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Less Alcohol - FEBRUARY 2020 - One Day at a Time



  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 3,949 Member Member Posts: 3,949 Member
    As usual, I am going to try for 16-20 AF days for the month.
    Short month, so this might be challenging.
    I had 18AF days for January

    Saturday February 1 - AF - Superbowl party tomorrow (yes, we Canadians love it too) so not planning to be AF. I am planning to intersperse glasses of water between drinks, and I have 1 cold no-alcohol beer to take with me to the party.
    Sunday February 2 - Drinks and too much fattening food, but very fun. Shakira and JLo were great!
    Monday February 3 - AF - Felt a bit rough this morning until I had my lemon water.
    Tuesday February 4 - AF - It is my designated drinks day, but I also am trying to have 2AF days in a row in between, so abstained.
    Wednesday February 5 - 3 drinks
    Thursday February 6 - AF
    Friday Feb 7 - AF - The weight is finally coming down after Superbowl. We have a big event here in town next weekend, Winter Blitzville, the second annual. They close off the downtown and snowmobiles flip in the air over ramps, there are live bands, bbqs on the main street, fireworks etc. Many people will come back and forth from my house over the course of the day and night (I live right downtown) and I will put a giant pot of mulled wine on the stove for people coming and going to use the washroom and warm up a bit. I am going to try for only 2 drink days before then, because I will for sure want to indulge in some Mulled Wine. Guess that I will need to clean my house a bit lol.
    Saturday Feb 08 - AF - It was a planned day for drinks, but I wasn't feeling that well, so wanted to give my body a fighting chance.
    Sunday Feb 09 - AF - I was going to have Champagne to watch the Oscars, but didn't. OMG, 4 AF days in a row!! Second time ever
    Monday Feb 10 - AF - My first time to 5 AF days in a row. Planned drinks day tomorrow.
    Tuesday Feb 11 - 3 drinks - I thought that they might hit me after 5 AF days, but surprisingly they didn't. Hmm. Big dinner I guess.
    Wednesday Feb 12 - AF - Even though I didn't feel "buzzed" last night, I still felt a bit rough today. Planning on AF until Mulled Wine on Saturday.
    Thursday Feb 13 - AF - Still didn't feel well today, but got through the work day and wasn't up to having drinks.
    Friday Feb 14 - AF - I did have very small 1/2 teaspoon tastes of the mulled wine to adjust the sugar, cloves etc. while the vat was simmering - possibly an ounce altogether, but I am not counting that. Tomorrow I will be having some with guests.
    Saturday Feb 15 - Mulled Wine, a bunch of small servings.
    Sunday Feb 16 - AF - planning on AF tomorrow also.
    Monday Feb 17 = AF
    Tuesday Feb 18 - 3 drinks.
    Wednesday Feb 19 - AF - Planning on AF tomorrow also.
    Thursday Feb 20 - AF - I am still feeling the after effects of that cold/flu that I had, still sniffling and coughing. I have so much mulled wine left from the weekend and it might have served as an antihistamine, but I am on a new path to make sure that I have at least 2AF days in between, so didn't have any. Nyquil or Neo Citran will suffice before bed so that I can lay down without being stuffed up.
    Friday Feb 21 - AF - Sitting at 750 calories for the day, so I need to find a way to consume some more. This never happens when I have alcohol of course (think a vat of pistachio nuts to accompany the booze). Stuffed up, so not too interested in food. Happy to have hit the lower portion of my monthly goal with so many days left!! I am likely going to have some mulled wine tomorrow.

    Running tally - 16AF days out of 21 days so far
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 3,949 Member Member Posts: 3,949 Member
    Great new profile pic!!!
  • WomonaWomona Member Posts: 804 Member Member Posts: 804 Member
    MissMay wrote: »
    Yesterday I came unglued at a client for lack of payment. I tolerated the nonsense for way to long because they always had excuses excuses excuses. But the last excuse was close to "the dog ate my home work" kind of B.S. I feel 200% better now and no matter the consequence as to if they remain a client.....OH WELL. Good news is this stupidity I was putting up with did not trigger getting drunk before or after my rant with them. Although I do believe it may have had something to do with my snack feast.🤣
    Everyone here is doing fantastic, even with little tiny steps backs.

    Good for you! There are certain clients (high maintenance, always late with payments, etc) that are honestly worth losing. They take up way too much mental energy and drag your business down. So if they walk, buh-bye!!! Or just choose not to have them as clients anymore!

    Very proud that you didn’t need to turn to alcohol to deal with your frustration!
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