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  • alexmosealexmose Member Posts: 793 Member Member Posts: 793 Member
    This weekend is giving me many opportunities to test myself, apparently. Managed to stay on plan and pass up donuts, chips & cheese dip, pizza, homemade bread, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t even finish my second glass of wine bc I didn’t like it enough. Hit my calorie goal (I’d been too far below over the previous 2 days, so I ate a banana—not a cookie!—to get up to calories last night).

    Surprisingly not as hard passing up the junk as it usually is...trying to remind myself it will not make me feel good to eat it (digestive issues lately, seem to be improving with some diet changes).

    This is an important one: knowing when foods will make you feel bad and avoiding them. I have countless times done this with dairy but I’m trying to put my foot down!
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