Are you over 200pds, let's diet together



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    Welcome lasttimelooser & kydztoi, anyone is welcome at any time throughout this year of 2020. The only requirement of this group is to keep each other up beat during a bad moment, throw in a joke now and then to brake up the monotony, and like the old saying goes, " we need team work to make a dream work". :p .

  • Starting Weight: 245.0 on 12/31/19
    I weigh in on Fridays!

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    Welcome dustyspal, you are a superstar we can all look up to. You've inspired me already and have lifted my sunken heart. I was hurt and so disappointed with myself when I stepped on the scale this morning. It's the most I have ever weighed. Please help keep me in line and motivated.
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    I just want to mention, If anyone is out there who weighs more than 200pds, please...feel free to come on board, this trip is for all of us who wants to get healthier this year. More the merrier.
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    Hi .... This group sounds perfect for me. I'm a retired Special Education Teacher. I like to swim and garden. I started MFP again in the beginning of December and have lost about 10 lbs. Don't congratulate me; I was sick. My weight now is 216. Happy New Year and here's to a great 2020.
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    Welcome aboard jussilu :p . This is gonna be our year. I can see more than one hitting their goal weight. I see alot of gold star people on this site. I have a good feeling about you. Your gonna do this in style.
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    Starting Weight: 240.0 on 12/31/19
    I weighed this morning/Tuesday

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    omg...I am so sorry Blankr3, you snuck in on me, I wanted to make sure welcome everyone and as I was going over our group is when I saw your name, please let me welcome you now, big hug to you (..............). <3
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    Happy New year to you all, welcome to a new beginning.

    I started my hike yesterday and it went awesome, course every hike starts out with a level to very little elevation, the exercise part was a little trickier. I have chronic planters fasciitis in my left foot and I ripped half my bicep off the bone on my right arm. So I'm a little lop sided health wise right now, but I AM going to push through this.

    I know exactly what you are talking about que, I have been battling depression for years. My family was one that doesn't share their true feeling/feeling. We were taught to keep it in and move on.

    After 5yrs of marriage my husband came down with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and it is incurable. There's nothing like watching your loved one suffer every day of his life and you can't do a thing to help. We've been married 31yrs now.

    Then I saw my cat of 20yrs tortured to death, I lost my mom almost 8yrs ago and me and my mom were closer than peanut butter to jelly, being the only girl with three older brothers I had to make ALL the funeral arrangement right down to doing 75% of the funeral. That was NOT my plan in life, I felt I was behind the pulpit more often than the minister which I should not of had to do. I have stepped into my mom's shoes in so many ways. My dad had had triple by pass, a stroke, pancreatic cancer survivor, renal failure & pulmonary fibrosis. My dad needed a caregiver so I retired from my job to take care of both my husband and father.

    January two years ago I suddenly lost my youngest brother, the moment the hospital councilor told us he wasn't going to live, I got up, went down to the hospital café and started eating anything I wanted and I never stopped.

    last January I wanted to start over and I suddenly lost my support dog of 4yrs, and that sent me right off the chart ( depression ), I started coming down with stress/depression symptoms which mimicked serrates syndrome/mini seizures and it continued to get really bad. I then lost my dad last Sept. In all toll, I gained 70pds in 2yrs.

    P.L.E.A.S.E que, don't keep your feelings bottles up, you did the right thing in talking to your husband, if you have a friend, minister or councilor that you can confide in it's good talk it out with a neutral person. I go out to coffee with my minister a couple times a month. It has done wonders for me, I feel I'm starting on the road to recovery.

    You are in my prayers.
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    Start of 2020: 238.4
    Goal for 2020: 180
    Ultimate goal: 160

    Jan 1: 238.4 going back to work tomorrow, will go to the gym afterward on my way home.
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    Hi everyone, I've been doing MFP since 2017 Jan. I started at 314.4 , I was down to 235.0 in July. I had knee surgery and then the holidays, I'm back up to 248.8. My 1St goal is to be below 200.0 .Let's do this.
    Jan.1 248.8
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    I would like you to be a part of this group. 6 years ago I was at my smallest 175. I am currently 285. I just had twins a year ago and the day before I had them I was 313. I would love to be under 200 pounds again. So I hope this group helps keep me on track.
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    Hi all, I'm a late start. Almost 45 year old RN. I haven't weighed myself in a while, so tomorrow morning will likely be a shock. At last check I was around 215 lbs.
    I used to be very active and worked a physical job, always managed to keep my weight around 140-150 (I'm 5'3"). What I wouldn't give to be "that fat" again! I started gaining weight when I got in my thirties and then lost about 30 lbs on WW in 2012. I then made a career change and my lifestyle became more sedentary. I found that the pounds stuck like glue and I have made many half hearted attempts to lose it but get discouraged with the slow/lack of progress. I did keep active for some time and kept around 180 lbs. I ran my last 5K in 2017, then the excess weight became too much for my arthritic hip and I completely let myself go. Now I am on blood pressure medication, have high cholesterol and suffer from major hip pain.
    I HAVE to make a change to get myself healthy again!
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    I haven't weighed myself recently - I limit myself to once a month. Last I checked I was 250 lbs. I have gained 70 lbs in the past 2 years after a mental health crisis resulted in trying many different meds until I found a combination that worked for me. I hate looking at myself now and getting dressed - I want to stay in my pyjamas because that is what fits me best. I'm young, 25, and I know I do not want this weight to be with me the rest of my life.

    I am here so I can stick with it - last time I used MFP, I managed to stick with it for 3 months and lost about 15 lbs. I'm here to change my lifestyle - not just count calories for the rest of my life. I know that the calories will work for me to get back on track and figure out how much pasta is actually okay to eat.

    If anyone ever wants to chat about weight and medication - even if it is just to vent to each other - I am down to talk!

    I am a physical health rehab therapist and lately I have felt so hypocritical telling my patients to eat well, lose weight, and exercise when I clearly don't do it myself.
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    hello My name is Amy. I used to weigh 350 8 years ago today I weigh 291.8lbs as of New Years Day. I am a person with diabetes and love to loose at least 50 lbs this year.
    Getting things done is hard for me and thus I need help in figuring out my weight loss, and exercise.
    Had salads all today. I want a slice of toast but I only have less then 400 calories left what do i do?
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    hello group, today was my day 2 technically, and as it wraps up for me (8pm i go to bed) (4:30am i get up daily) i did pretty darn good, little to no sugar, stayed under calorie goal, exercised for 45 mins, and tons of rest. today was a good day.
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    Hi everyone! Happy New Year! New month, New year, New decade! We got this! My knee felt so much better today. I'm not ready to go for a walk but I noticed a real difference today. I ate very healthy today! 2 eggs with broccoli and salsa for breakfast, a huge green salad with chicken breast for lunch, with a small piece of homemade wheat bread. Haven't decided on supper yet, but I have Cuties for a snack. So far I drank 2 quarts of water (from a canning jar) with fresh lemon juice. I see my endocrinologist tomorrow and I can't wait to tell her about my plan to change my health. I want to thank you ladies for sharing your very personal trials. I appreciate how difficult it is to talk about.

    January 1. 207.3#s
    January 8.
    January 15.
    January 22.
    January 29.
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    I wish you could see the huge smile on my face, Welcome Stella, gibbsken, ponytail75, xouell & mrsamy. I'm so happy that you joined our group I could do a happy dance :p . xouell, we are hear to chat about ANYTHING that's on our hearts and ...excuse the phrase, weighing us down. It's time to share joys and vent, there is NO judging here. What's shared here, stays here.

    unfortunately the .....more advanced we get the more challenges health wise ( our arms fall apart, our knees take a hike, arthritis etc. I know I'm 58yrs old and the only thing I see of the golden years is what streaks down my leg every time I sneeze, cough, laugh...well you get it.

    But the one thing we CAN change is how much we weigh. I have a little inspiration each day, I weigh myself every morning ( keeps me on track ), I have found a spot that I can see on a regular bases, put up a thumb tack and for each pound I loose I hang a colorful paperclip on the thumb tack. It will amaze you after a while ( and if you stay on program ) how many paperclips are hanging on that pin. I know it has always put a smile on my face and keeps me going. Of course if you gain, you need to take one off. not so good. :/ .