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Let it GO! Decluttering (simplifying) your life of (people, places or things) success stories?



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    I wasn't expecting to find a decluttering thread here. But it fits - we all came here because we want *something* in our lives to be lighter, right? :D

    For me, the starting point was that my SO and I live in a 50 square meter apartment - I need to limit my stuff, or I'll need a shovel to create a walkway in my living room.
    So, my minimalism saves double money - less shopping, and it allows us to stay in our small home.

    Welcome aboard and {{{Hugs}}} Thank you ever so much for your contribution to this thread. I really understand/relate to what you've said, especially "saves double the money" Living more simply and with less "stuff" is money and time saving indeed!
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    Orphia wrote: »
    Didn't really do anything about de-cluttering this weekend except move a couple things from the bench by my door to the car. One step closer to the thrift shop.

    I moved my summer clothes to the back of the closet last night while I was putting laundry away. I'm battling with myself whether I should trust that I will continue on my downward trend this winter and these clothes will be too big next year. They were all getting loose this summer, but I don't want to get rid of them and then need them. By the time summer rolls around again we will be knee deep in wedding expenses for my daughter so I know I won't have money to spend on myself. I think that I will compromise with myself on this a little bit. If I am still losing in January I will get rid of them. I know if I can make it through to then I'll be good. I always get the need to lose hitting me in February LOL

    I feel like I've let myself down in September and didn't reach my goals. I did lose, but no where near what I was hoping to. I'll take it a loss is a loss after all. Hopefully, October I can be more disciplined.


    Think of September and October as just human names for abstract divisions. Cats don't think in "months".

    You lost weight. Yay for you!

    If you're not losing 0.5 lb per week on average, perhaps you need to tighten up your logging. We always under-guesstimate weight of food.

    Weigh calorie-dense food like chicken, salmon, avocado, rice, crisps, bread, potatoes, on a digital food scale in grams. Measure liquids such as soft drinks and milk drinks in millilitres.

    Thanks - I need to tighten up on my weighing and I also need to start caring more. There are a lot of times, I know I'm going to be over and do it anyway! The weather really is having a big effect on me this year. We haven't really had many nice days at all since July!
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    I'm a hoarder. My thought process is "I can't get rid of this because what if I need it one day? Even if it's been collecting dust for months, if not years, the time may come that I'll need it! I can't toss it even though it only cost $3 dollars because what if I don't have $3 to replace it when I finally need it?" (My husband and his random cables and broken computers is a whole garage sized problem that we'll ignore for now.)

    I finally got sick enough of not being able to even use my closet because it was so packed with stuff, that I had a friend come over and told her "if it isn't on a hanger, it's trash" and paid for her service with pizza and games. She helped me throw out enough that I actually have a floor now. That you can SEE. It's a miracle. She made me toss out all my pre-baby clothes that haven't fit since July of 2016.

    She told me I'm not allowed to buy new clothes until I lose the weight, and then she'll take me shopping and we can destroy my "fat mom" clothes, so that there isn't just another pile of clothes that I can't wear.

    My ultimate life tip is: have an amazing friend who actually wants you to succeed, and will help you do it.

    {{{{{{ <3 HUGS <3 }}}}}}YOU, my dear are a super-star, period. Your very first sentence is so powerful and full of LIFE. Why? Because admitting what's an issue to/for you is the beginning of everything good and change. THANK YOU EVER SO VERY MUCH for contributing to this thread. What you've written is profoundly inspiring. I'm so THRILLED that you have a real friend that really LOVES you--real friends are not only hard to find, but the truth of the matter is, in this lifetime, one will only have a very few and perhaps just one or maybe two "good" friends and yours is one of them--how excellent and wonderful is that?!?--Super Excellent!

    What/how your friend is helping you is REAL love...not "Hollywood" love we've all been taught/trained/programmed to believe is love. You are super BLESSED to have this angel in your life--YAY YOU!!!! For those of us not as fortunate to have a lovely person like your friend in y/our life...BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER, until someone else comes around. If they never do, you will always be with you--so being your own cheerleader will help you tremendously to overcome so much "mess" in your life!
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    Closet by closet, drawer by drawer...I am going through it all!

    My local thrift has a program where you can get up to 30% off from bringing in donations. So it worked well...I got rid of stuff hidden in my closets for years unused, and also clothes that are too big for me after losing 45 lbs and I got a coupon for a few "new to me" items to wear that fit me better than what I gave away. Win win! It felt good.

    Starting round two soon, cupboards are still too full and found some more clothes that are just too big. This thread is awesome, I don't feel like I am doing it alone!

    You're awesome! o:) To lose FOREVER BLAST AWAY/LET GO OF 45lbs is a HUGE accomplishment, HUGE--you rock! Man! I love that your local thrift store does this is a big ole encouraging win-win-WIN. Perhaps other thrift stores do this as well, it's worth asking and THANK you so much for sharing this. I'm thrilled you're starting round two and equally thrilled you've joined and contributed to this thread.
    {{{{ <3 Hugs <3 }}}} You're SO not/no longer alone.
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    AJB1014 wrote: »
    AJB1014 wrote: »
    I have one pair of kahkis, two pairs of linen pants, and an abundance of leggings/yoga pants - ALL of which are too big but it's all I've got at the moment! I seriously hate shopping and usually order online - but I have no idea what size I even am right now. So I'm working up the courage to get out there and get one pair of jeans. I think I'll try dressbarn, and old navy - usually cheap enough and fit decent. Not sure why it's taking such a kick in the pants to get me to do this??! Will have lots more clothes to donate soon.

    HEY!!!! Nice to hear from ya {{{ <3 Hugs <3 }}} Are you all done and settled in with the moving? Hope all is fabulous on that front. Girl, I totally "get-it" and love the way you phrase it "working up the "courage", because that's really what it boils down to. Wow! I get it. Let me share what you already know, once you get's ON. Getting started is slap in the face, a kick in the behind and a knock-out punch to/for whatever issues we're struggling with.

    Thank you!!! I've got about a dozen boxes left in the spare bedroom that I havent missed living without - so I'm going to declutter those before I unpack them too! And I went to dressbarn. It was an all around great experience. A SIZE 10! I could not believe it. But those jeans gave me LIFE this weekend. You are so right - it's ON now that I'm loving myself in clothes that fit!!!

    {{{*CUE the Happiest, most exciting and most jamming tune one has EVER heard*}}}}} Super mega YAY YOU for being an ultra fabulous size 10!!!!!!!!! I'm so GLAD and REJOICING with you on this tremendous accomplish---BOOOM! It's so thrilling to literally "feel" your joy--I love it! Isn't it utterly amazing how we have hold on to so much "stuff" and when it's not/no longer around for us to see, we don't miss it at all. That's a HUGE weapon in this decluttering battle. The truth is we truly will NOT miss ANY of that stuff we LET IT GO, that we're holding onto with a "death-grip"...won't miss it at all. It's a lie AND disception that will keep us is cluttered mess, keeping and holding on to so much excess of stuff we no longer need. Once our eyes are opened to this "secret" (you will not miss a thing you've got rid of) BAM! Here comes a clutter/confusion/messy FREE lifestyle. Also, once we get rid of the excess stuff (from off of our bodies and out of our homes and hearts and minds) wonderful and "real" peace/contentment and all kinds of mental, physical, spiritual good things start replacing all the YUCK that has held us in a self-imposed prison for years. Again, YAY YOU, you winner you!!!!!!!!!!! <3o:)<3
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    Wow so much going on!

    @AJB1014 - Size 10 - Go You!!!! That is awesome! Also, great job on decluttering as you unpack, it's funny when you move stuff and then you realize it just doesn't go in your new place! When we moved two years ago, I took truckloads of stuff out of the house that I didn't pack to move. After we got moved in and settled I still ended up with another 6-8 boxes of things that I realized just didn't go and I didn't need!

    @NewLIFEstyle4ME - You have lost what my goal loss is! Congratulations! It must feel so good! Like you, I am not restricting any foods, just trying to do it all in moderation. Unless you count yesterday, which I'm not, it's done and forgotten! There was no moderation in the dictionary for me yesterday, the only word was binge! I am exercising some, but it's only so I can eat more! Whatever works I say, I'm 1/3 of the way there!

    Anger - What a great topic. I too suffered from anger, for 12 years I wasn't sure if my husband and I were going to make it. I was so angry at him, words were said that could never be taken back nor forgotten. We would have a fight then "act" like everything was fine for weeks and months at a time. Inevitably though the acting would stop working and we would fight again, about the same old thing. Things finally started turning around this year. I am so incredibly blessed and thankful and for the first time in over a dozen years feel loved and secure in my marriage.

    Last year in June I was encouraged by my best friend to start reading a daily devotional again, she knew I was struggling with my marriage and my job. I did it, only because she made me promise to do it. She had bought the book for me the year before for my birthday, and I hated to admit that I hadn't even opened it. I found that reading the devotional every day whether I did anything else or not, was helping me. On August 31, 2017 I was fired for the first time in my life! Instead of it being the devastation that I believed it would be I started finding peace, immediately! I didn't even cry until a young lady that worked for me contacted me and told me she loved me and still wanted to be a part of my life. My husband works seasonal work and we knew that by the end of October we would only have his EI. I should have been panicking, but I wasn't. I was more at peace than I had been in years. I decided to start reading the Bible verses that went with the devotional and I started having Faith that things would work out.

    In January 2018 my husband and I had a blow up, the same one we always were having. This one was different though. I refused to engage. I told him in the calmest manner that I could, that I was done. I didn't want to be in an unhappy marriage. I wanted to feel loved and secure again. I told him I would figure out where to go and he could stay in the house. We would figure out the stuff later. I then sat in my craft room and cried for probably 6-8 hours. He kept coming back to check on me, he asked me if that is what I really wanted. I told him No, that I really wanted to be married to him when I died. I loved him and would always love him, not because he was the Father of my children, but I loved him for who he was. I just didn't know how to continue living the way we were and I needed him to engage and be a part of my life again, not just a roommate. He told me that I wasn't perfect either, LOL I knew this all on my own! I said what do you want me to change, every time we have an argument you never tell me what I'm doing to contribute, how can I change something I don't know about. He told me that he felt I had lost respect for him and didn't even ask for his opinion on anything anymore. I told him honestly that I had lost respect for him, I didn't ask for his opinion because when I did ask he never gave it. I told him that a decision he had made years ago and his behaviour after I decided it wasn't for me had made me lose respect for him. We ended that day with no decisions made, we were still in the house together. It was a stressful and uncomfortable few weeks. I was angry and hurt, so was he. We weren't arguing, but we were pussyfooting around each other.

    Then one night while I was looking for a positive/motivational quote to put on my facebook post for the night I read this. "I've got this. Everything will be okay. Just go out there and love your husband. Forgive your husband. I NEED you to forgive him and help him climb out of this hole. Be there for him, just like I have been there for you. God"

    I felt this showed up for a reason and I took it to heart. I saved the quote to my phone and I started reading it daily and sometimes hourly. My husband has gradually come back to the man I married. He loves me, he engages with me, he gives me his opinion (This is a double edged sword LOL). He is my everything again! You know what, he told me I am my old me too! I trust him again, there was never an affair or abuse, but I didn't trust him with my feelings. I was so worried about hurting his feelings or angering him I never spoke my truth. One of the things he said to me is, "how can I know how you feel if you won't tell me". I used to bottle it up and then it would explode, I don't do this now and it's much better.

    Well this has become a bit long but very cathartic. Feel free to skip if you don't want to read it.

    Dearest Snow~

    I want to THANK YOU from the top and bottom of my heart for taking the time, love, faith and courage to share what you have here. Though you may not completely understand this, what you have written has given so much HOPE and SOBER MINDEDNESS on so many things going on in our lives too. The situations, the issues and the circumstances may be (or look) totally different (what others are truly suffering from/with) in our homes, jobs, and lives in general--your posting has shown and proven that no matter how much UGH and YUCK one experiences in their hearts, minds, spirits and lives...that things that "look and feel" really bad or hopeless are NOT--it's a choice on how and what we will CHOOSE to do, say or be about a situation. That growing/learning is a lot of times FILLED with angst, fear, anger and UGH--but that same YUCK may help us to grown stronger and stronger and overcome.

    Many people are "scared" or turned off, or just avoid (to be politically correct or whatevah) to mention and give Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanks and ALL THE CREDIT to The ONLY True and Living, Unseen (with our "natural" eyes) God (The God of the Bible, The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus). I want to thank you so much for DARING to mention that turning to The Lord (as utterly and completely rejected, mocked, scorned, ridiculed, ignored and hated as He is AND always has been by the greater majority of people for thousands of years--not just today) that your darling friend would love you enough to ask you to focus on Him, His Way, His Truth and His Life is utterly beautiful and so good. I can tell you The Word says (and I am a "fool of/for Christ" to believe 100%) that ALL of this is TRUE, right, righteous and more):

    Romans 8:24 For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?25 But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.

    26 Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. 27 And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

    28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

    These MARVELOUS things and promises to us, from The Lord DOES NOT mean we will get Cadillac's, riches, houses, lands, treasures and things that are of value/honor/importance in this world (the system and ways of this world) and this does NOT mean we will be getting anything/everything our wicked hearts desire AT ALL--it mean none of that (like you hear so many "false" preachers/teachers, wicked so-called Christians" claim...NOT at all. These promises mean we DEFINITELY WILL be going thru all kinds of "hell on earth" so to speak, WE MUST die (to ourselves) daily (meaning not our will and way...but The Lord's Way, His Truth and His Life/Lifestyle/Way of thinking/living/being), which is 100% diametrically opposed to everything we've EVER been taught/trained/programmed/brain-washed/mind-controlled ALL of our lives (from cradle to grave) via education, the media (music/tv/movies/social media) and especially THE NEWS to believe is real/truth/right) but these promises/words of comfort from Romans teach us we WILL SUFFER in this life on earth, and The Lord Himself will teach us and help us to grow and overcome daily). ALL of these trials, temptations, abuse, YUCK will work TOGETHER to/for our good. (No matter how foolish or unbelievable that sounds and is) Much like you getting fired and yet feeling "relieved". Much like me trying everything under the sun to blast these pounds and inches away, for soooo many years apart from looking to/depending on/waiting on The Lord to lead and guide me His Way...NOT mine/my way and BAM! Here comes success and with continued trials and tribulations. Why? Because There is a True and Living God and I'M NOT HIM. His Ways are NOT our ways and His Thoughts are NOT our thoughts, period.

    Thank you beloved for encouraging me and so many others AND for not being "ashamed" of The Gospel and The're beautiful inside and out o:)<3o:)
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    I have been stalled on the weight loss and decluttering after breaking an ankle this summer but am slowing getting back to both. I was able to walk away from an afternoon cookie yesterday and finally got back on the scale today and logged the number as I don't want to stay in denial any longer.
    Been working on my fabric stash by using it up with making bags for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes and made it to my goal of 100 bags. I have made more than that this year as my daughter comes and gets some as she is involved in the events. I actually have 108 on hand at the moment for an event coming up. So spent Saturday and Sunday Afternoons organizing the sewing room and was able to part with some items for a rummage sale at the senior center. it feels good to have it better organized and ready for more sewing. Still have plenty of fabric so prepped some for more bags and other charity projects and even made up a quick fleece blanket last night.

    What a tremendous attitude you have...YAY YOU! Big ole OUCH to breaking an ankle--MAN! one never truly appreciates "little" parts of our bodies (like ankles, toes, fingers, etc.) until one injures of worse, break one.
    {{{{ HUGS }}}}. Thank you for all that you are doing for others and for contributing to this thread!
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    Decluttering operation LET IT GO areas/items:

    Uhhhhhh...the MYSTERY of the mismatched socks--SOLVED!

    Why oh why am I holding on to so many pairs of mismatched socks and for soooo long? Why? Hopes of finding the mate, even though I haven't seen it for more than a year? Keeping them just in case I need them for something one day?

    {{{* :neutral: eye-roll* :/ }}}} I don't know WHY I've held on to so many of these blasted things, but OUT THEY ALL WENT/IN THE GARBAGE today. I'm doing laundry (so what else is new) and I finally gathered up ALL these different socks and threw them away. WOW, shocking how many I had and worse, how long I've had them. Where do these blasted mates go--the Bermuda Socktriangle or somewhere?

    My solution to never having this "issue" again is to immediately put together the pairs of sock the instant they are out of dryer and put the in their proper place immediately, from this day forth. o:)

    I have the same issue, but I pair the socks up now. I still have tons in my laundry basket from past years. I was keeping them to stuff toys I make for the grandkids. I need to toss them! Thanks for the reminder!
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    when i saw this i had to post this about letting go...
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    I baked cookies for my MIL's neighbors today. I put them in Tupperware that I'm getting rid of, so they can keep it.
    Yes, I saved some for mom, but not us.
    Her neighbors helped her with her generator during the hurricane, so this is thank you! Mom is 82, so their help was huge!
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    snoo61 wrote: »
    I baked cookies for my MIL's neighbors today. I put them in Tupperware that I'm getting rid of, so they can keep it.
    Yes, I saved some for mom, but not us.
    Her neighbors helped her with her generator during the hurricane, so this is thank you! Mom is 82, so their help was huge!

    Homemade cookies=The YUM. Making cookies for someone and they get to keep the container? That's what I call decluttering in style! Your darling 82 year old mother is BLESSED to have you! Hoping all is well with the other hurricane coming/passing you guys by. {{{ <3 Hugs <3 }}}

    Your post has encouraged me to make some cookies for the fam...thanks for the idea/inspiration Snoo! I think I'll make some good ole fashioned butter cookies=THE YUM!
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    snoo61 wrote: »
    I have my grandmother's butter cookie recipe, so delicious! We didn't have any damage at our house, but our rental is destroyed. Waiting to hear from the insurance company, taking a while because there are so many. I'm ok with it, others are in so much worse shape, losing homes. No one was in our rental, no one hurt! (A tree fell on the house) I told Michelle( renter) I don't care about the damage as long as she and her kids are ok! They stayed with her mom during the storm. I can only thank God.

    I'm thanking and praising God for His Mercy right with you. That's some SCARY stuff {{{Hugs}}} and as also, I LOVE your attitude about this and so much other stuff--just LOVE it!

    My butter cookies ought to be against the law :D , they are soooo good, so utterly simple to make and yet CRAZY good!

    2 sticks (1 cup) softened butter
    2/3 cup granulated sugar
    2 cups plus 2 tablespoons flour
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

    Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Add vanilla extract. Mix in flour in small increments. Roll dough into balls; then Flatten dough balls with three middle fingers on ungreased cookie sheets. Bake until golden brown.

    Makes about 1 1/2 dozen.

    Will look like this:

    Will taste like this:


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    Those don’t okies sound delicious, that might be part of my morning tomorrow
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