Women in their 30s trying to get back on track!



  • holly00722
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    Its nice to meet all of you and hear your stories.
  • KBClimber
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    I'm not necessarily looking to lose weight but I am looking to get stronger to improve at my sport. I'm a climber and any fat is just extra weight you have to haul up the wall with you :) Would love to join you ladies!
  • pennyks88
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    Hi all! I'll be 31 in a few months. I have an almost 3 year old and a 5 month old. I'm about 35-40 pounds heavier than I was pre-babies, and back then I was trying to lose 10 pounds forever. Feel free to add me! I spent basically all of my twenties wanting to lose weight and I never got serious about it. I'm ready now!
  • MagesticMalloy
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    Hi everyone. I went for a general check up at the doctor a little while ago and got weighed.....she looked at me and told me I had a BMI of 26 and need to lose at least 7kg. She asked why my weighed had shot up and I admitted I had been really slack about watching what I eat. I then got the lecture from her (and plenty of friends) about how high maintaince your body gets once you hit 30 so I gotta figure out a way not to give in to temptation...
  • MamaSunflowers
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    Hi everyone! I'd love to add you as friends so we can support each other on this mission.
    I'm 31 ( still can't believe it.. I'm sure in my head I'm 25..). Looking to lose this weight to be in the best possible health and condition to have children in a couple of years. I have never been happy or comfortable with my body, and so now is the time to change this!
  • Lutielu
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    Yup 30 is for sure the year!
  • babybleisz84
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    I'm 34 about to turn 35 in March 🙃, trying to have a healthy second half of my 30's. Time flies to fast
  • chunky_pinup
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    holly00722 wrote: »
    I'm super happy I lost 1.2lbs in the past week. Its such a struggle because I'm dealing with so much personal stuff.

    I ended up being totally WIPED at work yesterday after my morning workout. I think I'm getting a sinus infection because it feels like I've been punched in the face. I stocked up on electrolyte water, and salty soups along with meds at the pharmacy last night, and I feel a little better this morning but will be avoiding the scale for a few days with all the extra salt I'm consuming. Tomorrow was going to be my rest day from the gym...but definitely rescheduling that for today and just trying to stay low-key at work, and keep functioning.

    Is everyone in this group/discussion in Winter season right now? Ugh...I have a 4-year old so I feel like winter is constant sickness...
  • tinamae_vols
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    Me!! I'm 32 and need to lose 60-70lbs
    I have a 2 year old son and wanna be healthy for him!!
  • SunnyRRM78
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    Me too girl, Push Thru!

  • GemimaFitzTed
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    Hi, I'm 37 and have been trying to get back on track. It was so much easier in my 20's because I was a single career woman with absolutely no responsibility other than myself. By age 32, I was a married mother of 2! So my 30's consisted of me trying to figure out motherhood, giving a real go at my career, trying to stay healthy and fit and staying blissfully married. I managed to do 3 out of the 4, with me putting my health and fitness on the backburner. I seriously regret that. I now have 100+lb (50kgs).

    But here I am, with many years of "knowledge" to help me now stay on track and lose the unrequired weight and get back to being the fit and healthy Gemima, like I was in my 20's. Lucky for me I have the MFP community, hubby, kids and my personal trainer to help me :smile:
  • klovesd84
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    Hi ladies. I’m 34. I had my babies at 28 and 29. When I was 30 I focused on my weight and fitness and was even a bit slimmer than pre-babies. Like I was in my early 20’s. I honestly have never felt so attractive in my life. It was a combination of confidence that comes with age, feeling like “myself” again after kids. I still feel fantastic and I let my weight fluctuate by 5 pounds which allows for normal fluctuation and some cravings. Just wanted to comment that it is such a great time in life to get back to yourself. Good job ladies!!
  • KateL121286
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    Hey all.

    Just turned 32 😮😱 and the older I get, the harder it seems to lose weight and keep the motivation to do so going.
    Would love to have others out there going through the same things to chat with for moral support, and I in turn will do the same. Anyone feel free to add me as a friend. Kate.xx

    England, UK
  • KateL121286
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    holly00722 wrote: »
    I'm super happy I lost 1.2lbs in the past week. Its such a struggle because I'm dealing with so much personal stuff.

    Just sent you a message and friend request hun (atleast I think I've done it right 😂)
  • KateL121286
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    nearly 30 and trying to lose this stone I've kept with me the last 2 years.

    ADD me as a friend.

    The girls at work have been eating McDonald's next to me last week and I managed to refrain.

    So focussed now will be good to have some friends on here with me to get me to my bday a little bit lighter. : )

    Sarah London UK x

    Hope you don't mind me messaging you hun...sent you a friend request but I'm still getting used to using the forum and stuff so atleast I think I did!lol