Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • aprilrs
    aprilrs Posts: 3 Member
    I have a new mind set since I had surgery in Dec. However, I would love to have more friends on MFP. I’ve lost 11 lbs initially but have plateaued. I NEED motivation and I will give back the same.
  • MsHappyAss77
    MsHappyAss77 Posts: 138 Member
  • KingBenneth
    KingBenneth Posts: 19 Member
    Anyone is free to add me - always looking for new friends! :-)
  • giuliatrombetta
    giuliatrombetta Posts: 13 Member
    Hello! Happy to be added
  • bionicdiver
    bionicdiver Posts: 198 Member
    Also looking for more friends! Feel free to add me! Especially looking for folks who have great recommendations for food or keto/carnivore diets.
  • faimiahmad
    faimiahmad Posts: 7 Member
    New to this. First time tracking macros to hit my physique goals and looking for like minded people. I'm from Sydney, Australia. Where are y'all from? HMU!
  • JessiLynn84
    JessiLynn84 Posts: 7 Member
    Hello all..looking to make friends and support buddies who would like to message and support one another thru the day..35 yr old who recently had a baby and need all support i can get
  • HelloAmbie
    HelloAmbie Posts: 46 Member
    Hello! I am on a journey to lose about 60-65lbs. I'm looking for some pals to add - so we can motivate each other
  • podperson1
    podperson1 Posts: 180 Member
    Hi all,

    Looking for friends and motivation. Only been back on here about a week but looking to lose at least 60lbs so need all the help I can get :) Feel free to add me x
  • kdking09
    kdking09 Posts: 246 Member
    Add away everyone. I’ll take all the motivation I can get and I’ll help whoever needs it. Team work makes the dream work. 😏
  • MarvinsAMartian
    MarvinsAMartian Posts: 236 Member
    I'll add my name to the list. Feel free to add.
  • xMartyMcFly
    xMartyMcFly Posts: 5 Member
    Hey everybody!

    Just found the community forum this week.
    I've been tracking/losing since 10/14/2019.
    Mainly focusing on a specific calorie limit but over the last week I cut out a meal and have been on a two meal 19/5 IF and have been loving it!
    Looking for friends on here :)
    I'm accepting all friend requests!
  • natashiared
    natashiared Posts: 6 Member
    Feel free to add me. I log daily and love to see my friends doing well.
    I’m from the UK 🇬🇧
  • MindfulNat
    MindfulNat Posts: 83 Member
    Me me me !!!
  • Yes, new friends. Coming from Germany, since 12 years vegan, for the animals!
  • sophieleanne09
    sophieleanne09 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi would love new friends and motivators x
  • southerman46
    southerman46 Posts: 828 Member
    Back from a long time off and always looking for friends .
  • jothekid
    jothekid Posts: 230 Member
    Need more friends to keep me motivated! Add me please and let’s go on this journey together :)
  • SarahMWong15
    SarahMWong15 Posts: 58 Member
    I'd love to have some more friends! My feed is slow and I'd love to have people to encourage and be encouraged by!! I'm 25. active at the gym and pool and I'm a fitbit user!!
  • Kimberleyb81
    Kimberleyb81 Posts: 12 Member