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How does Covid-19 affect Obesity epidemic?

wmd1979wmd1979 Member Posts: 469 Member Member Posts: 469 Member
So my gym closed due to the pandemic which I pretty much expected, and obviously the first question in my head was what I was going to do to supplement lack of gym time. I have stayed active by playing basketball in the driveway with my daughters, and kickboxing in the basement, however when we are being told to literally "sit on our butts" and people are stocking up with food and other supplies, my first inclination is that others aren't going to be as active. I feel like those who make it a priority to be active will still find ways to do that...however, I feel like those who sometimes struggle to stay motivated can easily find the pandemic as an excuse to literally just "sit on the couch". I'm not judging anyone one way or the other and I don't want to turn this into an excuse to shame people for following directions, but I guess the question that first popped into my head when we were all told to sit on the couch was, is this going to just make us unhealthy in other ways? I know this is a sensitive topic, and I truly hope that each and every one of you stays safe and healthy. Its a crazy time and its having a dramatic affect on a lot of people. To summarize, I know this pandemic is affecting us all in ways that we may not even realize right now. Do you think that it will also negatively affect the obesity epidemic(as I feel it will), or am I not having enough faith in humanity?


  • fitnessguy266fitnessguy266 Member Posts: 150 Member Member Posts: 150 Member
    The current epidemic will substantially add to the obesity epidemic unfortunately.......lowered TDEE's for individuals whose only daily activity was their profession (some now remote, others unemployed now unfortunately) plus increased indulgence due to stress and other emotional factors, idle time, etc. I have a bench and squat set at home I am able to take advantage of, plus a nearby school track i am using to walk 4 miles daily.
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