What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



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    Get to 200 lbs

    How's it going Pedro? Your goal is to get to 200lbs.. that is one of my major goals. I was there when I retired from the Air Force... but then took a job where I sit behind a desk.... fast forward 16 years (wow, I'm getting old) I just got under 230 last week... and steaming towards getting under 220.
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    i have had a lot of stomach surgeries with three c sections and various crohns related stuff they have told me my muscles have had it so im working on chloe ting and my goal is to get some definition and to beat my stomach muscles into submission
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    mini goal today if to make it through todays fast day. My self already saying your hungry. I keep telling self.. no you're not it's all in your head.. Then my head says yeah i got a headache from no food. so now im filling up on water and a diet coke.. sorry it a has to for my head. Im trying to get off of them but it is soooo hard. Happy 4th weekend coming up to you all. Hope we all get around eating too much of the good stuff.

    your headache is more likely due to caffeine withdrawal. Consider adding tea or coffee to your allowed liquids on fast day to avoid this problem.

    Agreed. And I'll add, there's nothing wrong with Diet Coke. Drink it if you like it, @lorrieannoberry!

    Artificial sweeteners are vilified, but unless they have a negative affect on you personally, there's nothing wrong with them in moderation.