What was your “reason” for gaining the weight?



  • sivyaleah
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    When younger, there was a component of emotional eating involved; I used food to celebrate, ease pain, out of boredom, you get the drift. Sure didn't help that I enjoyed cooking and feeding others. But I was never severely overweight and always healthy. Never had a doctor call me out on it. I felt good and looked good to myself and others.

    I managed later in life to get past the eating just to eat reasons but I never was one to exercise other than taking walks, so that was certainly part of the problem.

    The major main reason over the last decade or so was more than several physical injuries that kept setting me back physically for long periods of time as they rendered me fairly immobile. Add in long days working, getting older and totally not realizing pounds would eventually pack on because of age, bad food choices and inactivity. The usual deluding oneself many of us go through.

    I've realized my biggest roadblock has been making poor choices for dinners due to being too exhausted end of day to cook. I eat really well the rest of the day while at my office so I'm finding alternatives for supper that are healthy, easy and fast to prepare that don't involve much time standing around in the kitchen. So far, this seems to be a major help to staying on track.

  • motivatedmartha
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    I became lazy, but continued to eat like an active person.

    Me too. Blamed inactivity on painful hips and didn't actually do the research needed to resolve the problem. Just used the excuse.
  • WanderingRivers
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    The short version: hit by car, pregnancy, mental breakdowns, couple with emotional eating did a number on my weight. It wasn't until my mother honestly swore I was pregnant (spoiler, I wasn't) and my arthritis got really bad that I started losing. My body image still ain't great but at least I'm skinnier by a long shot.
  • TillyandGwen
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    I was always big and my family are all big. Eating habits are learned. I have a lot of family pressure about food. I work shift work and it sucks being away from my daughter. I get bored at work during the night/eating at night helps me stay awake.

    All that to say they are just excuses I have used to excuse my lack of self control. I'm getting better about it.
  • HeyJudii
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    Depression. Happens every time. The longer it lasts, the more weight I gain. I know that staying active helps alleviate the symptoms, but it is so hard when all I want to do is stay safe in bed, in a dark room, watching videos and eating.
  • DaisyHamilton
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    My husband and I both really love fast food. Convenient and delicious. Especially this little mom and pop shop in town that makes the best Mexican food. My usual weight is 155ish, high school weight of 149ish. Twice I've gone up to 172lb before coming back down to 150s (currently at 152lb). Hoping this time to push it a little father to 130s or 140s. I usually stall out at about this weight but this time I'm trying to push through.
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  • dixoncheyenne
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    I love cooking and food and found it to be comforting when I moved away from my friends & family to go to college. Between work & school I was tired & didn’t prioritize working out, and continued to eat like a teenager. Then my metabolism changed right around 21 and I began packing on weight. I had also gotten into a relationship with someone who wasn’t right for me and ate even more out of anxiety & unhappiness. When I finally got the drive to end the relationship I felt in control again and began to eat healthy. I cut out meat completely (just because I love animals) and lost 30 pounds fairly quickly because I couldn’t eat things like meatloaf, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, etc. I began to explore more kinds of produce and found new ways to enjoy cooking with my new lifestyle. I started getting active, taking yoga & spin classes, lifting weights at home...After that it has just snowballed into a desire to just love and take care of myself in as many ways as I can. I feel more strong & beautiful now than I ever have, and I feel like my selflove attracted my now husband to me. It’s been a journey but I’m loving every minute of it.
  • prettypoison1129
    Food comforts me.
  • PigHerder
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    Mine just sort of crept up on me over a period of about 18 years. No sudden increases or dramas. Just a lack of vigilance on my part, and a very gradual expansion of 3-5 pounds a year.
  • dakotababy
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    For me, I think it was a variety of different things. Primarily, lack of knowledge. I understood the difference between "healthy" and "unhealthy" foods, but nothing on caloric intake/output. Growing up, we had plenty of food at our table every night, and as I got older, I was eating equal amounts to my husband (over 6' tall, and 100+lbs heavier than me) thinking "its 50/50"...so in that regard, a lack of common sense. The other major contributor (as an adult) was a lack of enjoyable exercise. I was so heavy, that any physical activity was difficult, painful, and not enjoyable. It wasn't until I found exercise that I could actually do, is when things got better.
  • scarlett_k
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    Eating my feelings and not even considering what I was eating.