Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 108



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    @fmfdfa2020 My husband read this yesterday. As I said to him, the same thing happens when you have a cold. One of my daughter’s former classmates insists COVID-19 is nothing more than a cold. These “kids” are in their late 40’s so not the beach crowding invincible age group. I do not think this is “just a cold!”
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    @bearly63 Prayers for your son!
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    @fmfdfa2020 Very interesting. I will ask my son.

    @quiltingjaine @musicsax Thank you!!

    @GrandmaJackie thanks...I was able to score a thermometer today so I fed exed it to him so he can monitor. I told him he cannot go anywhere until he is over it.
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    Thanks for the video, nice to have as a reference.
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    WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! President Trump said the country's businesses will be open at the end of the 15 day isolation. ??? Virus yes. They are assessing the data to see if that is advisable. Psyop? Test? Live Drill? Whhhaaat? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did say in a recent press conference that this is a "LIVE EXERCISE" 😦😠