Does This Uterus Make My Stomach Look Fat?



  • kshama2001
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    @bex1086 - you look great and very normal. I would never look at you and notice a pouch.

    @bex1086 I agree with this.
  • wifeoferp
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    @dimples_and_dogs to me it looks like you may have diastisis recti... separation of your abdominal muscles. Although usually it presents higher. I would look into the therapies/exercises used to close the muscles.
  • Go_Deskercise
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    @dimples_and_dogs - My stomach looks and always has looked exactly like this! The only time that it looks minimal to non-existent is when I am in the 120's (5' 4")
  • jesspyre
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    Commenting to follow. Will post photos soon! This thread has helped me a ton! 🖤 all you strong women.