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    Machka: Thank you for the activity links :)

    The information regarding toilet paper rolls made me realize I had better get started on bedding plants. I'm not sure how long before planting that you should start seeds. I haven't been saving tp rolls for very long so I don't have very many. I found an article that mentioned cutting them in half and using paper towel rolls as well. Here's a link to that demonstrates other options. https://gardentherapy.ca/seed-starting-containers-pt-1/

    Amber: The bread crumb trail you have left would be treasured by any genealogist! I hope that they find you!

    Carey - Northern Alberta
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    Carey- Thankyou hugs 🤗

    Katla- 110mph 120m a for a loaf of bread 🥖 add up the fines,any lawyers for jail time fight lol 😂, gas ⛽️ petrol, y wear y tear on his car for a $1 load lol 😝. My goodness why didn’t he just call a restaurant order toast to go lol 😆.

    Amber Tx

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    Started my seeds in a seed starter yesterday. I go it on clearance at Target last fall. There was still room under my grow light so I took a cardboard egg carton and put a styro-foam top of an egg carton underneath. The problem I have had in the past in starting seeds is the seed starter soil dries out so quickly. The seed starter kit has a tray underneath that you add water to. That what gave me the idea for the egg carton.

    This was written by a friend of mine son who has COVID -19 and is still at home...
    On my walk just 20 minutes ago I again had difficulty breathing for the third time in 4 days. I have nurses orders to stay in bed but it's tough day after day. It was 10:10 pm and the road I was on had just 2 cars pass in 30 minutes. I had sat a spell and posted about toads just 2 blocks from my house.
    Having experienced those two previous debilitating episodes I started to worry there was a chance I might not make it back without passing out so I called home for help back to the house.
    Once inside I still couldn’t catch my breath so I tried a borrowed inhaler but after holding my breath with “it” in for the required 10 seconds I felt I might pass out if I took the second dose.
    “GET MY CHIMES!” I pleaded in a no filter pop of inspiration and panic.
    Up two flights of stairs went help. I could hear the chimes leave their perch and the sound filled the open chasm between the 1st and 3rd levels of the house. A calm washed over me from head to toe. As the chimes reached me and rang just a foot from me my breathing returned to calm and measured in seconds. It was like magic to me.

    Last Friday during the 2nd bout of not being able to catch my breath I learned the goal is to stay calm as panic exacerbates the condition. But on my walk back tonight that wasn’t helping. In hindsight I should have perhaps taken a seat on the side of the road.
    I have heard patients needing to be restrained in the ER as they struggle to breath. What a barbaric nightmare. If this could help, what a more advanced technique we would have.
    It doesn’t hurt to try.

    I wanted to share this experience in hopes this technique can calm.

    He and girl friend have it but are not in the count because lack of tests.

    The powerful message this man shares is how healing staying calm in the midst of something so fearful... I am assuming he uses chimes when he meditates when he referred to his Chimes.
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    @LuciBThinner "lying our flag has never been because I believed that America is better. I love it here, but don't think of myself as better than anyone anywhere in the world...it was always as an idea of uniting to help one another. When we were attacked, it was the closest everyone drew to one another in my adult lifetime. I haven't seen anyone clapping or anything in my neighborhood. We are close enough to one another. I don't know if it's because it's such a small town or just not enough people have heard about it yet. Sounds like it would be very uplifting! How frightening to have the soldiers out with machine guns. I hope the threats go down quickly and you all stay safe!!"

    Thank you for the well wishes. Flags can sometimes be seen as right or extreme-right symbol. it's the same in France. It's mostly the far right that uses the Flag in Frane as "their" symbol, which is a shame. Of course it can be seen and felt in many ways by different people. I guess you could start the clapping in countrysides if you wanted to. In Nyc at last news it was only Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm. It's not bad. In some neighborhoods there is live music too. Some one will play acoustic guitar or something. Not mine. just clapping.

    sometimes some say 'see you tomorrow" lots of windows in the streets my place gives ono. maybe 100? or maybe just many many dozens. some fleed to the country though

    @Snowflake1968 Don't feel guilty about your mom. Not everyone can take care of the elderly or handicapped for physical, financial and/or emotional reasons. Some nursing homes are good. i just spoke to my father's cousin (90) in top shape in top retirement home. She says noone has gotten sick to date because they were very quick to react. All meals left in rooms, no visitors, no going out in halls, to activities (except they can do sports thing with doors open to hallway.) She's doing great and is very serene. They are better equipped to prevent illness and to deal with it.

    @Machka9 i used to eat less when stressed, but not anytime recently. once when i had a stressful, conflictual breakup i lost a good 9 lbs in a few days and kept it off for a while. i was at lowest healthy BMI for me (not starving myself at all but sort of a lump in my throat) but i felt a bit too light- like i could be blown over by the wind, even though i was quite athletic, being 5,2 and very light was just a tad too light for me. but that is NOT my problem at present. The current situation is stressful and stress is tiring. Having open time and fairly open distance to walk or ride sounds luxurious. Here it looks like they will now say- for PARIS- no exercise outings between 10am and 7pm. Some are debating interpretation of things said but it seems to be that. I'm not an extrovert. I think i'm in the middle (slight introvert- but tests vary) but i do like to get exercise outside in the sun. i didn't look at the tutorial or video but i was really uncomfortable with online video teaching at first and now i feel better and more natural.

    @kymarai soldiers w guns is not totally unheard of, on occasion, to see them passing by (maybe in a train station, as precaution), w terrorist situations every few years here. but usually 2, 3 or 4 max, and this was 6 and not in a usual place at all, and the current dystopic situation makes it x times worse to see them.

    @kevrit "Yes, you can make it in an oven. " thanks about the bread.

    @auntiebk yes occasionally soldiers probably less than israel but sometimes, but this place and number was unusual. the context made it more upsetting than usual (usually i dont think much about a couple of soldiers strolling w machine guns through a station looking for potential bad guys)

    @exermom, yeah about the machine guns.

    @SuziQ113 i suppose there are terrorist threats. there is usually an underlying threat and surveillance here, but it doesn't usually impact daily life. there is no talk of it in the news, but i know that alert levels go up and down.

    i thought i would write and draw (maybe paint) but i've only done a bit. distance working and stress and fatigue and walks and need to rest. and call some people.

    i have been listening to music a bit more than usual.

    paris is to be giving 1 cloth mask to each resident of the city in the next few days. mask is not required at present but required masks are discussed by officials.

    i think for the cloth mask it depends on the cloth and you can line it with fresh 2 fresh tissues and a paper towel to increase protection. a friend said cotton is not ideal and synthetic is preferable, and i read elsewhere that waterproof cloth is ideal.

    i enjoy many of the jokes you guys post. thanks.

    It's 8:30pm i feel so tired.
    after walk morning radio class and walk and food shopping i washed a few surfaces, put other stuff on balcony for 3 days, took off clothes and put aside, showered and washed hair.
    i don't know if washing hair is necessary. now i usually change clothes and shower after supermarket (just small supermarket (natural foods store) but still. found was able to get a box of 50 vinyl gloves today. that's a good snag. after shower i went on Facebook and surfed a bit, talked to collegue about radio class and then stopped for clapping (in pjs and sweater).

    wishing you all a good day or evening.

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    SuziQ: Gratitudes are healing and empowering. Thanks for setting a great example. :star:

    Heather: Boris Johnson’s situation has been on the news. I’m happy that his circumstances seem stable for now. I also heard that Prince Charles has been diagnosed. I wonder whether that is truth or misinformation. I think counting blessings is brilliant and I’m counting mine constantly. Last night’s beautiful moon is one of the blessings I’m counting, along with my family and friends in my community and THIS community of wonderful women. :heart:

    Rita: The desert flowers are spectacular! Thanks for sharing photos. :bigsmile:

    Rebecca: I’m happy that you heard from your Navy son. :bigsmile: I love what you’re doing with your hair. :star:

    I’ve heard from both of my adult kids recently and they are okay. DD has a face mask from work and wanted to know about the ones my neighbor gave me. I’m reluctant to ask the neighbor again. She has been so generous already. My daughter has three children and a DH, so that would be five more and that isn’t fair to ask of a generous neighbor.

    I am spending time counting my blessings. There are many.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon
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    Newcomers- All welcome sorry if we missed any of your posts.

    I cleaned 6hours straight yesterday including maintenance on doors. Today I realigned the vacuum belt y cleaned the brush.Yes used to work maintenance lol 😆 so like a guy I fixing things that aren’t broken. Also got salt lime off the Vick’s humidifiers heating coils ..why not I say already had the screwdriver out

    Amber Tx
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    Took a short break from working and made some hamburger buns for dinner tonight. I like making bread, just don't have the time during the week usually and never seem to remember early enough in the day on the weekends.

    My mom has been making the fabric masks also, and just put some in the mail today for me, DH, DD and DD's boyfriend. I probably could have made them myself but this gives her something to do and she enjoys it. She manages to get out once a week during special hours at the grocery store but my dad is sticking very close to home. With his health issues, he's very high risk so they're not taking any chances. And they have some wonderful neighbors who have offered to help in any way they can. A family-wide email went out the other day (we're pretty spread out - MO, NY, KS, TN, FL & LA) and it sounds like everyone is doing well which was good to hear. Only 1 BIL with job issues, he's on furlough but has enough leave time to be able to still get a paycheck.

    Better get back to work - still have to put in about an hour's worth.
    Stay safe & well.
    JanetO - eastern MO
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    Heather: I’m happy to hear that Prince Charles is doing okay. I’m hoping that Boris recovers fully, and his fiancé, too. :star:

    Allie: Peter Rabbit would recommend chamomile tea. I prefer peppermint tea but they’re both good as decongestants and sore throat pain relievers. Take good care of yourself. :heart:

    I’m having a low energy day so I plan to stay inside and look at the pretty sunshine. I have been rereading books from my own bookshelf. This set is written by Linda Lael Miller. I’ve enjoyed her writing for a long time. I’m part way into the third book in a trilogy.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon