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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • SisterSueGetsFitSisterSueGetsFit Member Posts: 1,159 Member Member Posts: 1,159 Member
    I want to get to 50 pounds lost by May 10th. I’m at 44lbs lost currently. That date will mark it being a year since I’ve started consistently using fitnesspal, and it would make one hell of a milestone for me.

    You can totally do it!!!

  • mkculs13mkculs13 Member Posts: 372 Member Member Posts: 372 Member
    I want to be comfortable in my jeans. I haven't worn them in months--can't remember when I last felt comfy in them. I think it will be when I'm down 4 lbs--maybe 7. Not sure; hope it's the 4. I'll keep trying them on until I feel I can wear them all day again.
  • celinab07celinab07 Member Posts: 13 Member Member Posts: 13 Member
    I’d like to lose 3.6 pounds as a mini goal to get back to my original start weight of 130 (I’m only 4’9!)
  • jeagogojeagogo Member, Premium Posts: 198 Member Member, Premium Posts: 198 Member
    @ElizabethKalmbach That is awesome! Being so close is a challenge all on its own because you do have to finally figure out how many calories you really need to maintain vs losing where you can have a range that all falls in a calorie deficit. I hope all goes well with the iron test, too!
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