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    Did Upper Body Bikini Burn DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do Rodney Yee’s Daily Yoga DVD

    Heather – don’t overdo it. Your body needs time to heal, let it. We don’t want you to get any worse. Trust me, I know how it feels not to exercise, I know only too well. It hurts when you’re in the habit of doing it all the time. But remember that you can get back to it (and I know you will) once your body heals itself. No offense meant, but you look terrible.

    Kylia – great news about Aubrey. So sorry for your SIL, glad to hear that she’s doing better now. Happy birthday, have fun at EM. Thanks, I am feeling better today. That reminds me that I should take some decongestant with me to FL. The change in the barometric pressure from NC to FL always does this to me. I like the low sodium cottage cheese. It tried the no sodium cottage cheese and didn’t care for it, but I like the low sodium cheese.

    Lisa – you don’t need to tell me that cats are weird!

    Suebdew – glad I got the paint, too. The gnomes are pretty big and I feel bad leaving so many things there (the ceramic place). I know other people do, but I just feel bad. Right now they’re at the ceramic studio on the very top shelf. At least when I get them painted, I can bring them home.

    Tracey – I hope you get that job. Please keep us informed. Beautiful gifts

    Schrodingers – you’re doing it right – slow and steady and you’re getting there.

    Regarding Newcomers: I just got an email from the president. According to her she talked to Greg and he’s going to put in a field for the day of someone’s birth. Now when I asked him, he told me that someone with php experience should be web master. He didn’t say, “I can’t migrate that information from the old directory, however, I can put in a field for the day and that will have to be manually entered”. Adra is in the hospital. He’s going to “look into” if someone can be deactivated, which I doubt he will be able to do. Supposedly, Adra and I and Carol are going to walk thru the membership with this new member. Personally, I find it stupid that the information has to be reentered (all 300 members, then again, not everyone has their birthdays listed), that directory isn’t up-to-date. We have an “old directory” that is up-to-date since I’ve just been doing what I knew how to do. Greg told Carol (the president) that a written directory and be made from the new directory. I’d like to know how. Unless he’s saying that someone is supposed to print out all 14 pages. Even then, I didn’t find any print button. Just now I only found him and his wife as members. What IS he doing????? I’m going to wait to see if what he said he was going to do he does. I really don’t see any point in going thru the new member setup unless all the fields are there. Personally, I find it stupid that all that information has to be reentered (it won’t be done by me, that’s for sure) when we have it already done. He supported the old directory for months before he sent out this new one (without it being tested or reviewed), and now he can’t support it? Looks like even tho the interests won’t be captured on the website, I’ll need to inform all the activity leaders and the board of their interests. I was going to just tell the one gal where someone heard about us, but now I’m thinking that only one email should be sent out with the information about their interests and where they heard about us. Actually, if he especially doesn’t come thru with the things he says he’s going to do, I’m just going to say that we haven’t had a good working relationship and I think someone else should take over membership. It’s interesting, the president sent the results of her conversation to Adra, Vince, me, and Dianne (who was there when we had the conversation about how the website isn’t breaking down and the shortcomings of the new directory) but she didn’t send it to Greg. Probably because she knows that if someone questioned anything, he’d take it as a criticism. I honestly don’t know how I can work with someone if I have to walk on eggshells all the time. I don’t want to, let’s be honest.

    I know what it’s coming down to…he’s the only person who will do this. Well, I don’t want to do a lot of extra work. It seems that he has this location finder plug in, only all the information seems to have to be entered manually. If that’s the case, you mean to tell me that someone has to input the same information twice?

    At least they did do away with the spreadsheet, which was out of date anyway, has been for years, and it’s never been asked for. So that I won’t do

    I will secure people to bring snacks to the April meeting. But not after then. I will secure the board room at the library for April for their board meeting. But not after then. I SUSPECT the president is expecting me to do this until they find someone else. Nope. Because if I do it until they find someone else, I know what’ll happen. Someone else will never be found.

    Vicki – congrats on your new great-grandson.

    I got a get well card that I’ll send to Adra. Interesting, too…..that the entire membership doesn’t know about this. There’s a committee called “members helping members” and they’re supposed to coordinate getting meals to people and whatever else they need. Wonder if they even know that Adra is in the hospital? Anyway…the card says “Get well soon” and on the inside it says “because it’s hard finding replacement parts for old models” The president didn’t even let Greg know she’s in the hospital.

    Congrats pip and Kirby!

    We need to go to VA tomorrow so that Jess’ bf can watch Shadow while we’re in FL. While Shadow is gone, I will clean the bathroom and the bedroom that she’s been in. This morning she did sneak out of the bedroom when I went to leave. I just gave her some treats and she came back in so I went out the door to the adjacent bedroom.

    Made mashed potatoes, I wanted to use up the last of the potatoes and Vince can have that on Monday. I also made brownies to take with us.

    Michele in NC
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    Well its after midnight here and just got a text a few hours ago from Dr Pandey saying a patient who we haven't seen since 2010 had veneers come off and he wants me to assist tomorrow morning...ughhh oh well at least its money coming in but really with no raise in sight and I will not sit with Mary up front I'm going to look for something else.
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    Feeling frustrated. I've been doing everything right - eating healthy and not going over my calorie intake, exercising every day, drinking water - for 2 months. I lost 3.5 lbs. and now the scale won't budge - and hasn't for 2 weeks. I have 20 more pounds to lose. At this rate, I'll be ready for a casket before I'm ready to go down another size.

    Are you weighing your food?
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    Oh, I've lost my previous post, so here it goes again...

    My best friend is visiting from another country today. She and her hubby will be staying with friends but we'll see them often over the next week.

    I have a problem though.
    4 years ago, she told me that she disliked one of my twin boys. At that stage they were 8 years old. She could not say why. This really shocked me that she would say something to heartless.
    I must say that the feeling is mutual since she has a tendency to fake laugh and be overly friendly when it suits her but can be quite dismissive of other people's feelings as well. He leaves the room when she's here.

    We know each other for 40 years, so I feel sad and angry at the same time. She has a lovely husbandwhom we really like and nice adult kids but I wonder whether she would say something like this to any of her other friends?

    I have reduced my chats with her in the last year because I don't know what to do.

    Am I being silly or too sensitive or should I just 'play nice' while she's here for the week?

    How does one deal with a strange situation like this.

    Bianca from South Africa
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    Not sure why, but I woke up early.

    Barbara – I’m 5’1” and the Wii keeps telling me that my ideal weight is 116. There is no way on this green earth I can get to that weight and still look and feel like a human. My body seems to want to be in the low 130’s. Oh, I know I can get lower since I’ve done it before. But I also know when I have done it how I’ve felt and looked, and it just isn’t worth it. One of the things was that I was dizzy, and that made exercise especially hard. For years I’ve had osteoporosis. I was on all sorts of bone building drugs. It wasn’t until I went on the Prolia that things started to change. Now I only have osteopenia. Everyone’s body reacts differently to different drugs and you just have to find what works for you.

    M – I remember taking a class in strength training at the local college when we lived in PA. It was interesting…here I was twice the age of most of the members of the class. Yet, I was lifting higher weights.

    AEP - I don’t weigh my food (why, I really don’t know but for some reason I just don’t). However, I am meticulous about portioning out my food – one cup of this, one cup of that. You’d be amazed how small a ¼ cup of something is. I know I was amazed to see how many calories are in a sweet potato. Even tho it’s good for you. I was also amazed that a banana has over 100 calories whereas two clementines have only 70 calories.

    I need to think on your problem with you friend. How old are your boys today?

    Michele in NC
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    My twins are now 12. I'm turning 52 this Feb, so had my kids quite late.
    I've never discussed my friend's comment with her, neither with my son.
    She's really a good friend through difficult times which is why i'm quite surprised and hurt.
    I will probably have to talk to her about it during her stay but I'm dreading it.
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    Hi all,
    Done two days of reduced exercising now. I'm not doing the elliptical because I'm slightly dizzy. Sitting down machines are safest. Lying down for stretching makes me cough, but I managed a bit. Knocked off 425 altogether.
    First thing this morning I suggested going for a walk instead to DH as it was such a beautiful morning. He didn't want to as he has only just got back into his routine. :# I would normally have gone on my own, but was worried about not feeling well out there and needing support. I hope the sky will still be blue later and I still feel like it. :*

    My friend has set sail with her 93 yr old dad. Her blog says she is amazed at how wonderful it all is - staff, service, food etc. You can tell people until you are blue in the face, but somehow they can't take it in until they've experienced it for themselves. :D Unfortunately we won't be able to go on our favourite ship again as it's being sold. :'( The one thing that did shock her was that the ship was pitching a bit!!!!!!! Well, it is only a tiny ship, not a great big liner!

    I have nothing planned for dinner tonight. Time to open a tin of confit de canard methinks. I've had it in the cupboard for years. I will serve it with flageolets.

    Michele - I agree I look terrible. Funny thing is that was taken after DH was saying I was looking "much better" :laugh:

    Much love, Heather UK xxxxxxx
    edited February 2019
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    My twins are now 12. I'm turning 52 this Feb, so had my kids quite late.
    I've never discussed my friend's comment with her, neither with my son.
    She's really a good friend through difficult times which is why i'm quite surprised and hurt.
    I will probably have to talk to her about it during her stay but I'm dreading it.

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    It's funny Michele. but since letting off steam here I'm feeling much better!
    Need to put my big girl pants on and confront her.🙄
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    Your son left the room when your friend was there, because her fake laughter & friendliness didn't fool him?
    She may have realized that he saw through her fakiness, and felt rejected.
    She might not have been able to articulate it, so instead she said she didn't like him.
    It has a lot more to do with her own insecurities, I suspect, than with him.
    It's disconcerting to have an 8-year-old see through you.

    Karen in Virginia
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