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5’-5’3” girl success stories before & after



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    mhassan160 wrote: »
    sthurman wrote: »

    I’m just under 5’1” and I started this round(last and final lol) of weight loss August 2019:
    Size 16/18 & XXL

    Current weight:
    Size 9/10 and medium to small top(depends on brand)

    The full length photos are me at 217& 174.
    And then the face photos are at 216& 170.

    Id say I have what I consider a dense body type, so even though I’m still “obese” at this weight and height, my appearance isn’t too bad.
    I would like to be closer to 130-140 as my end goal. Hopefully i can be reach that by summer.

    Great job! How many calories did you take daily? And what about exercise?

    Thank you! It’s all still a work in progress but I’m much happier and healthier now.

    I stay between 1250-1400 cal daily. I try my best not to exceed 1400 as for me it seems to be where I have little to no progress.

    for exercise, I haven’t done any cardio this time around but I do some body weight resistance and strengthening.
    I used to run when I was more fit but I injured my hip(not sure when and haven’t been able to find the reason why yet or resolve it) so I can’t safely or comfortably do that anymore. Same for most major leg movement style cardio. I’m hoping to figure out what’s going on so I can be more active again.

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    Following... 👀

    Well done y’all.
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    I'm hoping to post progress pics in May!

    MFP Starting Weight: 140 lbs - February 2011
    Current Starting Weight: 147.4 lbs - November 2017

    CW: 113.8
    GW: 110
    Height: 5 ft

    Once I started to see some definition in my arms and stomach (two lines lol), I was hooked. I want more muscle so like @beautyonthebeach83 once I get down to 110 lbs the plan is to gain 5 lbs of muscle and keep evaluating from there.

    (Many thanks to my husband for the great idea. <3 )
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