What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • pierinifitness
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    7/23/2019 - during noon hour at office and then park -

    #1 = bar dips x 5 for 10 rounds = 50 bar dips in 5:54.

    #2 = (a) run 2.0 miles warmup in 18:20 then (b) fast run 0.1 miles in 0:37 = 6:24 mile pace and finally (c) Sprint 8 half 0:30 run fast 1:30 slow jog/walk recovery for 4 rounds = 0.73 miles in 8:00 - average HR = 150 bpm (83 percent) maximum HR = 166 bpm (92 percent) total 105 calories - splits mile equivalents were 6:15 - 6:39 - 6:44 - 6:39 all good enough for today.

    Five days to Wharf to Wharf 2019, my Sunday 6-mile fun run.
  • jnomadica
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    Monday night- 60 minute Krav Maga class. Can’t tell if it was an extra hard class, or I’m just a little worn out.
    10 minute warmup
    Squats 3x7
    DB row 3x12
    Step ups 2x12
    Pushups (hand release, which are way harder for me) 2x8
  • MikePfirrman
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    Steady State work again. 30 minutes on the Indoor Rower and 30 on the AirDyne Pro bike. Getting to be a "pro" at controlling the Heart Rate. I'm feeling more fresh as a result when I do my harder days and not as exhausted through the week.

  • mmapags
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    PHUL lower power and the walk to the gym and back.
  • drmwc
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    75 minutes' bouldering. An OK session, but not brilliant. I also (ignoring the gym bit of the day) got 18,000 steps.

    Indoor rowing. I did my first ever 10k. It was hard work, in part possibly down to the humidity. It was only 2.27 pace.
  • Finafoshizzle93
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    50 min spin class (about 17 miles)
    60 min yoga sculpt
  • maureenseel1984
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    Today it was just over 1.5 mile run (got the go-ahead from my ortho yesterday to run again). Hopefully some yoga when I get home.
  • ceiswyn
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    Yesterday the temperature here went up to almost 30C with high humidity - seemed like a perfect time to do Ballet Barre Fit in a studio cooled by a single fan.

    BBF is easily the hardest class I do, and I also do things like BodyPump. I was really proud that the only bit I couldn't do was the jumping-between-squats-and-lunges bit :)
  • jlbtnc
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    1 hour 40 minutes walk to our middle school track and did 15 laps around totaling (3.33 miles) and then walked back home. So total walk in miles was 5.28, not bad could have done more but had to be home.
  • TheNewKristin
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    My husband and I are in a running club based out of a craft brewery in our 'hood. It meets every Wednesday, and people do either 5K or 5 miles. Today will probably be 5K, since I did a lot of lifting yesterday and I'm still sore!
  • J72FIT
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    Animal Flow Daily 5
    Handstand Pushup - Pavel Fighter Progression (3RM) Day 13/20
    *On a Yoga Block
    5-4-3-3-2- (17)
    Pull-ups - Fighter Pull-Up Program (12R Max) Day 13/20
    14-11-8-8-6 (47)
    Hatha Sun Salutation - 5 Rounds
    Ashtanga Sun Salutation A - 5 Rounds
  • Momjogger
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    aokoye wrote: »
    Momjogger wrote: »
    aokoye wrote: »
    1 hour on Zwift. I did a much better job at really resting than usual though there were also two sprints involved. Even then, my avg power was less than half of my FTP which was my goal.

    Hoping that I get to row tomorrow but I still haven't heard word of whether or not development sculling practice is on.

    Can I ask what Zwift is?

    Sure! In short, Zwift is computer program that allows people to ride their bike (or run) in various virtual worlds, most of which are modeled on sections of real cities. If you have almost any smart trainer, then it will also simulate the gradient and tell the program (with varying levels of accuracy) how much power you're putting out. If you don't have a smart trainer (or a power meter), Zwift tries to make assumptions on that power on the basis of your speed (as calculated by a speed sensor on your bike) and it won't simulate the gradient. These are all connected to your computer via Bluetooth or ANT+ and the power is also how the program calculates how "fast" you're going.

    Cycling Weekly has an article with an overview here and I wrote a somewhat lengthy post about it this morning which is here. You can also use it on your phone (iOS and Android) as well as Apple TV. They've also rolled out support for running but I know almost nothing about that. There should be at least a few good posts on DCRainmaker's website about it though.

    That sounds amazing. Thanks for the info. Riding my bike is my favorite exercise. I’m riding 12 miles today. Spin is a close second, but I only do that in winter. I’ll have to check out Zwift. It sounds right up my alley!
  • AnnPT77
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    Yet another 7k or so rowing the double . . . but finally a little cooler, and not steambath-humid, so we threw in some power 10s just for fun. :)
  • caindove11
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    2.5 mi run and strength training workout
  • firef1y72
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    30 min early morning sprint session with my trainer. Today we did heart rate training, oh thrill of thrills.

    11mile bike ride, took me an hour but my first 10 mile+ ride and I'm riding for pleasure rather than speed.

    1 hour piyo class - said it before and I'll say it again, this class is really helping with my flexibility. Outside tonight which was really relaxing
  • MikePfirrman
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    Another repeat of yesterday. One hour of cardio, half on the Indoor Rower and half on the Air Dyne Pro (Assault) Bike. Surprised at what I'm holding in Watts on the Assault Bike for keeping the HR in check. 154 Watts today very comfortably for the half hour on the bike after the 30 minutes of rowing.

    I used to assume the AirBike Watts were wrong but found out recently that they are rated A Class accurate (guaranteed to be within 1%). I can just hold bike Watts consistently higher than rowing Watts, which makes sense. Biking is more efficient.

    @drmwc - congrats on your first 10K! That's a long row! Don't worry about pace. I wish I could start all over again with what I know now. Just learn good form. That's first. Keep your slower work relatively easy and your harder work hard. Use that same stroke for slower work or for faster work -- same power, just slower or faster SPM (strokes per minute). Pace comes with endurance power, much different than sheer power. Any guy at the gym that can deadlift 500 lbs would kill me on a rowing sprint. Race me for 2K or 5K, I would crush 99% of those same guys. It's about how much power can you sustain for long periods of time with efficiency and not building up too much lactic acid. Your power builds up over time and you gain the ability to crank it up without building up the muscle fatigue.

  • pierinifitness
    pierinifitness Posts: 2,231 Member
    7/24/2019 - at park during noon hour, 91F degrees, 22 percent humidity.

    Double 20kg KB carries complex for 3:00 (0:15 carry time for each with 0:05 transition time to next carry: #1 = double waiter carry, #2 = R waiter carry + offset L rack carry, #3 = L waiter carry R + offset rack carry, #4 = double rack carry , #5 = R rack carry + offset L suitcase carry, #6 = L rack carry + R offset suitcase carry, #7 = double suitcase carry x 3) equals one round - completed 3 rounds with 3:00 rest between rounds in 15 minutes - average HR = 123 bpm (68 percent) maximum HR = 152 bpm (83 percent) total 156 calories. This is tougher than it reads!

    Run 2.04 miles in 21:50 - average HR = 141 bpm (78 percent) maximum HR = 147 bpm (82 percent) total 267 calories.

    Sprint 8 three-quarters - 6 rounds of 0:30 run fast and 1:30 slower run/jog/walk recovery = 1.1 miles in 12:00 - average HR = 152 bpm (84 percent) maximum HR = 161 bpm (89 percent) total 156 calories - splits mile pace equivalent were 6:49 - 6:57 - 6:50 - 6:38 - 6:43 - 6:21, all sub 7:00 mile pace which is good.

    Fun run tapering now begins. Headed to Santa Cruz tomorrow, run is Sunday morning, temperature is forecast to be wonderful.

  • jnomadica
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    60 minute Krav Maga class tonight. Lots of hill sprints and tire flips tonight.
  • xGreatWhiteNorthx
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    Took the canoe out into St Mary's Channel for some fishing. Paddled around Pine Island for a few hours and stopped at a small abandoned Island to explore and swim. Paddled back against the waves.