Less Alcohol - APRIL 2020 - One Day at a Time



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    @Beka3695 I forgot to congratulate you for registering for your upcoming race. Good luck with training. If this is your first one, then you'll learn training is pretty miserable (my experience) but race day makes all of it worth it![/quote]

    This will be my 3rd Peachtree. July 4th in Atlanta is horrible at best! I have completed one 15K and one Half Marathon. I would love to do another half... someday.

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    anglilacs wrote: »
    Had two AF days in a row!

    3/6 days AF

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    4 AF days/6 days. Now that I am home bored as heck, getting good at using Yummly online to find recipes. Now I pull something out of the fridge mid afternoon, type what it is in Yummly search, look for a recipe with 5 stars that has the ingredients I have at home, and not too many calories and gluten free, then get to business. Made cilantro-lime chicken thighs last night and saved half the cooked batch to use tonight for chicken tostadas with homemade guacamole and pico de gallo.
    That sounds delicious! What a great idea.
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    Almost caved last night. But, realized I needed my judgement fresh and clear.

    1M 6 days AF!

    Good call! Congrats!