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    02/07 - 147.9, SW
    02/08 - 147.9, have a birthday / retirement / bon voyage party tonight. Plan to park myself across the room from the food but sometimes best laid plans fail. Fingerscrossed
    02/09 - 147.7, well apparently I survived the party we'll see if I can keep it up for the rest of the week.
    02/10 - 148.0, maybe a delayed reaction from Saturday night. :-( Back to work and the regular eating / exercise routine so hopefully that will help.
    02/11 - 148.0
    02/12 - 147.1, a little better today. For some reason it's been difficult at work this week, I keep prowling the office looking for the community candy dishes. Will try to stay away from those today.
    02/13 - 147.9
    02/14 - 147.9
    02/15 - 147.9
    02/16 - 147.9

    Oh well. Off to vacation so skipping round 105, good luck to everyone!
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    37yo female, 5'5"
    Working on maintaining 122-125

    1.1.19 – 170.4
    1.1.20 – 124.8
    Round 83 SW 137.2 – EW 135.4 - 1.8 lbs lost
    Round 84 EW 135.4 – maintained
    Round 85 EW 132.4 – 3.0 lbs lost
    Round 86 EW 131.8 – 0.6 lbs lost
    Round 87 EW 129.6 – 2.2 lbs lost
    Round 88 EW 128.4 – 1.2 lbs lost
    Round 89 EW 129.0 – 0.6 lbs gained
    Round 90 EW 125.2 – 3.8 lbs lost
    Round 91 EW 125.0 – 0.2 lbs lost
    Round 92 EW 124.6 – 0.4 lbs lost
    Round 93 EW 124.6 – maintained
    Round 94 EW 124.4 – 0.2 lbs lost
    Round 95 EW 123.2 – 1.2 lbs lost
    Round 96 EW 122.6 – 0.6 lbs lost
    Round 97 EW 124.2 – 1.6 lbs gained
    Round 98 EW 123.0 – 1.2 lbs lost
    Round 99 EW 123.4 – 0.4 lbs gained
    Round 100 EW 124.8 – 1.4 lbs gained
    Round 101 EW 122.2 – 2.6 lbs lost
    Round 102 EW 123.0 – 0.8 lbs gained
    Round 103 EW 123.8 – 0.8 lbs gained

    02/07 – 123.0
    02/08 – 122.4
    02/09 – 123.2
    02/10 – 124.4 – There is my weekend. Date night with 3 yr old on Friday and 5 yr old on Saturday. Carb heavy yesterday. Back to it today.
    02/11 – 124.4
    02/12 – 124.8 – Giving in to too many cravings, need to get back on track, but it has been hard to find the motivation
    02/13 – 123.2
    02/14 – 122.6 – Honestly I have been surprised by the last 2 days. I have done better about eating less, but still not great about it and what I am eating. And with Valentine’s today, I am giving myself a break to enjoy it, but trying not to go crazy. O, maintenance…
    02/15 – 123.4
    02/16 – 122.6 – Surprised to be down because I definitely indulged Friday and Saturday. Down 1.2 lbs for this round.
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    I'm back and so thankful for this challenge.

    Round 103 EW - 169.4

    02/07 168.4 One of my biggest challenges starts again today - the weekend. I will try to keep in mind when eating this weekend that next week will be more rewarding if I don't have to fight to lose the weight gained over the weekend. I'm very excited to be in the 160's. It's been awhile. Next goal - 165.
    02/08 169.0
    02/09 170.0
    02/10 170.4 Overindulged a bit on the weekend but could have been worse. Back on track today.
    02/11 170.0
    02/12 168.8 YES! Almost pre-weekend weight.
    02/13 168.6 It feels good to type in 16x. Imagine what 15x would feel like.
    02/14 168.0 Oh no, another weekend lol. I guess it's another chance to figure out this food and exercise thing and find a weekend balance.
    02/15 168.8
    02/16 168.6
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    :) Is there another round beginning today?
  • deepwoodslady
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    holli1ch wrote: »
    :) Is there another round beginning today?

    @holli1ch thanks for your comments yesterday. I always appreciate the encouragement.
    Here is the link that starts today for the new round:

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    Round 103 - Jan.28 to Feb.6
    Female, 5’, 66 years. SW – 165, GW – 163 something, UGW – 140. (This really should be 125 or 130 but that seems like such a long ways to go and 140 would be a huge improvement.) The 12 hr. IF along with everything else (portion control, watching calories in foods, exercise) seems to be working well for me.
    02/07 – 166 – Out for dinner Thurs., for sure way over cals.
    02/08 – 165.8
    02/09 - 166
    02/10 – 165.8 – Rather late to the game and thought about skipping the Round but then thought, “And would I end up making those cheat days? Oh, very possibly – just by accident, of course, you know.” So back at it. Off to the gym today and sunshine in absolutely blue sky after days of gray fog and snow.
    02/11 – 165.6 – Sorting through papers and came across the Dr.’s handout on invisible GERD. Untreated it can affect your vocal chords! As someone who loves singing and has worked pretty hard at improving the last few years, this is major motivation. Of course, the primary suggested treatment is lose weight. The second is no food in the evening.
    02/12 – 164.8 – So happy to see this. Made tuna quiche yesterday because my husband, who won’t eat it, was away and I love it. Thought I was way over calories but stuck to my determination to log and found out that I was ok – that kept me from giving up and eating random stuff. It helped that breakfast was a bit lighter and there was no cheese in the quiche. Also, with the invisible GERD on my mind, I was careful to stick with the IF. Off to the gym today and then careful grocery shopping – no bad treats, if they come in my house I Will eat them.
    02/13 – 164.6 - Good gym time although I took it easy on the arms as they are sore from painting. Didn’t manage the shopping, so off to do that today. Stuck with IF and logging.
    02/14 – 164.6 – Stayed with 12 hr. IF. Almost didn’t finish logging, had already shut down the computer, and then thought, “I’ve done all the measuring, and I’m not going to record it??” so I turned it back on and found that I was only 60 cals. over. I think that finding excuses for not tracking cals. is my brain’s sneaky way of slowly throwing it all out the window and being lazy.
    02/15 – 164.4 – I see at the top that I just cut and pasted my goals from last round. Don’t think I’ll get to 163, but maybe I can keep this number. Gym yesterday, getting a little nearer where I was last spring. IF but didn’t manage to log all.
    02/16 – 165 – The uptick at the end – but stick down a lb. from the uptick at the end of last round.
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    Height: 5'4"
    Age: 46
    Starting weight January 2019: 150 lbs
    Current weight: 128.5
    Original goal weight: 130 lbs (hit this January 11, 2020)

    Goal this round: maintain weight (or lose a little), hit my protein macro of 95 grams/day, work out 4 times a week, do elbow physical therapy every day.

    Past Rounds:
    Round 80: SW 139.6, EW 137.4
    Round 81: SW 137.4, EW 137.0
    ***Out of town, no internet access***
    Round 84: SW 139.6, EW 136.8
    Round 85: SW 136.8, EW 137.4
    Round 86: SW 137.4, EW 138.0
    Round 87: SW 138.0, EW 137.2
    ***Took a break***
    Round 98: SW 134.2, EW 133.0
    Round 99: SW 133.0, EW 133.0
    Round 100: SW 133.0, EW 132.0
    Round 101: SW 132.0, EW 130.4
    Round 102: SW 130.4, EW 130.0
    Round 103: SW 130.0, EW 128.5
    Round 104: SW 128.5, EW ???


    02/07: 128.0 Good start. Met my protein goal yesterday. Probably won't weigh in again for a few days, just wanted an accurate starting weight. Today was a rest day but I ended up playing an hour of pickleball. Will do my leg gym workout tomorrow.

    02/08: Went over on calories today, went to a party and made good choices but pretty impossible to track.

    02/09: Played some pickleball outside, spent the rest of the day working and stayed well under my calorie goal but did not meet my protein macro.

    02/10: Tentatively stepped on the scale - still at 128.0, phew. Hoping to stay on track today, I'm getting a cold, have a boat load of work to get through and didn't sleep well. Sort of a recipe for a disaster. Plus, I'm skipping my workout today and have a class tonight, feeling scattered and off kilter. Thinking a nap might help.

    02/11: 127.4 lbs. Had a fantastic work out this morning followed by an hour of pickleball with my left hand, sort of getting the hang of it. Off to work and maybe look at some dresses if I get a minute.

    02/12: 127.4 lbs. Great workout this morning followed by 1 hour of pickleball. Hit my protein macro yesterday and am on track to do it again today.

    02/13: DNW, was too cold to undress for the scale :). I'm ready for sun and summer! Hit my protein macro yesterday and stayed under calories. Today is a rest day, always hard to not have those extra workout calories. Yesterday was a leg workout day and I decided to see if I could handle squats with a barbell instead of using the Smith Machine and I did it! I'm planning to transition to just doing barbell squats from now on, much better for me to have to stabilize my body than to rely on the smith machine to keep the weights steady. Was concerned that my elbow wouldn't be able to handle the weight but I was careful and it was ok. Woot!

    02/14: 127.4 lbs. Very interesting (to me) that my weight doesn't seem to fluctuate like it used to do. I wonder if it has to do with eating way more protein than I used to. Hit my protein goal yesterday and stayed under calories.
    But, I was super super tired for some reason. Great arm workout this morning, followed by 1.5 hours of pickleball. Still playing left handed and I plan to commit to left handed play for another 4 weeks at least. It's challenging and frustrating but also super awesome to be back on the courts. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

    02/15: Did not weigh, TOM started today. Peeved since this will most likely cause a jump for the end of this challenge. Friends in town, busy but still ate under cals and hit my protein macro goal.

    02/16: 127.8 lbs. Not horrible. TOM changes everything. Played some pickleball in the sun, great to get out and move around a bit. Looking forward to the next 10 day challenge.

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    69 years old female...5'5" ...I used to be 5'7" but arthritis hit and I lost two inches, so now that two inches is squished around my waist like the billows of a big accordion... :D...Oh, well. I'll just keep working on it.

    We used to walk 5 miles a day. A pinched nerve and back surgery side-lined me for about a year. Then I had back surgery. Now I'm waiting to get my hip fixed. Hip Doc said surgery in April. Ugh! I can't do any walking or biking...both kill me. I see my personal trainer three times a week. She is taking it very slow and easy with me.

    I have March 10th as my hip surgery date...much better than April!

    Heaviest: 192.2
    Round GW: 139.0
    UGW: 132.2

    02/05 - 140.6 at 5:30 a.m.
    02/06 - 140.8 at 5:30 a.m.


    02/07 - 141.6 at 5:30 a.m.
    02/08 - 141.0 at 8:00 a.m. ...ate a bunch of everything yesterday and today. :p
    02/09 - 142.6 at 9:00 a.m.
    02/10 - 144.6 at 6:30 a.m.
    02/11 - 141.4 at 5:30 a.m. ...hip surgery class in two days.
    02/12 - 143.0 at 5:30 a.m.
    02/13 - 143.8 at 5:30 a.m.
    02/14 - 14?.? at 5:30 a.m. ...it was pretty awful...hip surgery in 25 days.
    02/15 - 143.2 at 9:30 a.m.
    02/16 - 143.6 at 8:00 a.m.

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    Hi. My name is Trina.

    Hoping to end my frustrating stretch and start making progress back down to where I was before the holidays. Good news is that I've been doing this long enough that I'm not ready to throw in the towel and I figure it has to work at some point. Bad news is I've been doing everything right for 3 weeks and not made any progress on getting below what I thought was a temporary bump up. I'll hang in if you all hang in! :)

    Female, 5' 4 1/2 " age 54

    OSW 199 (June 15 2018)
    R54 Pre-challenge start weight 177
    UGW 128 (maintain 125-130)
    R54 SW 177 EW 175 (-2.0)
    R55 SW 175 EW 171 (-4.0)
    R56 SW 171 EW 170.5 (-0.5)
    R57 SW 170.5 EW 169.5 (-1.0)
    R58 SW 169.5 EW 166.5 (-3.0)
    R59 SW 166.5 EW 164 (-2.5)
    R60 SW 164 EW 159.5 (-4.5)
    R61 SW 159.5 EW 159.5 (-0.0)
    R62 SW 159.5 EW 154 (-5.5)
    R63 SW 154 EW 155 (+1.0)
    R64 SW 155 EW 155 (-0.0)
    R65 SW 155 EW 155 (-0.0)
    R66 SW 155 EW 151 (-4.0)
    R67 SW 151 EW 150 (-1.0)
    R68 SW 150 EW 146 (-4.0) Appendicitis!
    R69 SW 146 EW 145.5 (-0.5) Didn't really participate for this round
    R70 SW 145.5 EW 145 (-0.5)
    R71 SW 145 EW 143 (-2.0)
    R72 SW 143 EW 140.5 (-2.5) Out of town for the round hiking in the Utah National parks!

    R73 SW 140.5 EW 138 (-2.5)
    R74 SW 138 EW ????? Oops. Fell off the train a bit here and didn't log everything. Back for Round 79!
    R79 SW 142 EW 137.5 (-4.5 or .5 from last tracked round)
    R80 SW 137.5 EW 136 (-1.5)
    R81 SW 136 EW 134 (-2.0)
    R82 SW 134 EW 132 (-2.0)
    R83 SW 132 EW 130.5 (-1.5)
    R84 SW 130.5 EW 133 (+2.5)
    R85 SW 133 EW 129.5 (-3.5 so I lost the 2.5 gain at the end of last round + 1 pound!)
    R86 SW 129.5 EW 134 (Looks bad...but it's just temporary blip!)
    R87 skipped--Traveling
    R88 skipped--Didn't log R87 or R88. Happy to have lost my blip and not see a gain!! :)
    R89 SW 130 EW 132.5 (+2.5)
    R90 SW 132.5 EW 133.5 (+1.0) Double mastectomy on day #4...weighing with drains.
    R91 SW 133.5 EW 131.5 (-2.0) Recovering from surgery...drains removed by day 10.
    R92 SW 131.5 EW 129.5 (-2.0) Weighed...but didn't participate R90-R92.
    R93 SW 129.5 EW 129.5 (+0.0) Ok with this...goal is stay below 130!
    R94 SW 129.5 EW 130.5 (+1.0) Had a bunch of days under 130...
    R95 SW 130.5 EW 131.5 (+1.0)
    R96 SW 131.5 EW 132 (+0.5) First round of chemo and dining with visiting inlaws....
    R97 SW 132 EW 134 (+2.0)
    Break....family/holidays/etc (+3.0)
    R101 SW 137 EW 140.5 (+3.5)
    R102 SW 140.5 EW 137 (-3.5)
    R103 SW 137 EW 140.5 (+3.5)
    R104 SW 140.5 EW 139.5 (-1.0)

    1/31 149 -- (149 first time on 1/30...but bouncing) :) Goal Met 2/3!
    2/28 145 -- Healthy BMI...I believe. But some of the calculators say 140 or 143 :) Goal Met 3/4!
    3/15 141.5 0.5 lbs below my weight watchers lifetime member weight, pretty much haven't weighed this, since I achieved lifetime status 11 years ago! :)
    3/31 141 Goal Met 4/1! :)
    4/30 137 Goal Met 6/12! :)
    5/31 135 Goal met 6/23! :)
    6/30 133 Goal met 7/4! :)
    7/31 131 -- Goal met 8/3! :)
    8/31 129 -- saw this a couple of times!
    And setting new date for goal!
    4/30/2020 128 -- Final goal weight (Maintain <=130 ... 126-130)

    Get back to logging food daily!
    Carbs < 100-
    Steps/day > 13000
    Post mastectomy arm stretches for 10 minutes 3/7 days each week.
    Walk/exercise for a minimum of 60 minutes 2/7 days each week and a minimum of 30 minutes for an additional 3/7 days each week (and invite friends to walk at least twice a week!)
    Drink 12 glasses of water at least 5/7 days each week.

    CW SW 140.5
    RGW 137

    RSW 140.5
    02/07 - 140.5 At least it isn't up. Low cals yesterday to make up for the day before....plus wasn't too hungry. A bit irritated not to see more friendlies on the scale!
    02/08 - 140.0 Still on track. Still irritated. Lots of movement yesterday, big deficit.
    02/09 - 138.5 Happy to see this number and trying not to get to excited. I deserve it...but that doesn't mean it will stick around.

    02/10 - 139.5 Yup. Scale is up (to it's old antics.)
    02/11 -141.5 Stress eating yesterday. I failed to breathe adequately yesterday during radiation, or the computer failed, but one way or another they sent me home without radiation. This potentially throws a wrench in the spring break plans as I won't finish til Monday during spring break. My lovely 17 year old son was so sweet. He definitely thought my health should come first and that skipping the last treatment would be pretty dang stupid.
    02/12 - 142 -- Ate better yesterday and got my walk in, but it was a really stressful afternoon. I ended up on the radiation table for 90 minutes with my arms up over my head while they recalibrated and fussed around to get the machine to work. All I had to do was breathe, and occasionally take in a deep breath and hold it. Apparently that was more than I could handle. By 60 minutes in I was seriously melting down, light headed and my arms were dead and in serious pain. I tried yoga breathing, meditating, prayer and could not get past it. They gave me one break (in which I did melt down) and then I managed to get through the final 30 minutes and they did finally do the first treatment. The appointment ran an hour over and I was supposed to pick up my son and bring him to the dentist. Of course I didn't have my phone and had no idea of the time anyway. Luckily he called my husband and was only 15 minutes late. Wish me luck today.
    02/13 - 142 -- Radiation was a bit tough yesterday, but pretty easy today. I'm thinking I'm over the hump.
    02/14 - 139
    02/15 - 140
    02/16 - 139.5

    R104 SW 140.5 EW 139.5 (-1.0)
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    This round I'm going to drop as much fat as possible; get my cardio back on track; and continue to redefine this diet for life. There are jeans I'm determined to get back into in the next couple of weeks. 🙂

    Starting 104 at 169.6lbs

    02/07. 169.6
    02/08. 169.6
    Arrrgh, I posted then hit done instead of post 😡.
    Condensed version: Carbs high but within tolerance. Macros & calories are good and protein is up. Rolling months calorie average is trending lower than I'd like.
    Lots of salty food since Thurs has me on water overload so no proper weigh in. Waking morning weight provides better data than evenings with extra liquids on board. Until this big thirsty response passes I'll do a morning weight check.
    I've only skimmed everyone's posts lately. Things are still backwards and upside down. I 🤗 appreciate all of you & thanks for the support.
    02/09. 169.6
    Holding steady at my usual evening with in
    -no gain (blessings)
    -no loss (not complaining just counting my blessings)
    Carbs are way too high because I went for what's easy instead of what's right. Protein, fat & calories are all on track.
    I'm lagging behind on exercise. The next few days will require extra effort to catch up and get myself off carbs. Stagnant is not progress particularly because I'm fixing my mistakes.
    02/10. 168.6
    I had to take off my jewelry for the scale to move. Thankfully I'm holding okay despite my well earned carb bloating.
    Today I'm restricting meals to16 fasted/ 8 fed hours and working on protein based meals. Cardio might not happen but I'll do what I can. This week is already exhausting!
    02/11. 168.4
    This week is doing me in but I'm determined to keep weight loss going. I've had excellent carb control yesterday & today despite a shorter fast than I prefer. Time restricted eating has turned out to be the easiest form of appetite control I've experienced.
    When my fasting hours are done I focus on my protein and managing my net carbs. Calories fall into place leaving me room to enjoy a high cal day once in awhile with no harm. Now if the rest of my universe would fall into place I'd be ever so grateful. 🙏🏽
    02/12. 168.4 carried forward
    02/13. 168.4 carried forward... again
    The scale is messing with me because it "knows" how to push my buttons and it also "knows" I need it as an objective measure and it further "knows" this measure matters during medical appointments but this moderately priced house hold appliance does not "know" what a run on sentence is. The brainless digital object has been "punk". 😠 I'm not recording any up's right now when I'm diligently working my way down. On plan, macros & cals tight.
    02/14. 168
    02/15. 168
    02/16. 168

    I'm off my game lately eating wrong for me despite calorie control. The last few days have been hectic. I'm lagging behind recording my food but I'll catch up today.
    I'd hoped to lose a bit more this round. I know it's the high carb days that did me in. I'll do better next round.