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  • YouGotThis2020
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    Hey everyone :) New to MFP so any friends would be welcome. Looking forward to smashing some goals 👊
  • SillyCat1975
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    I've been on MFP since 2015, I broke my leg, ended up non-weight bearing for 4 months, gained weight. Then my Father-in-law passed away in 2016, I started school in 2017 and I am in my third semester of RN school. I need to get healthy again for me. I need to do it for the patients that I am going to take care of. I need friends on here. I always tried to do it own my own but I can use some people to hold accountable and help me accountable as well.
  • BlondeButtercup127
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    Meeeee!!! :star:

    Goals: lose 133 pounds and belly fat, get my PCOS under control, make some kick *kitten* fit friends in the process!

    As of today I'm day 3 back on the lchf (keto) train. My doctor is watching me closely. I did keto last year for just over 3 months and losty 40 pounds and felt the BEST I have felt in years! My inflammation was gone, the arthritis in my knee never flared up unless I ate something my body couldn't handle and I slept thru the effing night! I went off Keto because of a nutritionist....gained it all back. UGH. My doctor was ticked and said get back to it and I'll monitor you. Yay!

    Add me! :wink:
  • LighterBites
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    Looking for serious, daily loggers with open diaries and profile pics (I like to know who I'm interacting with) who don't judge. My diary is open to friends. 389 days logged, 45 pounds down this year with a few more to go in 2020. Hit the gym a couple times a week but will do more next year when my office hours change. Not a friend collector. Keep my list short so I can comment on everyone's updates and appreciate the same in return. Serial "likers" or folks who don't comment are quickly deleted. <-- Just keeping it real. ;)
  • NikkiB219
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    How do you add friends ?
  • Iron_Muscle_
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    How do you add friends ?

    @NikkiB219 click on the username and click on add friend
  • LuxMommy
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    Hello! My name is Amanda(newbie) and I will be getting on track Jan 1! Looking for motivation and accountability. Recipe ideas would be great too!
  • ketoqueen263
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    Me too I am new
  • Looking for friends to motivate me!
  • mrianwills
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    Hello, New(ish) here. Tracking macros and calories. Trying to get stronger without weight gain.
  • iGetFitmfp
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    Feel free to add me
  • _laura_s
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    Hello! I'm new! Feel free to add me!
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    Hello! Please add me!😀😁
  • Chrisjbrawn
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    Hey all hope you are setting our goals for 2020 feel free to add and do this journey together
  • Afternoon! Here to track macros and strength train. Starting with body weight and kettle-bells. Add if you're interested in drinking a lot of water with me!
  • BrownSugar174
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    edited December 2019
    @LighterBites You know something? You just addressed a concern I’ve had for the last few days! I’ve been considering bringing my friend list down to those who actually share and engage. We are all on the same journey. When you have people who have lost 100+ pounds but have closed does anyone really learn from their success? Gonna make a few changes right now👍🏽

    Update: BOOM 💥 DONE👍🏽
  • Tamaya_journey
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    Add me need new active friends ☺️
  • jruiz0222
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    Feel free to add me
  • readytosweat
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    Hey all, looking for new friends and motivation. Currently looking to lose 100 to 105lbs. ☺