Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 107



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    This is my first round, are we supposed to edit our first reply each time or post and updated reply each day? Thanks

    Most of us either "quote" our previous post and remove the [ quote ] things and then update with our new information, or keep a note/word document with all of our info and copy and paste each day.
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    @stewartkm29 - take care of yourself, will have you in my thoughts and sending you hugs. Will still be here for you when you feel you are able to return :'( .

    @Oneyear - welcome, it's good to have you here, I think you will find this a good supportive group not just for weight watching but also for life in general.

    Thank you @musicsax!
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    @m2harding I suggest reading The Diabetes Code by Jason Fung, MD. A Canadian nephrologist dealing with kidney disease in diabetics.