What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    Have I mentioned the neverending laundry before? Because I'd like to mention it again!

    I'm now working out in some form or another six days a week. That's a lotta workout gear to wash...

    ^Ditto on this. I'm actually contemplating buying a few more pairs of leggings because of this:)

    That was my solution. I have at least 8 pair of leggings and about as many sport bras and tops. It's not so much washing the stuff as the fact that it needs to be hung up to dry rather than tossed in the dryer.
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    “This struggle is real! Now that I'm at goal I cannot find any pants other than jeans smaller than a size 6. And because size 6 is vanity sizing most of the time, they are huge. I'm 59; shopping at teen stores is not in my future. Add to that the fact that I live in a rural area with hardly any stores and ugh.”

    Loft has many nice adult options in small sizes. They have free shipping promotions ( and returns) and big sales all the time.
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    Your morning breadth will be just horrific!

    So glad you said this! I kind of thought it was just me! But yeah...it is horrible!

    why IS this?

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    My Cardiologist said the weight I lost is 10x more important than my having stopped drinking. Maybe he drinks?

    Then I joined Yoga to work on my core - now there's like a 4:1 / women:men ratio. But I needed the confidence to join. Can I ever do the side-crow pose? Keep coming back... My lady Yoga teachers are too young and too small for me - not to mention I'm married, but I can look. Maybe the side-crow is easy if I weighed 90?

    Now I need O-Anon. That's Al-Anon for Over-eaters Anonymous. Can't find any [yet]. Must stop being a food-nazi to my wife :)

    No Side Crow is a difficult pose and I've been trying for years. I'm more of a Flopping Around on the Highway Crow pose.

    I agree with the young yoga teacher thing. Unfortunately having a mature and seasoned yoga teacher is a rare thing, you usually get one that probably automatically gets carded at a bar. And the older body is simply different than a younger one and that's something yoga teachers aren't always knowledgeable about. Just like some poses are especially beneficial to pregnant women, and some aren't, it's the same with older practitioners.

    But there's nothing wrong with taking a class from a scenic teacher. Heck Rodney Yee is one fine looking guy and that's not threatening my marriage. You can admire the menu but enjoy the entree you picked.

    This should have come with a caution: do not read while drinking anything unless you want to run the risk of getting your screen wet. May be stealing the bolded.

    Anything side (including bog standard plank) is so not on for me; may have to follow @springlering62 's example (not surprising as I have serious #goals any time I see what she's up to!!) and actually give strength training more attention.