Do you have any binge trigger foods?



  • Kupla71
    Kupla71 Posts: 315 Member
    I can’t have ice cream in the freezer. I just keep going back for another helping all day until I’ve finished off the whole tub. Tortilla chips and salsa is something else I binge on so I don’t buy it. I love salsa so I have it with scrambled eggs instead of the tortilla chips. And I’ve started making homemade ice cream with frozen banana and frozen strawberries. It satisfies my craving.
  • ProvenceBelle
    ProvenceBelle Posts: 38 Member
    Popcorn. Seriously I can’t stop once started
  • Lazy_Bones_85
    Lazy_Bones_85 Posts: 132 Member
    Homemade vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing, Entenmann's Popems, and my mother's homemade spaghetti sauce with Italian sausage.
  • stephierue
    stephierue Posts: 110 Member
    Chicago mix popcorn. You know the stuff that has both cheese popcorn & Carmel corn in the bag? Absolutely no control. I can’t stop thinking about it until I eat the entire bag- like the huge Costco size. It calls me from the pantry...just a small know you want it....a few now and you can skip lunch...ok just a few more...
  • seltzermint555
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    My dad's neighbor made a carrot cake, super gourmet, crazy rich frosting, loads of nuts and raisins and coconut, from-scratch. It was like no other carrot cake I have ever had. He called and said, "come and get this cake or we'll eat it all today". My husband picked up 2/3 of the cake and ate it between the two of us in one night. I never want to see another fancy carrot cake like that again. It was so heavy and so delicious...dang. Usually cake doesn't call to me like that!
  • JennJ323
    JennJ323 Posts: 646 Member
    Kettle chips... well really any chips.
  • cdudley628
    cdudley628 Posts: 547 Member
    Chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough. Also, M&Ms and Hershey Kisses. I find that those are the only things that can really cause a binge for me. I can eat other chocolate and sweets with no problem. Heck, I can even eat chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in moderation and be fine.
  • kellisng
    kellisng Posts: 9 Member
    Anything sweet that isn't a single serving if that makes sense? A bar of chocolate I'm fine but give me a bag and expect me to just have a few, not happening! Same applies to biscuits. Then I figure if I've eaten the packet I may as well have another.......
  • Jamie2663
    Jamie2663 Posts: 779 Member
    French fries, pizza and starbursts. Starbursts were my breakfast for many years....
  • OhioViking79
    OhioViking79 Posts: 76 Member
    Any type of fresh, still slightly warm from the oven breads or rolls. With butter. And homemade jam. I have a serious issue with that. I can easily eat the whole lot!
    Pizza and anything Haribo i cannot have in the house either. It's true with Haribo says: Children and grownups love it so!
  • midlomel1971
    midlomel1971 Posts: 1,282 Member
    Wheat Thins. They seriously have something in them that I can't resist. I can't stop eating them.
  • beckyrpl
    beckyrpl Posts: 73 Member
    Cheese-Its paired with a cheap Zinfindel. It's a killer combination, Kids. Just say 'no'!