Guys/Girls: What is your real opinion on..

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What is your opinion on something you frequently see the opposite sex do? Opine away.


Ask the opposite sex what their opinion is about something your sex does (or that you do specifically). For example, “guys, what is your real opinion about girls wearing mom jeans?”


  • GettinLean19
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    I wanna know what guys really think about high-waisted jeans
  • spade117
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    I wanna know what guys really think about high-waisted jeans
    I typically do not think about them. But my guess is that the answer would depend on who is wearing them.
  • Tinydancer106
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    1sphere wrote: »

    Don't worry about it, the only thing is I'll forget it even happened since there was nothing to apologize for, so you absolutely don't even need to waste a breath haha

  • cowsfan12
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    I wanna know what guys really think about high-waisted jeans

    Some women can make anything look good really - so if you can pull it off - go for it - I’m not opposed
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    Guess ill go the unpopular opinion. I don’t think high waisted pants look good. Lol

    I want to know what the women of MFP think on this one. If you had to be shallow, which one do you prefer. Below average height men or above average height men :o

    Only two choices? How about average height men

    Sure. We can throw them a bone.

  • Tigg_er
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    Men in front line customer service positions whether it’s grocery store or emergency dispatch operator.

    I prefer men in these positions. Actually to be more specific men age 40 and over.

    They’re better at keeping bad moods and exhaustion undetectable. They’re less likely to take things personally. They keep it professional.

    I disagree. Women are excellent customer service representatives. They are always apologizing for things that aren’t their fault. See above

    Hee hee. I’m sorry but I see the truth in that.

    When women are good in customer service they’re beyond excellent. They can be impeccable.

    But when they’re bad at it they’re downright evil.