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Bagels or doughnuts?



  • RCPVRCPV Posts: 487Member Member Posts: 487Member Member
    Salt bagel. I know, I know - water weight. Don't care. Eaten as is, don't even slice it open. Pick it up and eat it like a donut.
  • NorthCascadesNorthCascades Posts: 9,601Member Member Posts: 9,601Member Member
    Bagel every day and twice on Sunday.
  • vanityy99vanityy99 Posts: 1,405Member Member Posts: 1,405Member Member
    Doughnut please🙋‍♀️
  • glassyoglassyo Posts: 4,253Member Member Posts: 4,253Member Member
    It's a tough decision for me because of all the carby goodness but I think the bagel would win. I love donuts but once it's gone, you barely realize you've eaten anyrhing. At least a bagel stays with you.
  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Posts: 3,131Member Member Posts: 3,131Member Member
    If you are from , or live in NY, and you vote doughnut, you should be banned from eating.

  • Crafty_camper123Crafty_camper123 Posts: 1,436Member Member Posts: 1,436Member Member
    IF 300 calories left: Donut

    An everything bagel smeared in plenty of cream cheese topped with ham and pickles would be an awesome lunch, but would be over 300 cals...
  • PennyP312PennyP312 Posts: 159Member Member Posts: 159Member Member
    This question is stressing me out....I can’t decide.
    A gooood cakey donut is so good. But the Dunkin’ variety, pass.
    But....a yummy fresh chewy bagel is EVERYTHING,
    Can’t choose
  • bambishealthbambishealth Posts: 132Member Member Posts: 132Member Member
    Definitely, a bagel. They are so delicious. More savory. Especially, an "Everything" bagel!
  • GreenValliGreenValli Posts: 836Member Member Posts: 836Member Member
    If freshly made apple fritters are considered donuts, I would choose donuts.
  • MotherOfSharpeiMotherOfSharpei Posts: 1,150Member Member Posts: 1,150Member Member
    Bagels every day over donuts.
  • WildlyCurlyWildlyCurly Posts: 141Member Member Posts: 141Member Member
    Bagels, I am from NYC...
  • TRIHARD36TRIHARD36 Posts: 79Member Member Posts: 79Member Member
    Bagels filled with peanut butter
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 1,317Member Member Posts: 1,317Member Member
    Having figured out I might be Celiac a few years ago, I miss donuts a hell of a lot more. It's not even close. Yeah, I know they have GF donuts but they are not the same. Now, donut or Belgium Waffle (a real one with the beads of sugar), that might be a huge decision.
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  • nytrifisoulnytrifisoul Posts: 461Member Member Posts: 461Member Member
    I make a lot of sushi on a regular basis. Nothing beats a good NY bagel, cream cheese, raw sushi grade (yes raw) Salmon, thinly sliced avacado, thinly sliced cucumber, Pickled Diakon radish, and some thin jullienne carrot. (think a twist on Banh Mi)
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  • lynn_glenmontlynn_glenmont Posts: 7,747Member Member Posts: 7,747Member Member
    just_Tomek wrote: »
    Bagel each and every time. Bagel can easily be made into something sweet that will resemble a doughnut.

    Meh. A bagel that can resemble a doughnut (other than visually, which I'm assuming is not what you meant) is not a good bagel. A doughnut should not be chewy. A bagel should not be pillowy soft.
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 3,497Member Member Posts: 3,497Member Member
    just_Tomek wrote: »
    Bagel each and every time. Bagel can easily be made into something sweet that will resemble a doughnut.

    I'm gonna go with a no on that. A good bagel is very different from a good doughnut. Yes they both have flour, water, and some doughnuts also have yeast, but that's because they're both bread products. That's more or less where the similarities end. You could say the same about cake or the aforementioned fry bread.
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