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    holli1ch wrote: »
    January Starting Weight: 187
    January Goal Weight: 179
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 120

    January 01: 187
    January 08: 186.5
    January 15: 183.8
    January 22: 183.1
    January 29:
    January 31:

    I’m not sure why is this is such a slow process. I have been eating on track and exercising everyday. Last month was a great month. This month is disappointing. I was 182 a few days ago. Not sure why I went up again. 🧐

    Could be water weight.
    You are still loosing. Body is adjusting to new things, eating times and exercise.
    Remember this is a life journey and at times we go through detours, go over speed bumps, take an exit, or get stuck in traffic. Keep focused on the road ahead and not what is in the rear view mirror.

    Great advice! Thank you.