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  • Congrats, Michele, I agree, go spend Thanksgiving with Denise and Pete and then making monthly or every other monthly trips to go visit with them and stay in a motel if you have to; but, keep up with her during her pregnancy and after the baby is born. Staying in a motel won't put pressure on Denise - then you could come and go as how she is doing. I know when I 'lost' my first baby; I wanted 'my Mama' and she and Daddy were 5 days away on a trip. She flew back, he drove back. But, with my other 2, my DMnL came and stayed with us and for a good 2 weeks afterwards. She was a Nannie by trade (she sat for 2 or 3 families that were close friends); but, one of them she felt like she was a part of their family. All of them were very good to her. She even sat with the ones that had babies of their own.

    We could go over whenever we were down and the families were gone and stay there with her and use the pools and enjoy the city at night.

    We were without lights for 5 nights and 6 days. From 6:00pm to about 7:00pm-ish. Yes, we are on a septic tank, so we filled the tub up with water and only flushed and had to fill up the tank whenever we had to have a BM (I know, WTI … but, thankfully the lights did come back on when they did. I was 'awful' because of the lack of restful sleep at night w/no C-pap; I still go to sleep during the day. My 'sleep apnea' MD made me keep up with a journal regarding my 'sleep patterns' until I saw him again. 20 freaking pages worth and it was 'color-coded'; yes, I am extremely OCD. Still keeping up with it until I see my Neurologist. He said that he would talk to the Neurologist about my sleeping patterns and then let the Neurologist do whatever 'sleep studies' he thinks would be appropriate. Louis and my 2 boys will NOT allow me to drive. This is the longest non-stop driving restriction I have had. I think that I have been 'off' a driving restriction about 8 months since I bought my 2015 Honda 'new'. I finally told Trey that all the MD appointments were to make sure I did not have 'cancer' - he stopped 'bitching' about having to drive me everywhere - but, if Louis did - he would come back to a job that had not had done what he told them to do. Gee, Trey has had my car more often than either of us Only 2x has Jenn driven it and both times I held my breath and told her that my rule for driving MY car is that all cellphones would be turned off. Hopefully, she did that and that she did not post that on FB.

    I'm here and just getting used to the weather which has (or is supposed to be down in the 30's tonight). Like Carol said, 90's during the day and suddenly we are going to be 'cold' ... all I hope is that there isn't a frost. I'd hate to lose my plants. Even last year, when the porch had been glassed-in it got way too cold and some of them got 'burnt'. I looked up my cactus and they said that I could 'cut' the frozen part off and it would probably come back. It has - with a vengence. I repotted my ferns; and, some of them came back, a lot of them didn't. I bought a huge spider plant when I was visiting my sisiter; and, I have the 'mother' plant I bought in Cobb, GA; and probably the 'only' way I got it was that the owner of the greenhouse had gone on some errands. The back greenhouse was where all the 'mother' plants were stored; but, we were not told that we could not go into the back greenhouse; just told that the plants in the back were $15; the ferms were $13, and they had smaller starter plants. My BF and I got a deal on everything. I am hoping that I can buy a couple of Kimberly Queens when they 'go on sale' and be able to keep them over the winter.

    Y'all be careful in all that you are doing!
    I'm safe and sound and so far nobody has braved coming down our driveway to see if anybody is at home. Our neighbors were great.

    By the way - I did not proof-read this. Hopefully, it makes sense to you.
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    Lenora: I’m glad you survived the storms. (((hugs))

    We had a lovely adventure to the Oregon coast. The weather was amazing and we had a great time. We’re home now and getting back on track.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Lanette "I know several of you have made cauliflower crusts, so I'm anxious to see what they are like before I try it myself. I normally have a huge salad for dinner and was running out of ideas what protein to have with it. I'm getting filled up on chicken breast and canned salmon."

    I made pizza crust using ground chicken, we really enjoyed it. Topped with pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni and cheese, etc. Let us know how you like it.

    Janetr OKC
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    Karen in VA , made me cry, its always so so hard. Biggest Big hug ever. <3

    Janetr OKC
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    @KetoneKaren ... very sorry to hear about Farley. :heart:
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    I am sorry for your loss, Karen.

    Your son looks so much older, Rebecca.

    Had a nice, busy day.

    Willamette Valley, Oregon
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    Rebecca - that porcupine is too cute for words! You must be so excited to have one of your boys back home unexpectedly!

    Maggiepetit123 - Welcome! Lots of friendly people here, for sure, and some pretty insightful sharing about eating and other troubles. What would you like to be called?

    Heather in UK - Im SO relieved that your exchange went through! Isn't it amusing that we can get all "het up" over someone whom we've never met who lives a third of the world away? I'm delighted for you!

    Rye! Mocha Latte is such a darling kitten, and so lively. I kind of miss the cute kittenish antics, but they both seem to have a fine race and romp around the house just before bedtime, and love watching the feeders out my living room windows for the squirrels and birds both.

    About memory, my Dr says if you're trying to remember a word but can't recall it that's pretty normal, but if you've lost "key" and blurt out, say, "book", there might be a problem.

    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie - I use Google's Tiny Calendar app. The times you can set your reminders for are very flexible. Perhaps there's a time you could think of that will work to check for reminders? What does AHMOD stand for, by the way?

    Felicia - we all grieve differently. I actually cried a great deal more when my dear wacky neighbor died unexpectedly 4years ago than I did when my dear husband died the year before her, but his was expected and we'd done our talking and sorrow before he died. Hers came all at once. I still miss and grieve for my brother, who died 12 years ago, although not as intensely usually now. Give yourself permission to do it your way.
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    Karen in VA - Im so sorry you lost little Farley! I'm glad you were able to be with him through the last moments, though. Years ago veterinary offices didn't want you there. I'm glad that's changed.

    Lisa in AR - your living room is welcoming and lovely! You must be so happy it's gone quickly!

    I took one of my grandsons home to Whidbey Island today. I packed hard boiled eggs, my protein drink, and some carrots to take with me.

    However, by the time I got home I was quite hungry, and thought I'd left plenty of room in my diary for dinner. When mY SIL brought it over it was a garlic breadstick, a rather large serving of Beef Stroganoff Hamburger Helper, and what they thought would be healthy cauliflower veggie tots. They're not. They're as bad as potato ones because of the breading and sodium. I'm not too far over, and certainly met my protein goal.

    Happy weekend! I'm finally caught up now so the giant posts will hopefully slim down.

    Sharon near Seattle.
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    MACHKA your hubs is doing so well, makes us remember what wonderful creatures humans are and if we look after our bodies we are better able to cope with trauma.

    HEATHER love the view and know you will miss it. I love to visit the countryside but am a city girl and love all the convenience of buses and shops etc We have numerous museums, 2 cathedrals, lots of parks and of course our magnificent waterfront as well as access to beaches each side of the river. All within reach in about 40 mins and buses and local trains free with our wonderful bus passes.

    I know some of you have experience of UTIs I have been taking antibiotics as prophylactic for a number of years. Recently I saw consultant urologist and she said they don't recommend antibiotics any more but advised that I take a supplement called D-Mannose and a probiotic every day. Have to buy these as not on prescription, there is something else on prescription here called Hiprex, it is antibacterial not antibiotic. So far so good, glad to be off antibiotics.

    Kate UK <3
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    Karen: I am so sorry fot your loss. Our fur babies are such important parts of our lives. :'( We lost our last dog to a bee sting, and it broke our hearts. We started looking for another right away & found a litter of pups within a few weeks. Our “puppy” is 10 now.
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    Good morning all! Happy Sunday! I feel like I am in a zone of "sameness". You know what I mean? For instance; my daughter calls daily, and sometimes I just don't have anything to say/add to the conversation because nothing has changed. Still working, same kids here, getting the same chores done, making the same to-do list,...I guess that is a good thing, because something NEW happening isn't always a good something new. I guess I will take the sameness. But it is very BLAH.
    Lanette- Your search for Wendy took you back a year and made me think. A year ago, I was stressing over my hubby's loss of employment. A year later, he is still unemployed, but I am not stressing as much mainly because I am working so hard. lol I really don't mind working so many hours; it bothers me more that he is constantly underfoot or needing help or just plain crabbing about something. :/ I love him; but he is a pill.
    Machka- I am sure the word retrieval issues that your hubby is having is an expected, yet minor problem for him to have following his head injury. Is he doing any word retrieval exercises? You can find a whole bunch of them online. Most are basic skills type, that kids do in school. Fill in the blank, categorizing words, word patterns, etc. Might seem simplistic to him, but it will stimulate those neurological connections to fire back up. We used these types of exercises to help a friend after his stroke. Just thought I would throw it out there in case you can glean anything from it. https://www.amyspeechlanguagetherapy.com/uploads/7/5/7/4/7574967/word_retrieval.pdf
    Karen VA- So, so sorry about Farley! Sending waves of love and comfort your way! <3
    Lisa- It is wonderful to have one room, pretty much done, so that you can just sit; away from all of the moving clutter and just relax! Your living room looks fantastic!
    Heather- So how long do you have now until you are in your new place? I am just wondering how quickly things move once all of the "chain gang" members are signed and approved.
    Kate UK- Congrats on the 3 pound weight loss!
    Machka- I almost forgot! I just about spit my coffee out on my laptop the other morning, when you mentioned your menstrual cycle issues when you were taking the turmeric. This has been happening to me! I have had no period for a good year, then just last spring I began to have one. And not just a normal period, but a 7-9 day and heavy flow one (my normal was always 3-5 days and very light). THEN...no period for a day or two and another five days of heavy flow. Then nothing for a couple of months...and it would start all over again. I am going into the doc next week to have every thing rechecked (thyroid, too) now that I have been off the turmeric for a month (by then). If this has all been due to the turmeric, I will just be stunned. Hoping it is/was. Because not taking it, is an easy fix.
    Rebecca- Hooray! Please tell me you were teary when you first got your arms around your boy!? Because I was just looking at the photo of the big airport hug! Ah that feeling when your kids are home...Enjoy! <3

    Well, I better be going. I have a friend (another childcare provider) coming over this morning to go over some curriculum we are sharing. Then Trentin arrives at 11:30, but will only be here a couple of hours. If it is nice out, I will see if I can get him outside. It rained all day yesterday. Got a little hail, too (that made it interesting). A few branches off the tree and in the yard that need to be picked up. Oh well, on we go...ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)