What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • deetails26
    deetails26 Posts: 108 Member
    My next mini goal is 6lbs to get me to the lowest I have been on this journey before I gained about 18 back. I'm really excited to get there because after that, its uncharted territory! I'll have 28lbs left after that.
  • debyvette
    debyvette Posts: 1 Member
    By Mother's Day, I look forward to losing 12 lbs (about 2 lbs/week)
  • avocardiothyme
    avocardiothyme Posts: 52 Member
    Summer vacation beach body
  • Biggster69
    Biggster69 Posts: 84 Member
    Getting my fat percentage down to 27.
  • Sheluvsbread2much
    Sheluvsbread2much Posts: 85 Member
    mini goal is to lose 6 lbs then I'll be cresting the hill and can see the promised land.
  • freenowphoever
    freenowphoever Posts: 52 Member
    The sooner I can fit into my swimsuit the sooner I can take lessons - the only exercise that I actually like B)
  • justcarpediem
    justcarpediem Posts: 4 Member
    1. Getting back to where I was last summer (so 255 lbs).
    2. I'm going to Punta Cana in October! That's a huge motivater right there. :smiley:
  • Purplebunnysarah
    Purplebunnysarah Posts: 3,252 Member
    I've got a couple. To improve my 10K time by the end of summer to 1:10 or better (that's a tall order - I PR'd 10K during my half marathon yesterday at 1:16 & change according to Strava).

    And second is to get under 190 lbs by Canada Day. I think my second goal should help with the first.
  • pinksunnyrose
    pinksunnyrose Posts: 453 Member
    My next mini goal is to lose 10 lbs !
  • bellaesprita000
    bellaesprita000 Posts: 384 Member
    7 more pounds before June 1st!
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