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  • holli1chholli1ch Member Posts: 673 Member Member Posts: 673 Member
    Reyreygirl wrote: »
    Jan start Weight:251.8
    Jan Goal Weight:240
    Ultimate Goal Weight:150

    Jan 6: 251.8
    Jan 13: 246.5
    Jan 21: 249.3 (went backwards but I knew it)
    Jan 29:
    Jan 31:

    We all have times on our journey when we travel backwards. Just keep your goal in sight and you will be going forward in no time!
  • karenesgkarenesg Member Posts: 350 Member Member Posts: 350 Member
    It's amazing how small changes in routines, can make or break progress. Hang in there everyone. Keep taking as good a care of yourself as you're able, restart and recommit every day and don't get discouraged if the scale doesn't move downward. Did you eat good food today? Did you get some exercise, move your body? Did you do something today that contributed toward better health? Can you feel good about what you did for yourself, your body, your dreams? Enjoy it. Be proud of it. Even if it's just itsy bitsy steps (like showing up here). Everything is a process. We're in this together and we can do it.
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