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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • RelCanonicalRelCanonical Member Posts: 3,816 Member Member Posts: 3,816 Member
    kenyonhaff wrote: »
    SERmom3 wrote: »
    That even when you’ve lost the weight you’ll still feel fat/squishy.

    I’ve had a goal of 140 for years. I’m just a few pounds away from that, but my stomach is still carrying a lot of extra weight. I guess it should be expected. I had 3 kids (2 c-sections) and a gallbladder surgery all in the span of 5 years.

    I know I’ll have to move my goal, but I want to hit it first and celebrate it before the next leg of the journey.

    When you reach your goal weight, you will still have the same basic body, just smaller.

    That might mean your tummy still has a little pooch or your hips are still doesn't mean you necessarily end up with a supermodel figure. Your "problem areas" are often just less of a problem. I lost 44+ pounds and I still can't pull off a bikini, but then I never could. Still happy I lost the weight, though.

    Agreed, "tight in the shoulders" has been my mantra no matter what size I am. It's just that now I can easily size up, but I've found I don't like to because then clothes are loose in the stomach.
  • mmdeveaummdeveau Member Posts: 94 Member Member Posts: 94 Member
    rhwiblin wrote: »
    That right before a woosh your fat gets all squishy and soft. It is like a giant stress ball right on your abdomen! You look weird when you squish it and your 13 year old laughs at you. Lol. No? Only me?

    @rhwiblin - You're not crazy!! I happened upon this thread a while ago and it was enlightening: I think some of the links and explanations sound a bit like broscience, but it could also be that the professionals who gave the poster the information were trying to make it easy to understand.

    So it's not only you!
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