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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • hmhill17hmhill17 Posts: 237Member Member Posts: 237Member Member
    I originally wanted to get to the halfway point by Thanksgiving, which is 8 pounds away. So now I'm trying to lose 16 more pounds by TG. That puts me 26 pounds from normal BMI and 30 pounds from my goal.
  • Gimme2017Gimme2017 Posts: 24Member Member Posts: 24Member Member
    9 more pounds to goal. Lost 36 pounds so far.
  • geraldaltmangeraldaltman Posts: 1,737Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,737Member, Premium Member
    In one week I get my A1C tested again and hope all this hard work has paid off since my journey began in April, when I was diagnosed as prediabetic. -72 lbs since I last had it checked and saw my Dr.

    Pulling for you! 🤞 I will get mine tested in November ahead of my next doctor visit. I am down a shade over 30 lbs since my last check-up in May and have been close to "beast mode" exercise wise since getting through my hip replacements rehab. My goal is to knock A1C down and otherwise improve labwork results to such levels to make my doctor consider changing professions 😉😆

    haha, I love that! Good luck to you too my friend!

    Thank you! It's been a long time since I have been so focused. It wasn't A1C back in May (although that crept up a fraction) that my Dr. sounded an alarm about. She was concerned about swelling she saw in my ankles and had a tone suggesting if she saw that again, she would consider prescribing a diuretic. Well, that annoyed me a little bit because when said that, I wasn't even a month out from my second side hip replacement. Well, today my shoes fit a little looser and my ankles look for more normal and I think I am on course to shut that idea down as well. Thanks again!
  • sarko15sarko15 Posts: 330Member Member Posts: 330Member Member
    Get into the "average" body fat % range -- so close, at 32%!
  • kmsnow2011kmsnow2011 Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    I'd like to be down 10 lbs. when I go to my cardiologist next Tuesday. I'll probably hit 8. My overall goal is 45 pounds. I had zero appetite before my heart surgery so I lost a bit but it came back with a vengeance after.
  • richstylesrichstyles Posts: 18Member, Premium Member Posts: 18Member, Premium Member
    Closing all three rings on the Apple Watch activity app :D
  • AmethystEFCAmethystEFC Posts: 130Member Member Posts: 130Member Member
    Finding it hard to come up with a mini goal.

    Most of mine tend to be scale orientated, so I guess the next stone mark - 5.5 pounds away.

    I'd also like to start doing 'land' classes at the gym instead of just aqua ones.

    There you go, two mini goals :)
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