have a multi clipboard!

    Heather in the UK - waiting is the hardest thing of all for me! Between stress and boredom, they're two of my greatest triggers to overeat!

    A BIG happy birthday to you! You're getting to what I believe are the true golden years. I hope your birthday is grand.

    Viv York UK - you can often find balls that light up for a few moments after they bounce at what we call dollar store here in the US. I'm guessing you have something similar there? Kate ❤️ -Isn't playing with our pets fun? One of my cats will fetch now and then / on her terms, lol.

    The giants thing sounds like pure magic. I've seen a couple of video clips!

    Barbara the southern Oregon Coastie - your goals are awesome too. And here again, you have a great tracker sign off. Where are you getting that from?

    Your video of ms. Tumble Tail is just darling! What a funny, sweet little puppy.

    Margaret ❤️ - that home your sounds so delightful! I lived at one point in a third-floor apartment in one of the grand old homes in Columbus OH. It has since been restored, thank goodness. It had lively carved wood paneling going up the entry stairway to the second floor and an immense stained glass window in art deco style of lilies on the land in. I wish the homes in that area would have a tour sometime when I'm visiting back there.

    Lanette - It always amused me when driving my truck at night what odd stations would pop up on the radio. I've been tempted to look for a cheap shortwave radio just to listen in.

    Barbiecat! You're a real wonder keeping up with everything. Thanks SO much for having this page ready every month! And with all you have on your plate, too. Hope you get to shoe shop soon! Wow! Try saying THAT three times fast!

    I'm again setting my goal of logging food AND water every day. I'm falling down on hydration badly. I also want to set a goal of going through my mail every day. It stacks up seemingly quickly. I hate doing it, though. So much junk, and so few really important items besides the usual monthly statements.

    My starting weight for this month is 242.2. I'm down almost 20# from my peak. My surgery date isn't set yet but will be sometime in late November/early December. I'm getting all my food supplies in for the post surgery period. I'll also need easy to take vitamins, etc.

    Sharon in Seattle area
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    KarenVA, Rori- thanks! I am so excited to see him tomorrow!

    I just got a notice that the assessment hearing is being proposed to be rescheduled due to monies from the state sales tax that they collected. I'm still going to the meeting and presenting my objections however. I will let everyone know how it goes!

    Margaret - I love your she cave!

    edited October 2018
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    Margaret adore historic homes and mansions, sounds like my kind of outing! Also the she shed/zen den is so relaxing and well appointed, a great little cozy space :)

    Heather hope your birthday tomorrow is a happy one, and that you find a pink bag that "floats your boat" :p

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