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    Hi all!! Well, I just had a week of such gluttony, I am lucky my weigh in was only - ONLY - up 4.6 lbs. Hopefully I can finally get back in the grove and today’s “fresh start” will actually be just that - a fresh start.

    Dawn - I used the Yes.Fit program for my virtual race. I finished the miles with walks and daily steps. The race sign up, and medal, plus shipping and handling cost just about $22.00. There is an option for a monthly membership to get access to more races and discounts, but the races available for the no membership option are plenty, reasonably priced, and the required miles are enough that it’s going to take a long time. One race was about 150 some miles!! Sure, I could walk just to walk, but the reward of the medal was pretty cool.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! We have sun today... hopefully the temps will continue to stay on the cooler side.

    👋🌸 Runa
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    dawn, am I reading this right for pacific time it starts at 3am? if so, well that I can do!!

    Yes...the hours are correct... they thought, if they start earlier, maybe less traffic issues... so many people trying to look at site and check out at same time, lots of congestion. I'm sure, people will get up early and it will still be busy... but, maybe not quite so bad... thanks for your interest :)
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    Runa - thanks for the info... that is a good price. I will have to look into it. I've done Zombies, Run! a couple times. It's free, unless you upgrade. I enjoy it, but there's not really an end goal. Weather has been my issue, mostly. Then, loss of motivation... having a goal and, a prize at the end, would help with motivation...

    Lana - hugs to you

    Sara - I had to laugh at your smoke comment :D just a little relaxation
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    total steps today 10007 had to wander around the parking lot for awhile, but it was no nice out that it was not difficult.

    bottle water/pretzels and a murder mystery dvd on tap

    wishing all a good night
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    Good morning,

    Dog up and fed. Her physical last month the blood work machine was not working, so she goes in today and gets dropped off to get blood work done and glands. Dawn - you have a good idea what this is like.

    Not too much on tap today, but will be in kitchen cooking for part of it.

    Wave to all who follow.
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    Weed = something you smoke?? >:)

    Oh, goodness no. In the weeds is just an expression of being overwhelmed, off-track, out of control. It comes either from golfing or being in a boat along a river that has reeds and other growth along the in Florida in the Everglades, or what's left of them....
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    First cup of coffee, and already I've wasted and hour on this computer doing nothing healthy or useful.

    Sara - I bet your kitchen will smell very nice today!

    I'll be back later, when mood improves. DH is weighing me down with bad vibes.

    I am grateful for sun today, a heating system that works, food in the fridge for a nice, healthy Sunday brunch and.....much more. They say if you count your blessings and have gratitude, it will help your spirits.


    243.4 today, water weight down I guess
    250.0 highest
    185.0 goal
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    Dawn - do you have an "anti DH vibe" scentsy for Lana?
  • arniedog74
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    Dawn - do you have an "anti DH vibe" scentsy for Lana?

    Anti - DH spray coming Lana's way :) covers up and deters lotsa pesky things

    Sara - I know lots about blood work, and machines not working. We have 2 machines (centrifuge) that spin blood... just got 1 back from being repaired... tried to use it other day and wouldn't work... panicked, didn't wanna tell Doc it broke again... luckily, co worker discovered it was button on outlet that had popped... thank goodness... that would not have been fun to give bad news... hope all goes well with Miss T...
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    Good afternoon everyone

    Sunday and now it's 12pm

    Today is my last 2 to 3 week slump from eating to excess like a fool. Starting back tomorrow. I bet I regained 15 lbs from my initial loss of 47 pounds.

    I'm ready to take my health seriously, AGAIN.

    In a somewhat slumber/funky mood today, I was supposed to go to the zoo with the family today but I just didn't want to go and now I'm home alone. I know I disappointed everyone but they've disappointed me several times throughout the years also.

    I'm tired of being the honorable great know it all father, man of the family all the *kitten time. I want to sulk and feel sorry for myself also. I told my wife she let's everyone get over, disappoint her except me. I'm no hero!!!
    They're sending me pictures, glad their having a decent time.

    Ohh well, I won't bother y'all any longer with my venting (today anyway) ha.

    I think I'll fast tomorrow to kick this eating better off with a clear system.

    Bye for now.
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    Exhausted today. I've been making Mondays stay at home days since we do so much on the weekend. Have been eating at maintenance as I'm adjusting to hotter weather (moved recently), but will try to eat below calories today.
  • Tilliesmommy1
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    Good evening,

    10025 steps and sleeping is much easier...... Miss T has an impacted gland and we have an appointment in 2 weeks on a Sunday- luckilly to see if it is full in 2 weeks.... Dawn knows very well of what I speak - very not good smelly stuff so no details for the rest reading.

    Stewarm, if we dont take care of ourselves, who does? Can a long walk with time alone be a good way to get some excellent exercise and so "me" time? Just a thought. Food is sometimes a "go to" but as we all know it cant be always. Hope your fast tomorrow helps.

    Okay, brain cells swirling around the flushing toilet, time to call it a night. I have a 3am note to myself Dawn.......

    Wishing all a good night.
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    Sara - that is no fun for Miss T. I haven't seen a lot of gland issues, but I know it's not fun. Hope she is ok and all good in 2 weeks. I'm excited for the sale. Not sure how early I will be up to check it out.. :D Thank you!
  • Tilliesmommy1
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    Good morning,

    Weight up .8 but the extra hot chocolate and bowls of pretzels....... will keep walking the steps. I think of Saltine and all her steps - I will never get there, but I can at least start.

    Dawn - order placed, nice to be able to put my early routine to good use. Took 10 minutes. Kathryn some good stuff there, found some good Christmas scents - also think stocking stuffers.

    Last time dog had this issue it had to do with diet, so she may have to be cut back on soft food. We shall see.

    Oatmeal is ready, so with any luck that means a longer nap before dog walk.

    Casual attire at work this week, so taking advantage. They handed out t shirts from last year last week, so now I have 3 work t shirts to wear.

    Wave to all who follow.
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    Good morning, all!

    I'm on vacation today. Back to work tomorrow and Wednesday, then off again Thursday and Friday. Weird, I know, but that's how events fell for me. Had to take a couple of days here and there to honor commitments.

    We went to the Moose Lodge on Saturday for the Alabama-Tennessee game. There was a huge spread of food: hot wings, fried chicken, chicken strips, mountain oysters, chili, french fries, shrimp. I took homemade ranch dip and a tray of veggies. Before we left the house, I made a half cup of garlic dill dip and portioned out some celery and almond butter for me. When we got there, I chose half a cup of broccoli off the tray. That's all I ate and was perfectly happy with that.

    Having actual health limitations seems to keep me more mindful of my eating. Hoping I can maintain this way of eating for the rest of my life so I can live the rest of my life for a very long time.

    Waving to all! Have a great Monday!

    As of today:

    SW 222
    CW 203
    GW 190 by Thanksgiving

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    Lived through the Jeep Jamboree but the Jeep did take on a bit of damage. We did NOT do any easy trails this time. All the jostling, bouncing, and bumping around not to mention all the climbing in and out has left me very sore today.

    They had a lot of "comfort foods" as usual served at Jamboree. I tried my best to pick the healthier items. (Other than the cookies & cream pie, anyway) Today I am very puffy and swollen from all the excess sodium & processed foods. I did not stop for fast foods on the trip down or back. I took protein bars since they are easily handled while driving. They did great filling me up to prevent trips to any drive thrus.

    Amusing discovery - the bouncing around in Jeep is read as steps by FitBit. I guess the "impacts" and moving in a linear direction make it think I am walking or jogging or something. Either that or I am getting a LOT of steps in without noticing - and somehow I doubt that!

    This will be my first full week with the lower calorie count. Will see how well I can keep to that! Hope I can and that it bumps me off my plateau.
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    Sara - it was nice to wake up to an order, this morning. Glad you were able to view the sale and find something you like, without it being a hassle. Thank you so much!

    Kathryn - I've noticed, my pedometer on my phone, tends to count steps in the car, when going down gravel roads... interesting... glad you survived the weekend.. hope damage isn't too severe...

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    edited October 2018
    Supervisor is leaving department, knew something was wrong . Now more changes. Keep walking girl.

    Dawn my first choice was taken so luckily I had 2 choices -
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    okay, enough for one night