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Jillian Michael comments about Lizzo



  • NorthCascades
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    ...and J.M's. opinion is important because?.....

    She was on TV?
  • angelexperiment
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    I feel like I’m elevated Lizzie status a bit like people who don’t know are looking her up and listening for the first time just cause. I mean it is the way Jillian talks period and feel like it was set to illicit a response from Jillian tbh
  • Bry_Fitness70
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    wmd1979 wrote: »
    I'm conflicted, because I don't like Lizzo's music and I am not a fan of enabling unsafe health conditions - but I do like the fact that someone other than an emaciated barbie doll can make a living in the entertainment industry.

    Calling a thin woman an emaciated barbie doll seems just as bad to me as commenting on Lizzo's weight.

    I didn't identify any particular woman, so you have to try really, really hard to find offense and then white knight this.
  • sammidelvecchio
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    @Bry_Fitness70 Um excuse me. I am not "an emaciated barbie doll" but I am still a 10. so there's that.
  • Bry_Fitness70
    Bry_Fitness70 Posts: 2,480 Member
    @Bry_Fitness70 Um excuse me. I am not "an emaciated barbie doll" but I am still a 10. so there's that.

    Are you a famous singer or actress? If not you are rebutting a (joking) statement that wasn't directed at you :)
  • janejellyroll
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    I read your statement to say that only women you previously described as emaciated barbie dolls can make it to become one of the top actresses or singers in the world, and then also said you have to be a perfect 10 to do so as well.


    emaciated barbie dolls = perfect 10s = requirements to become a top actress or singer

    Meaning that if someone isn't these things, they can't compete in those industries. But more importantly you called emaciated barbie dolls = a perfect 10.

    I will also state that I don't see one name on your lists that I would consider emaciated or barbie-doll ish. They are definitely all on the slim/thin side, but definitely not emaciated.

    Lastly, there are many people who have trouble keeping weight on them or gaining weight, and a lot of very sick people who are anorexic and using the term you're using is simply insensitive and the world would be a better place if phrases like that tied to judgement stopped being spoken.

    I'm not super-familiar with the current physique of all of them, but I certainly think it's a stretch to describe Beyonce as "emaciated." And that's not snark, I think she looks amazing.
  • PWHF
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    Adele and Melissa Mccarthy come to mind as exceptions, but they are rare. The entertainment industry does have a skin-deep shallowness problem. Until people stop buying it they'll keep selling it. I don't know Lizzo's music so can't comment.
  • janejellyroll
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    wmd1979 wrote: »
    I don't think anyone is debating whether the entertainment industry is shallow. It does seem to be a valid point to make, however I would love to hear why anyone on those top twenty lists Bry provided qualifies as an "emaciated barbie." Is it because they are fit and beautiful? So we have stooped to the level of insulting people for that now? Yes they are beautiful, but they are also talented, and they worked very hard to get where they are at. The argument that its ok to say whatever we want about someone because they aren't likely to read it is ridiculous and I can't believe he is even trying to defend that position. Am I offended by what was said? No, but I don't need to be personally offended by something to point out to someone that what they are saying may be offensive to others. Its literally no different than fat shaming Lizzo and saying its ok because she won't ever read it.

    There are tons of slender and very slender women, even beautiful ones, who try really hard and never make it in entertainment. Clearly something extra is needed, on some level people need to appreciate what you're doing (even if it is hard for non-fans to see the appeal).